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Berkeley Essay Examples

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A Review of Busby Berkeley and the Backstage Musical
In the article ``Busby Berkeley and the Backstage Musical" Rubin gives a
definition of a traditional musical: "a film containing a significant
proportion of musical numbers that are impossible-i.e., persistently
contradictory in relation to the realistic discourse of the narrative"
(Rubin, p.57). This definition may only be...
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An Essay on George Berkeley and His views of God
George Berkley: His View Of God
George Berkeley: His View of God
As man progressed through the various stages of evolution, it is
assumed that at a certain point he began to ponder the world around him. Of
course, these first attempts fell short of being scholarly, probably
consisting of a few grunts and snorts at best. As...
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Who Is Keenan Patterson?
Do not panic! Keenan Patterson is here! But wait, just who is this
``Keenan Patterson'' guy? Well, let's just say that he's the kid that
you'll usually find hanging out with all kinds of different people.
Being involved in almost every club and organization his school offers,
he is constantly working on something new and ex...
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Comparing and Contrasting Two Theories: Locke's Representative Realism versus Berkeley's Subjective Idealism
When I look at the two theories of Locke's Representative Realism and Berkeley's subjective idealism, it is Berkley’s Subjective Idealism that is the stronger of the two. Berkley and Locke differed on one out of three Epistemological questions which are, (1) Is it possible to have knowledge? (2) Does reason provide us wit...
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The Arguments of Berkeley on the Existence of God
How many arguments does Berkeley offer for the existence of God When first encountered with this question, the answer seems almost simple and obvious: one, possibly two. All one would have to do is read Berkeley and count exactly how many arguments he gives for the existence of God. However, it seems that after reading t...
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A Criticism of the Use of Measure O in a Voting Process
I chose to critique an article that introduces Measure O, which will show up on the upcoming voting ballot. Measure O, if passed, would require all cups of coffee sold in Berkeley to be fair trade, organic, or shade-grown. The author, Charles Burress, introduces the controversial issue with evidence of those for and against...
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Opposing Anti-Abstract Ideas in The Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous by George Berkeley
In Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous, Berkeley attempts to show that believing in mind-independent matter leads to absurdity and skepticism. Berkeley invites us to accept instead the doctrine of idealism, where the only things that exist are minds and ideas. Philonous - the spokesperson for Berkeley's considered v...
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The Genesis of the Real Troubles for IBM in the 1990s
Real troubles for IBM began with the companys lag behind competitors in a highly rapidly evolving market. The recession in the early 1990s aided to the difficulties of the company in catching up with the market. These are some detailed points that explains the key reasons for IBMs struggles. Competitive IBM has dedicat...
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A Discussion on George Berkeley's Philosophy
George Berkeley was an Irish philosopher. His philosophical beliefs were centered on one main belief, the belief that perception is the basis for existence. In doing so, he rejected the notion of a material world in favor of an immaterial world. Berkeley felt that all we really know about an object we learn from our perce...
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Analysis of John Locke's Position on the Nature of General Terms and George Berkeley's Criticism of This Hypothesis
In the following paper I will present and analyze John Locke's position on the nature of general terms. I will do so by breaking down his position and then through the criticisms presented by George Berkeley will unveil more about the nature of general terms. In Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding he discusses...
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