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Being Responsible Adults Essay Examples

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An Analysis of the Ways of Being Responsible in a Company Environment
Ways of being responsible Companies should examine the issues facing their industry in general and their company in particular, such as the trend to prevent cancer in the smoking industry. Companies should also look at the impacts they have on the community and region [the petrol case]. Doing these two things would keep t...
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An Analysis of the Characters and Motives of the Adults Who Become Parents
In life, people frequently judge others' actions too harshly. It's very common to hear comments as to how another person should have handled a situation differently. Assuming the role of another individual is not possible in actual life. The reader of literature, however, after analyzing characters and motives, has the...
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A Personal Narrative on the Importance of Being Responsible
I was sixteen years old and, in my opinion, old enough to do anything on my own. Although I was still young, I wanted to behave maturely. But of course, when adolescents act in ways they dont usually act, things turn out worse. I thought I was more responsible and trustworthy. My parents drove me everywhere, but only when m...
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Should Teenage Freedom Be Restricted?
Teenagers are in the place between being a kid and being an adult, but
the question is should they be treated as an adult or as a child? Freedom is power, though what most adults are afraid in the case of
teenagers that it is the power to make the wrong decisions. However
some Psychologists believe that freedom is the onl...
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Why Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: My Personal Experience
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.” This quote may be true in many ways and very much applies to me. The choices I made and will make mold who I become little by little. The decisions I make come together and create who I will become in the future. Sometimes the decisions I make, make me rea...
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The Importance of Perseverance
Perseverance plays an important role when it comes to making it in life. I was raised by the saying, "The best way to help yourself, is through helping others." As a young child, I did not really understand what this meant. As I grew older, the meaning became clearer. Up until the time I was nine, it was just me and my m...
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Family Values and the Impact of Family on Problems of Today's Society
Family Values By: isastudent As I was wondering about what to write about, I realized that the debilitation of the family unit is what causes so many of the problems today. Drugs, sex, and violence are all prompted by a lack of respect for bodies and other people. Children need to be loved, encouraged, and taught. Wi...
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How I Was Wrongfully Accused of Murder
Justice is blind. It cannot see the truth. The truth that I am innocent. Wrongly accused of a callous murder. There I stood in the middle of a courtroom surrounded by strangers. Strangers who are just about to decide whether I am worthy of a descent life or not. Thoughts were racing through my head. What would my family thi...
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Descriptive Essay to Entertain Teen-Adults
Audience: Teen-Adult Purpose: To entertain NARRATIVE/DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY As his senses returned to him, the world around him was a blur although he could make out the familiar red velvet curtains in the bay window and the polished wooden floor of his $2 million home. His doctor wandered in as he rubbed his eyes and str...
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Are the Adults We Follow Always Right?
THE ADULTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT? 'Clean your room! Don't do that! Stop watching that stupid television, don't you have a book to read? Didn't I tell you to clean your room, do you want to be a slob when you grow up? Go to school, don't you have school today? When I was a kid . . .' Welcome to the lives of almost eve...
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The Increasing Numbers of American Adults Lacking Simple Literacy
The reports from the Department of Education Statistics show that more than 90 million American adults lack simple literacy. Less than 20 percent of them have the know-how of metaphors and less than 4 percent of them can calculate on a calculator when given a problem sum. 60,000 youngsters drop out by the middle of th...
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Accommodating Adults with Learning Disabilities
Accommodating a Disability: Adults with Learning Disabilities Tara J. Childers University of Oklahoma EIPT 6183, Dr. Greene May 3, 1999 Whether we graduate from highschool or college we all hope to find a challenging career that will propel us forward in today’s society. For those suffering from dyslexia this only adds...
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A Comparison of the Physical Development in Young Adults
PHYSICAL COMPARISON This section of the report is a comparison of the physical development in young adults, ages 20 to 40, with the observations and the interview we conducted in our group of a young adult in her twenties. Physical development is when changes in the brain, sensory capacities, and motor skills take place...
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What I Would Do If I Were a Leader of My School Club
What I would do if I were a leader of my school service club? Well I
will have to be very responsible to be able to keep at it and make sure
that the club is well organized. I will have a voice to fight against
animal cruelty. It is a concern of mine since I was seven years old.
Because of my love for animals, my goal is...
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Why Responsibility Is a Significant Action
Are you the responsible person that everyone’s looking for? One action is being made; a responsibility is follow after, because no matter what we do in life, we’re stuck with that responsibility. In this world, one thing we all have is responsibility with no excuses or blames. Because we care about them that just make us wa...
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How It Feels to Be a Goldfish
I once had a goldfish. It always was so interesting to watch him swim around his bowl and do whatever a fish that lives in a 2 gallon bowl does to keep himself entertained. Sometimes as a child I’d imagine I was a fish in bowl; having glass walls that everyone could see through, watch me do whatever fishy things suited my...
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Additional Life Skills I Have Gained
Other than through classes in school, in what areas (non-academic or
academic) have you acquired knowledge or skills? How? During the summer I baby sat a two year old girl in my neighborhood.
Taking care of a child is not an easy task, it takes a lot of patience,
time, and what you can show to a child. I had to change...
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What Is Maturity?
Maturity. What is maturity? When is one mature? How does one measure maturity? These are questions that are too often neglected in today's society. We often talk about maturity with little understanding of what it is. "Jeremy is very mature for his age." "Sarah is so intelligent, but she can be so immature! She needs to gro...
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A Paper on Freedom and Responsibility
"With freedom comes responsibility". This quote is one my favorites because I think personally think that it's true. With freedom you can do anything. Some of us may even take the freedom that we have for granted and do stupid things that may hurt us later on. I know that I have gained the freedom that my parents...
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Taking up Responsibility Defines a Persons Character
Responsibility plays a sole role in the quality of a person's life. Responsibility helps define a person. Something as small as household chores or as big as time and money directly reflect on a person's responsibility. Having work time as well as home time depends on whether or not you manage time well. People who do man...
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The Advantages of Being Eighteen in America
When one turns eighteen in the U.S, they can drive cars, fly planes, marry, vote, pay taxes, take out loans and risk their life as a member of the U.S. Armed forces, but it is illegal for them to drink. Why do young adults have the liberty to do everything else besides drink at the age of eighteen? Turning eighteen comes wi...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of What Makes a Person Mature
What makes a person Mature ? Being a mature person doesn t just happen over night , and maturity doesn t necessarily have an age. Rather Maturity depends more on a persons sense of wisdom, humility, and responsibility. Being a mature person is coming terms with yourself and knowing who you are as an individual. In addition...
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High School Students Should Be Allowed to Own Cars in United States
Many high school students drive to and from school, along with many other places. Not too many students, however, own the cars they are driving. Instead, they end up driving one of their parents’ cars, a car one of their grandparents bought for them, or even a car from one of their rich uncles. Many students also do not hav...
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The Legacy I Wish to Leave Behind
Everyone has a story. And it's that story, good or bad, that can help change another person's life whether it is minor or drastic. What I hope to accomplish, is to be thought of as reliable, honest, trustworthy, and good natured. There will be many times during my life when I will move on from a job, from school, from a car...
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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve
In our society, one usually learns that it is not always smart to be too nice to everyone they meet. People who are too nice often learn from life experiences not to be so kind. Kindness can become a weakness in one’s life. A person might learn it is not always right to put too much trust into someone. Wearing your heart on...
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