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Bible Stories Essay Examples

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A Comparative Bible Study to Find out If the Bible Is Holy or Just Full of Holes
IS YOUR BIBLE HOLY OR JUST FULL OF HOLES? A COMPARATIVE BIBLE STUDY Answer the following questions using a NIV Bible ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Matthew 6:13 How does the lords prayer end? Matthew 8:29 Who was the demons a...
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An Analysis of the Themes Being Traced Through the Stories of Nights, Sundiata and Gilgamesh
A theme is being traced through the three stories of “Nights”, “Sundiata”, and “Gilgamesh”. It is the coming of age of a child or man in a story. In all of these stories, a child or man who has to face many challenges is part of coming of age. In “Nights”, the young man has to face a German refugee camp and has to basically...
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The Main Elements and Messages in the Religious Stories in the Bible
People read The Bible for many different reasons, such as it is just a part of their faith so they have to. Others read it because the stories are interesting, and still others read the stories because of the moral and ethical messages the stories convey. Many people, when reading The Bible, do not go deep into the readings...
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The Influence of the English Bible on History
The English Bible has had an influence on history in a lot of many different ways. It has transformed the English language and has helped many churches around the world. The English modern version might perhaps be a classic like the King James Version. The English Bible is of great importance to us today. The King James Bib...
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A Reflective Essay on the Morality of Criminal Punishment
When turning on the television, radio or simply reading the newspaper, we are bombarded with news of arrests, murders, and other such tragedies. It is a rare occasion to go throughout a day in this world and not hear of these situations. What should society do about this alarming trend? Not only committing crimes wrong, but...
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An Analysis of the Christian Bible
Christianity is a religion in which events are claimed to have occured but which can never be proved. Those who practice it live by different morals than are preached by the most holy texts. It is an institution in which the most holy scripture is contradictory, and wherein the supreme being, by the very definition,...
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A History of the Preservation of the Bible
Most Christians have not thought seriously about how Biblical writings were preserved. They can easily secure copies of the Bible and suppose that it has always been so. Like all other blessings, however, this one should not be taken for granted. Men have died so that the Bible might be preserved, translated, and published...
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The Consequences of Obedience and Disobedience According to the Bible
There are a lot of different things the Bible can tell us about obedience and disobedience. Many of which have the same outcome. Others have a very different outcome. In the book of Daniel, there are plenty of ways that the Bible can show you that there are some bad things that come out of obedience and some good things tha...
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A Claim from a Study That Shows That the Bible Is Wrong
Recent Study Shows That the Bible Is Wrong The Christian Bible says the words of God and states that God is omnipotent and cannot lie. If you think about that statement you realize that if God is omnipotent then he should have the power to lie. The error could not be corrected by any additions made to the bible throughout...
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An Introduction to the Different Translations of the Bible - Christian Mythology
Having several different translations of the Bible is very important. Each translation highlights different aspects of the book. Providing familiar language to special groups, some interpretations make it easier to understand. Having one translation of the Bible would not make sense , but, several different versions make th...
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An Analysis of Poe's Short Stories
Poe's short stories ``The Tell-Tale Heart'' and ``The Cask of
Amontillado'' are two of the greatest thriller and horror short stories
ever written. In both stories the narrator is a killer, victims killed
for apparently trivial reasons, calculating and retelling of their
crime. The narrator, Montresor, in the cask of amonti...
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A Collection of James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories
This was a wonderful, passionate book about, well, James Herriots favorite dog stories. They were all true, some funny, some inspirational, and some sad. I have picked out some of my personal favorites here. One of my all-time favorites is Roy: From rags to riches. Its about a young, almost full-grown golden retriever...
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The Translating and Converting Native Aboriginal Oral Stories to Text to Keep Them Alive Longer than Those Who Tell Them
Native traditions and history were passed down through the generations using the art of storytelling. Storytelling was not only useful for Natives in this way but became a part of the tradition and history they passed down to their children. Unlike Euro-Canadian people, Aboriginal people did not put their oral traditions in...
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A Comparison of Four Great Religious Stories of Creation
Each of the four creation stories had its own way of explaining creation. The gods in the stories were very unique in their own way. They all represented many different things and ideas. Each story had its own special ideas and characteristics. However, all of the stories were alike in a way, because they all told of a spec...
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An Analysis of the Story The Jungle Book
Summary: The story The Jungle Book is a collection of stories written about the ecosystems and everyone’s part in it. This book is written mostly from the animals point of view telling their feelings and their unheard laws. The book was written in a very simple form and was very easy to read, understand, and analyze....
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The Revelation of the Main Themes in Amy Tan's Stories of Suyuan and Jing-Mei Woo
The stories of Suyuan and Jing-Mei Woo reveal some of Amy Tan's main themes in the novel. One important theme is that we must get to know and understand our parents in order to fully understand ourselves. June spends the first half of her life believing that she is a disappointment to her mother and has been unsuccessful in...
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Greek Ancient Biblical Stories and Myths Are Male Dominated
Are the ancient biblical stories and the myths of the Greeks irredeemably male oriented? All ancient societies treated women as the inferior gender. It has been historically shown that in the ancient world, men were the leaders, heroes, and kings, and women served primarily as companions, helpers, and child-bearers. In the...
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The Comparison of Biblical Stories and Stories from Other Cultures
In our society, which is overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian, students often find itdifficult to compare the Bible stories with tales from other cultures, because ourown belief system is wrapped up in the former, and it is hard for many of us toachieve enough distance from these stories to evaluate them objectively. Yet ina comp...
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The Binding of Isaac
There are different opinions in this world. The way that people think of different ideas and theories differ from one another. Everyone does not have the same opinion, but it can help if people learn to become open-minded. Being open to opinions other than your own is a learning experience because you have to listen to some...
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Short Story About Montag
They Montags read through a long afternoon, Montag kept on reading
a page as many as ten times. Montag then opened another book `That
favorite subject, My self.' He starts to say that Clarisse's favorite
subject wasn't herself. But other people and himself. He believes the
men have been dead or long, but he thinks their wor...
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A Comparison of the Biblical Book of Genesis with the Ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh
GILGAMESH Vs GENESIS: In our society, which is overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian, students often find it difficult to compare Bible stories with tales from other cultures, because our own belief system is wrapped up in the prior, and it is hard for many of us to go against our traditional faith to evaluate them objectively. Bu...
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An Analysis of Discipleship in the New Testament
Disciples in the New Testament, are any followers of Jesus' teaching. The word meaning "pupil" or "follower." Discipleship is common among the ancient Jews, a style of teaching and learning in which a Rabbi would attract disciples who would then study his teachings through lengthy discussion, memorizatio...
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An Analysis of Genesis 21: 1-21
Genesis 21: 1-21 1. The Lord took note of Sarah as He had promised, and the LORD did for Sarah as He had spoken. 2. Sarah conceived and bore a son to Abraham in his old age, at the set time of which God had spoken. 3. Abraham gave his newborn son, whom Sarah had borne him, the name of Isaac. 4. And when his son Isaac was e...
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Controversy and Violence of Biblical Stories Analyzed in The Harlot by the Side of the Road by Jonathan Kirsch
"The Harlot by the Side of the Road" was an interesting look at stories from the Bible that most people do not even know exist. In Sunday school and church you never hear the stories of rape, incest and violence that Jonathan Kirsch explains in this book. The teachers and pastors screen what knowledge of the Bible...
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The Two Stories of Creation in the Book of Genesis
In reading the book Genesis, it is hard to discern what to believe. Since there are two stories of creation, I do not know which one is correct or if either is correct because they differ in such great aspects. To make them match, you must bend the meaning of the words or look at the original translation. In a way, Genesis...
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