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Bad Effects Of Marijuana Essay Examples

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The Health Effects of Marijuana on Humans
The Health Effects of Marijuana on Humans Tim Murphy Introduction Marijuana has been used as a drug since the beginning of time, yet there are still many mysteries about its health effects on humans. Marijuana, or cannabis sativa, is a preparation of the crushed flowers and buds of female hemp plant. T...
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Physical, Psychological, and Medical Effects of Marijuana
The Effects of Marijuana Marijuana has become one of the most widely used drugs in the United States. Marijuana has many different effects which result from using the drug. Effect means how a person reacts to the drug. Marijuana is a mild hallucinogenic drug which is used for individual pleasure or medical treatment. The...
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Life Threatening and Psychological Dangers of Marijuana
The Dangers of Marijuana There are many life threatening, as well as psychological, dangers due to the use of marijuana. Life threatening dangers include, cancer, breathing, immune system, asthma, driving ability, heart rate, blood pressure, and reproduction. The Psychological findings include, short term memory, attenti...
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Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medical Purposes?
Thesis Statement: Why is it so difficult for our government and our American citizens to vote for marijuana to be used for medical purposes? I.Introduction: II.What is marijuana? a.How has marijuana been used throughout history? b.The effects of marijuana. III.Medical marijuana vs. street marijuana. medical marij...
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An Essay on the Negative Effects of Marijuana to Health
Consuming marijuana is detrimental to one s health. 1. Consumption= Smoking or eating marijuana. 2. Marijuana= Psychoactive mind altering substance, also known as cannabis. 3. Detrimental= Serious harm. Smoking or eating marijuana is likely to create serious health problems for most individual users or society. Since the 19...
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An Analysis of the Media and Its Effect on Our Society
Does the Media Have an Effect on Our Society? I dont believe the violence we experience today is due to video games, movies, music, etc. I think its due to the media. For example, if the media hadnt publicized the first couple school shootings so heavily, I know these kids, that did the shootings at Columbine, wouldnt h...
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Should the Use of Marijuana as a Prescribed Drug Be Allowed?
Medical marijuana should be a medical option, because it helps individuals who suffer from illnesses that prescribed medications have failed to treat, it eliminates side effects, and it is less addictive than other medications that are prescribed to patients. Marijuana comes from the hemp plant and is known as “cannabis sat...
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The Medical History, Uses, and Long-Term Effects of Marijuana and Why It Should Be Legalized in the United States for Medicinal Purposes
People have been using marijuana (also known as cannabis) as a medicine for thousands of years, beginning in China, India, and the Middle East. Marijuana has beneficial effects when used in medicinal scenarios for the treatment of pain; thus it should be an administered drug for patients who can benefit from the use of this...
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The Myths and Truths About Marijuana
The Truth about Marijuana Many people say that marijuana is a gateway drug that can cause dangerous effects to the health and society. But research shows that the myths about marijuana may not be all true. Many believe that marijuana is a menace to the society. Some believe that it is no more harmful than an occas...
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A Description of Marijuana as Relatively Harmless Drug That Governments Around the World Have Made Illegal
Marijuana is a relatively harmless drug that governments around the world have made illegal. If legalized, marijuana can be beneficial to society in a number of ways: whether it be for medical, economic, or public safety reasons. Marijuana has been proven to treat several life debilitating, and even life threatening disease...
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An Introduction to the Advantages of Marijuana
What Is Marijuana Marijuana, a drug obtained from dried and crumpled parts of the ubiquitous hemp plant Canabis sativa (or Cannabis indica). Smoked by rolling in tobacco paper or placing in a pipe. It is also otherwise consumed worldwide by an estimated 200,000,000 persons for pleasure, an escape from reality, or relaxation...
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An Introduction to the Issue of Bad Breath aka Halitosis
Bad Breath AKA Halitosis Research shows that up to 50 per cent of people suffer from bad breath at some point in their lives. In this article: What is bad breath? Effect on your life Advice & Support Symptoms Treatments Causes How Chemist Online can help What is bad breath? Bad breath is a c...
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An Analysis of the Harmful and Beneficial Effects of Marijuana
Marijuana is used two different way one of which is it being smoked in cigarettes called "Joints" or "Nails" when smoked the marijuana releases about 1,000 different chemicals into the body, the active chemical is THC (Delta9-theta-hydrocannabinol) which causes a state of euphoria, this euphoric state ha...
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The Biological and Psychological Effects of Marijuana on Individuals
Effects Of Marijuana
Essay Question: Outline the use of marijuana and identify the acute and chronic harmful biological and psychological effects of marijuana on individuals.
The use of marijuana is widespread by all classes, races, and cultures. Marijuana has been used for a multitude of purposes over thousands of years, a...
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Marijuana and Its Physical Effects on the User
Marijuana has been used as a drug since the beginning of time, yet there
are still many mysteries about its health effects on humans. Marijuana, or
cannabis sativa, is a preparation of the crushed flowers and buds of
female hemp plant. The existence of the plant has been reported as early
as 1500-1200 BC. in China, and cann...
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An Analysis of the Characteristics and Dangers of the Use of Marijuana
In society today our jail systems are filled to the brim with drug traffickers and drug abusers. Even in countries like Canada where the government has intensified measures to fight this war with stiffer laws and awareness programs, the drug problem is getting much worse. The war on drugs seems to be an impossible battle,...
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The Mysterious Health Effects of Marijuana on the Human Body
Introduction - Marijuana has been used as a drug since the beginning of time, yet there are still many mysteries about its health effects on humans. Marijuana, or cannabis sativa, is a preparation of the crushed flowers and buds of female hemp plant. The existence of the plant has been reported as early as 1500-1200 BC. i...
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Claims of Marijuana Long Term Effects on the Brain
Marijuana Special Report: CLAIM FOUR: "Marijuana causes long-term changes in the brain similar to those seen with other drugs of abuse . . ." Back in the 1970s, animal experiments led to groundless fears that marijuana blew holes in brain tissue. The experiments organisations like NIDA now fund are more sophis...
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An Introduction to the Marijuana or Cannabis Sativia
Everyone has this question of what marijuana actually is. Usually one would think that everybody knows. But the actual truth, is not many people know what marijuana is. Marijuana is a mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering top's of the Indian plant Cannabis sativia (usually smoked or eaten for its hallucinogenic and pleasu...
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Is Marijuana Really that Harmful?
The Talk about Marijuana has been known to be a very controversial issue in today’s society, but is marijuana really that harmful? According to Buddy T from weed has been known to cure many illnesses like cataracts, glaucoma and also prevent the world’s biggest enemy -- CANCER! Hemp (Cannabis sativa) has been educ...
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A Discussion on the Actual Benefits of Using Marijuana in Medical Cases
Abstract Marijuana has been used around the world for centuries with different spiritual, medical, and practical applications. From keeping spirits away at weddings or clothes and paper, marijuana has many beneficial uses. Current laws aimed at eradicating marijuana bring high crime rates that were obsolete preceding the l...
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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
Should Marijuana be legalized? United States is facing many controversial issues today. The highly controversial issue that comes up in Newspapers again and again concerns the legalization of Marijuana. Some people support and believe that legalization is the only solution left for the nation while others oppose it beca...
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An Argument in Favor of the Medical Use of Marijuana
Although possessing a medicinal value and therapeutic uses for body ailments such as multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and anxiety, exaggerated marijuana abuse is harmful to the body and legalizing the drug would pose negative effects upon public health and well-being. The main argument of pro-legislators of Marijuana is that o...
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A Discussion on the Issues of Marijuana Use
The Marijuana Wars The controversial topic of the legalization of marijuana has been debated in the United States for many years. Opposing sides argue whether or not the drug known as marijuana should be legalized in order to help reduce pain within patients with terminal illnesses or cancer. Individuals believe that the...
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The Argument of Whether or Not to Legalize Marijuana; Pro Marijuana versus Anti Marijuana Legalization Groups
A pro marijuana web page stated "Fewer than 2 percent of drug-related emergency room visits involved the use of marijuana alone in the year 1994". Are the correct in saying it is safe, not according to anti marijuana groups. In today's society, a debate over the legalization of marijuana has been on going. Two div...
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