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Applying To College Essay Examples

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Application for John Hopkins
Even though my career path is in the medical field, I have gained invaluable experience the past three summers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Woods Hole, MA. With my high school Biology teacher Dr. Roslyn March-Amegadzie along with a scientist at WHOI, Dr. Richard Camilli. The program, Summer Introduc...
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Application Essay
I am Supriya, 31 years old, mother of two young boys and wife of a
lovable husband. I hold a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. I
graduated in the year 2002 from SRM College of physiotherapy, India. I
work as a Physical therapist in USA, since October 2010 with Rehability
Care. I live in Valley Stream, New York. My hobb...
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Why I'm Applying to Eastern Illinois University
College is very important subject in high school and getting into college is also a very important topic. I’ve applied to 20 colleges in total; however there is only one college that I am hoping to get into. Eastern Illinois University is my top college that I want to get into. If I attend Eastern Illinois University I thin...
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Personal Statement for College Application
My past jobs may seem surprising at first glance but these jobs have aided me significantly in reaching my career goals. Through these selective jobs and my community I’ve begun to forge myself into the confident, client oriented, team based leader that I aspire to be. Post MBA I plan to become a socially responsible leader...
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Much Anticipation in Preparation for College Life
As my application shows, I am an above average student in most areas. I have particularly excelled in mathematics, earning good grades throughout high school. When pondering about my future, I thought that I might be able to use math to be successful in business. So after my sophomore year, I decided to take some business c...
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College Application Prompts and Answers
Just do it I joined a student entrepreneurship association called NUSEA while I was at Stanford in 2006. I was soon elected the head of its then defunct Mentorship program – it had only one active mentor at the time. Within six months, I successfully turned the Mentorship program around by enrolling seven high profile Sili...
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Applying for College
Looking at me on paper, I seem almost like a pale shade of gray. There’s nothing extraordinary, prodigious, or unforgettable. With the intense academic competition these days, a girl like me with all regular classes, average grades, and no stupendous extra curricular activities is sure to equate to gray. Though I may seem j...
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Preparing to Join College
College can be a scary place if one is not prepared for it. If you don't
stay on top of the college stuff wile you are in high school, the next
thing you know it is senior year and you are sitting in graduation.
That's why about the middle of junior year you need to start looking
into colleges. Wile doing this consider some...
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A Life Changing Moment
On a Friday morning, my maths notebook flew out in the verandah through the classroom door. My maths teacher had thrown out my maths notebook in anger. He said, ” Get Out. Achieving a first rank in the whole school doesn’t mean that you are exempted from doing homework.” I was the topper of the whole school consistently for...
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Searching for the Right College: My Personal Experience
As a senior in Steelville R-3 High School, I did not know much about college or what I was going to do. Being a mother, I was not sure on how I was going to afford college or if I was even going to be able to go. But, throughout my research I have learned that it is all possible for me to better my life and my sons. There a...
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