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Becoming A Truck Driver Essay Examples

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An Overview of the Job, a Professional Truck Driver
The Professional Truck Driver Throughout the years, the professional truck driver have been given an undeserved tainted reputation. When a driver of semi is involved in an accident involving a passenger vehicle, people automatically assume that the driver of the truck is at fault. However, many times this is not necessaril...
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An Essay on My Truck
My Truck My truck got me into a lot of trouble. I had a lot of trouble with my brother. He took my cars and trucks to play with when ever he could. Apparently he thought the green truck was as fascinating as I did. He loved to play with my green truck as much as I did. This was the truck that he took a lot. That green pick-...
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The Advantages of Being a UPS Driver
UPS If you enjoy dealing with people, the outdoors, and being your own supervisor than a job with the UPS just might be a job for you. There are many advantages to being a UPS driver, but there are also a few disadvantages. Some of the advantages are that most freight and material movers belong to Unions. The particul...
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A Personal Reflection on a Burning Desire to Become a Truck Driver
On my long successful road in life, I never thought I would desire to
become a truck driver. I once had many dreams, but when it all boiled
down truck driving was my only passion. With alot on a young teenager's
mind, there were many things put before me in which I had to overcome,
but by the grace of God I accomplished mo...
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An Analysis of the Truck Driver Occupation and the Transportation
My Occupation: Truck Driver Merrian Webster's Dictionary defines the word trucker as; 1: one whose business is transporting goods by truck 2: a truck driver. Truckers were 2,900,000 strong in 1994 (Ouellet 11). Most people really do not think about it, but almost everything that we will use today was at one time or ano...
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The Curbside Cuckold Scene in the Movie Taxi Driver
One of the most important scenes in the movie "Taxi Driver" is a scene called "The Curbside Cuckold." This scene is a turning point in the movie and is extremely influential in Travis's life. He almost instantaneously changes from a quiet and composed man to someone willing and able to take out his rage...
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A Taxi Driver's Confession
The main character in the story is the taxi cab driver, he was a born Singaporean whos been residing there since birth and been a taxi cab driver for almost twenty year, hes one of your usual taxi cab driver that has many things to discuss. In the story he spoke things about Singapore from his time to present time, he said...
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Responsibility of Owning a Driver's License
for a teenager, getting the driver's license is one of his biggest tests in life. This is a challenge, which dominates their lives once they become eighteen and eligible for driving. After the test is passed, comes the dream of owning your own car. Each dream takes some time to materialize. As the teenagers fantasy becomes...
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A Description of How Drunk Driving Can Bring Tragedy to Innocent People Around
Drunk Driving Letter Dear Dr. Larry Bond Recently in my Driver Education Class, I watched several videotapes dealing with the serious subject of drunk driving. After watching these tapes, I would like to recommend the one story that I consider the best. I would like everyone who drives a car to s...
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An Introduction to the Graduated Driver License (GDL)
The Graduated Driver License The Graduated Driver License (GDL) is a law that is aimed to reduce teen driving deaths. This law goes into affect July 1, 2001. The new driving law is made up of 3 main restrictions. These parts are: 1. For the first six months after issuance of an Intermediate Driver’s License, the holder o...
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