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American Me Essay Examples

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The American Frontier: Mythology and Reality
The American frontier is one of the most important periods in American history. People may hate some of what American Frontier stood for, like the savage behavior and the negative effects the wilderness had on people, but they cannot deny the sheer significance it had on the American character and identity. The American cha...
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A Paper on What Does It Mean to Be American
What does it mean to be "American?" What makes it "American?" And how does it make us "American?" American stands for the beliefs, the music, as well as the people that come from this great nation. The beliefs of this great nation speak every language. These beliefs stretch from the furthest...
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A Comparison between the Japanese and American Social Systems
The United States and Japan are very firm allies. On the security side, the United States and Japan are linked by a mutual security treaty. Despite all the attention in the press and negative attitudes toward Japan in Washington, particularly among government agencies that have to face the frustrations of Japans competitive...
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The Issues Surrounding Latin American Independence
Latin American Independence The Spanish amassed great wealth and power in their American colonies through oppression, slavery and racism. An amazing variety of classes developed and created a social gap in the people. At the turn of the nineteenth century, the American-born population began to advance towards independence....
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A Comparison of 19th and 20th Century American
      The Nineteenth Century American was very different than the Twentieth Century American. They had different technology, food, laws, dress, customs, view of art and beauty, and family structure. They lived a lot differently than we do and they acted differently, also. They liked different things, and had different...
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American Culture
American culture is an amazing and beautiful culture that was developed through time by many different ethnicities. Our culture is recognized as a Western Culture. It is a privilege to be part of the American Culture. Our Culture is unique in many ways. Although our culture was first influenced by European cultures till thi...
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Analysis of Divorce and Our National Values
Peter D. Kramer, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Brown University, is the author of “Divorce and Our National Values,” arguing how divorce rate reflects our national values. At the time of this article, Louisiana had a strict law for covenant marriage that limits cruel treatment, other than physical or sexual abuse,...
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Analysis of Charles Chesnutt
1. Why does Uncle Julius tell the white narrator the story of the
"goophered" vineyard? What effect does the story have on the narrator? Uncle Julius tells the white narrator the story of the ``goophered''
vineyard because he already makes a just living from the vineyard
himself. He is only willing to sell his vineyard t...
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Society and Views on Sexuality and Race
Understanding social problems through theories and findings help us deal with our lives and understand society. Everyday the newspaper is filled with stories on social conditions such as crime, violence and environment. Because these are “facts” they are generally not too arguable. This aspect of society can be viewed wit...
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Weapons of the War of 1812
The war of 1812 was a war between America and Great Britain. This war was a struggle of Canada’s existence, and the United States divided that the nation almost broke apart. It was fought because of shipping and trade issues. The war lasted almost two and a half years. On June 1812, America declared war on Britain. There w...
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African American Religion
The African American religious experience has been formed by its people, to fit its people. The journey began in the homeland, and evolved through difficult circumstances in North America. The culture has been oppressed but survived both slavery and segregation. Religion has been the cornerstone in a proud ethnicity that c...
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Biography of Elizabeth Bessie Coleman
Elizabeth Bessie Coleman is an unknown figure in American history. At first, she complied with societys standard of job opportunities for women at the turn of the century by working as a domestic and later a manicurist (Creasman 162-3). After feeling unfulfilled, she turned to flying. The search for flying lessons by an Afr...
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Causes and Outcome of the American Revolution
Essay King Mr. Dougy G American History 5/15/05 Causes and Outcome of the American Revolution The American Revolution supposedly began on April 18th, 1775 and ended on January 14th, 1784. The American Revolution did not start when the first blood was spilled at Lexington and Concord in April of 1775 and it did not end...
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Unemployment, Environmental and Health Concerns Caused by NAFTA
Down the SHAFTA with NAFTA Introduction The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a regional trade pact that calls for the elimination of all tariffs and trade barriers existing among Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America ("NorthAgreement" 420). Some tariffs disappeared immediately when NAF...
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A Paper on the Causes of France's Involvement in the American Revolution
The Causes for France?s Involvement in the American Revolution Many historians argue that America may not have gained her independence from Great Britain without the monetary and military aid she received from France (Higginbotham 431). France?s aid was very substantial but her motives were questionable. A close analysis...
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The American Civil War as Defining Moment in American History
The American Civil War is quite possibly the defining moment in American history. The experiment of democracy was put to the absolute test and the population responded accordingly. It is debatable whether or not this was a revolution. Scholars have wrestled with this issue for many years. A revolution is a change in powe...
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A Description of an Asian American From Different Perspectives
Who is an Asian American? Who is an Asian American? Asian American can mean different things to different people. At the most basic level, an Asian American is an American who is of Asiatic descent. The term is so broad though that to make further assumptions about an Asian American would be folly. Within this racial ca...
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The Evolution of American Renaissance Art and Literature During the 1800s
The American Renaissance, a flowering of literature and art that had been gaining momentum since the 1820's, which caused an American Romanticism, called Transcendentalism. Transcendentalism was an "intellectual movement that stressed intuition, individuality, and self-reliance, that directly or indirectly affected m...
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A Discussion of the Effects of the American Revolution upon American Society in the 18th Century
The Effects of the American Revolution upon American Society Between 1775 and 1800, the American Revolution played a significant role in the development of America through strengthening or weakening each of the following: the American economy with its taxation and insufficient amount of currency, the American legal system...
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The Meaning of Being American
I belong to a Clan of Resident Aliens. My neighbor is a former Russian communist, my gardener is Hispanic and my best friend is somewhere in between. As for me, I?m supposed to be an American, one that was born some ten thousand miles away in an undersized, under-populated, under-represented republic called Armenia. Am I re...
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Authenticity of Consuming in Contemporary American Culture
IN CONTEMPORARY American culture, consuming is as authentic as it gets. Advertisements, getting a bargain, garage sales, and credit cards are firmly entrenched pillars of our way of life. We shop on our lunch hours, patronize outlet malls on vacation, and satisfy our latest desires with a late-night click of the mouse.1...
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A History of Rock 'n' Roll and Its Effect on Society
For the last fifty years Rock n Roll has been the dominant musical style listened to and admired by the American people. When Rock came about, it was the music that parents of American teenagers didn’t know or like; being a Rock & Roll fan was a way to rebel against the parents and a way to differentiate between the two gen...
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The Outstanding Qualities of the Native American Poetry
Native Ametican poetry has many outstanding qualities that describes the people, culture, religion, and activities that Native Americans did. Native Americans did't write their poems in English; in fact, they did not write them at all. Their poetry was passed from one generation to another as songs. Poems described many thi...
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Reintroduction of Grizzly Bears, the Symbols of the American Wilderness
Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos horribilis) are important figures in Americas wildlife heritage. For many people, the grizzly embodies the spirit of the American Wilderness. Up until the turn of the 20th century, they were fairly common throughout most of the western United States. It is estimated that around 50,000 grizzly bea...
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A Discussion on the American Revolutions and Its Effects
Throughout American history, we have had many revolutions. We have had the American revolution, African-American revolution, and the Womens rights revolution. Every revolution has had an ideology behind it. Although these revolutions have been for different causes, their supporters can have the same ideology. Three of the w...
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