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Australian Swimmer Essay Examples

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Strict Training of a Swimmer
Getting in the swim IntroductionA group of swimmers are following a training schedule that requires them to dive into the water and swim one length of the swimming pool. They must keep doing this until they have completed 20 lengths. For safety’s sake they have been allocated a single lane of the pool and all the swimm...
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An Analysis of the Textiles, Clothing and Footwear an Australian Industry
The Textiles, Clothing and Footwear industry is one of Australia's main manufacturing sectors, providing employment to over 87 000 Australians and accounting for more than 4% of total manufacturing. The TCF industry is a significant employer of Australians in both cities and regional locations and a main exporter. The indus...
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Issue of the Effects of Global Economic Conditions on Australia's Exchange Rate
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to document and bring to surface the burdening issue of the effect of global economic conditions on Australia's exchange rate. The beginning of the report details what the exchange rate is and how it can be defined. Following that is a look at the effects of major events on the...
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The Primary Objective of a Trade Union
Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2000, show that the decline in Australian union membership continues, despite the efforts of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), to stop the slide. The ABS reports that trade union membership has dropped to 28 percent of the total workforce, compare...
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Australian Aborigines - "The People Who Were Here from the Beginning"
Australian Aborigines Prior to the colonization of Australia by the British in the late 1600's, large group of natives called Aborigines lived there. They received the name Aborigine due to the translation of the word "the people who were here from the beginning" (Internet, Aboriginal history and culture). T...
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An Analysis of the Sport in Australian Society
Australian Sports
Sport in Australian Society
Australian people's lives are greatly affected by sport. In Australia, most
people will either participate in sport or watch sport, wether it at the
arena or on television, what ever you do it would be hard not be caught up
in all the hype surrounding sport. A lot of people will...
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An Analysis of Australia's Current Account Deficit and Foreign Debt Problem
Australia's Current account defict     Australia's Current Account Deficit and foreign debt problem is a complicated and difficult one to fix. For a long time now Australia has had a Current Account Deficit. The balance of payments must be looked at to show where the Current Account Deficit came from.     The Balance of P...
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Describing the True Australian National Identity
‘Being Australian’ What is the Australian National Identity? Who can decide what it is? Who is truly Australian? These questions have been asked throughout this country’s short life. Many have different views on what is what, but I believe that you can’t really just say well this is what an Australian is and that’s tha...
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The Main Characteristics of Australia
Australia is an island continent and is located southeast of Asia. Australia is the smallest continent in the world. Australia is made up of six states. The climate in Australia varies greatly: a hot season, wet season with rains falling mainly in February and March. During which north western has warm and dry season. A...
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Background Information and Analysis of Australia
Australia INTRODUCTION Australia, island continent located southeast of Asia and forming, with the nearby island of Tasmania, the commenwealth of Australia, a self governing member of the Commenwealth of Nations. The commenwealth of Australia is made up of six states--News south Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasm...
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A Look at the History and Geography of Australia
Australia Australia is the world's smallest continent and sixth-largest country. With proportionately more desert land than any other continent, Australia has a low population density. Lying completely in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the west and south and by the Pacific Ocean on...
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How to Become One From the Land Down Under
‘Being Australian’ What is the Australian National Identity? Who can decide what it is? Who is truly Australian? These questions have been asked throughout this country’s short life. Many have different views on what is what, but I believe that you can’t really just say well this is what an Australian is and that’s that...
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Kieren Perkins Regarded as Hero by Australians
Kieren Perkins is Australian swimmer. He had entered the Olympic Games and won gold medals in Atlanta and Barcelona for over fifteen metres. In a country where sport us part of the culture, Kieren Perkins success earns him a place along the heroes like Dawn Fraser and Sir Donald Bradman. He has quoted, You have to have goal...
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Conflicts between Native Aborigines and Australia's Government and How They Can Be Overcome
Some people have asked the question, how the Australian Aborigines helped shape non-Aboriginal Australians. The response is to say that contact between the two races, both British and Indigenous Australians often resulted in bringing out the worst in people. Human beings have the innate capacity to be either moral or sinist...
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Australian-China Bilateral Relationship since 1945
This essay analyses the Australian-China bilateral relationship since 1945 and in particular its political significance to Australia. Many global factors have influenced this relationship, including the advent of the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the collapse of the Soviet bloc European nations. In addition,...
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The Needs of Becoming A Republic for Australia
Australia will never become mature as a nation until it becomes a republic. For over one hundred years, Australia has been acting and governing itself almost entirely autonomous of Britain. It has developed a significant culture, and national identity of it?s own, vastly different to that of Britain and yet it retains the B...
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Complexities of Australian Society in Hannie Rayson's Play Hotel Sorrento
What is the sum of us? Are we, as Australians, more than beer and cricket? As Australian artists, more than a floundering voice struggling for independence from our European and American counterparts? Are we more than the sum of our familial parts? Or is that precisely who we are? Playwright Hannie Raysons HOTEL SORRENTO, s...
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Reformation of Australian World and Culture through History
A culture that evolves and changes through time is a healthy culture indeed. From the early pagan warriors to the artisans of the Renaissance, the European world dramatically reformed. After 16 years in Malaysia and 2 years in this country, I love my adopted country more than the one of my birth. Being in the same business...
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Biography of Cathy Freeman and Neville Bonner
Cathy Freeman was born in Mackay in Queensland in 1973. She is a very good runner and won a scholarship to boarding school where she was able to have professional coaching. Freeman is the first Aboriginal sprinter to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games (1994). She also won a silver medal in the 1996 Olympic Games....
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An Open Letter to the President of the Australian Olympic Federation
To: President of the Australian Olympic Federation Dear Sir, As a leading sponsor of the Australian Olympic team, I am writing this letter to you to express my disapproval in regard to the Australian Swimming Authority's decision to disqualify one of our leading sportsmen, Ian Thorpe out of the year 2004 Athens Olym...
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A History of Australia's Independence
Introduction There is no doubt that Australia did not gain independence after the proclamation of the Constitution in 1901. Some may argue that it has been obvious since following Britain into both World Wars. However Australia, through a gradual process, and after almost 100 years, has gained legal but not political indep...
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The Concept and Implications of Social Justice in Australia
1. Why is it important to seek justice? Australian society is preparing itself for the announcement of a federal election that will give power to a representative political body that will determine the future platforms that the people of Australia will be governed by. As a democratic society all Australian residents wi...
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An Analysis of the Microeconomic Reforms of Australia
Microeconomic reform in Australia Write an essay on Microeconomic reform in Australia including discussion on: * The meaning of the term Microeconomic reform. * Examples of recent microeconomic reform * Reasons for microeconomic reform * Possible effects of microeconomic reform in the Australian economy. Microec...
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An Essay on the Socioeconomic Situation in Australia
Australia - The land of the free. Australia - A fair go for all. Australia - The lucky country Australia - The land of the sun bronzed Aussies. Australia - Whose citizens like a beer or two. Australia - The place where every person dreams of owning their own home. Australia - Where the clean air flows. Australia - Whe...
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The Legal System and the Rule of Law in Australia
The Australian Legal System has a rich and detailed history dating from 1066. Law is made in Parliament. We have four sources of law and three courts with different jurisdictions that interpret the law when giving out justice. Important doctrines act as the corner-stones of our legal system. There is a procedure in the cour...
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