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Bad Effects Of Chemical Pesticides Essay Examples

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Pesticides in Agriculture
A pesticide is a substance used to kill, control or repel a pest. Pesticides have disadvantages and advantages. They are able to control pests, but it can also kill other organisms as well. Not only do they affect animals but they can effect us, as humans. It can get into drinking water as well as people's food. Research...
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Effects Chemical Pesticides on Our Health
The subject of chemical pesticides is worldwide known because it is something that is being used in plants, crops, and in everyday foods that we eat. It has a huge effect on our health, and can have some serious effects on our immune system. It also is not good for the pollution either. Chemical pesticides have been used to...
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The Detrimental Effects of Pesticides on Birds and Wildlife in California
Whenever the subject of pesticides comes up, it's easy to point a finger at farmers. But we homeowners, with our manicured lawns and exotic flower gardens, have nothing to be smug about. Each year we pour approximately 136 million pounds of pesticides on our homes, lawns, and gardens, which amounts to three times more per a...
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A Discussion About Carcinogenic and Non-carcinogenic Pestcides
Pesticides are chemicals that are used to destroy pests. In the agricultural industry, pesticides are classified into two categories, carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic. A carcinogenic pesticide is a substance or agent producing or inciting cancer. Conversely, a non-carcinogenic pesticide is substance that does not produce o...
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A Debate as to Whether We Should Be Concerned with the Use of Pesticides
Should we be concerned with the extensive use of pesticides by farmers? I believe we should be aware of the consequences of pesticide use. The more we are exposed to pesticides, the greater the risk there is to the environment and our health. They are responsible for many environmental problems such as water pollution, soil...
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The Effects of Pesticides: What Are the Alternatives?
11/22/00 The Silent Destroyer America the Beautiful! So why are we destroying it everyday with the use of pesticides? It has been proven that pesticides have affects on it’s surrounding, although made to improve earths resources, they typically take there negative effect on the environment in time. Pesticides affect more...
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The Obligation to Endure Pollution
The author in this article is trying to deal with the effects of pesticides on the earth and how it would affect people’s health and their environment. He is also concerned about destroying the earth by using various chemicals which are absolutely dangerous to all the living things on the earth. The writer believes that “...
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The Peregrine Falcon Is an Endangered Species Both in Canada and the United States
The Peregrine Falcon, once numerous throughout North America, could possibly become extinct. This is due to the effects of chemical pesticides such as DDT (which has been banned from the United States and Canada but not in all countries). The Peregrine Falcon population has suffered a dramatic decline over the past decades,...
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A Paper on Chemical Warfare
Chemical Warfare 1.0 What are Chemical Warfare Agents? Chemical weapons include any chemical substance, whether in a gaseous, liquid, or solid state, which can be used to cause loss of performance, permanent injury, or death in humans. These chemicals are commonly man-made toxicants, however, there is increasing re...
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An Outline of Various Chemicals That Help Relieve Various Conditions on Our Body
1) ZOCOR: helps to lower high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. ZOCOR belongs to a group of medicines known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. It works by reducing the amount of cholesterol made by the liver. In terms of good and bad cholesterol, in most patients, ZOCOR reduces the bad cholesterol and can actuall...
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