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Birthday Essay Examples

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How to Make a Simple Birthday Cake
How to Make a Simple Birthday Cake Have you ever wanted to make a birthday cake for a loved one? To make a simple birthday cake, all you need is a little timesome patience, and a few items from the grocery store. For the preparation, you will need a boxed cake mix (the favorite of the birthday person), shortening, eggs, o...
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It Started Out as an Uneventful Birthday Party
The Birthday Party On the March fourth, 2002; I was invited to a birthday party of a very close friend of mine. The beginning of the party was slow and not too much was going on at that time but there was a lot of food, which kept me entertained; there was, pizza, 6 foot tuna sub sandwiches, cake, ice cream and a bunch o...
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So, How Was Your Birthday?
What Birthday? Spinning out of control, like a tornado, I couldnt control myself. My vision was blurred into a mosaic painting, palms were sweating, and mouth was dry. I didnt know what to do. I needed to sit or down, or I would fall down. My stomach was churning, like an ocean, I think I might be sick. I was drenched w...
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My Mother's Birthday Party
A cold winter, four years ago, my mother's birthday was approaching,
she was getting old. My mother was turning fifty years old. My mom does
not ask for much but she wanted to spend quality time with the family on
her birthday. My dad on the other hand had another idea in mind. He
decided to throw her a surprise birthday pa...
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An Unforgettable Experience
For my third birthday, I received a bear as one of my birthday gifts,
even though I don't exactly remember getting it, I heard the story about
me not letting the bear go many times throughout my life. Ever since
then, that worn out teddy bear has been a huge part of my life. It has
been with me every night when I go to slee...
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A Personal Experience of a Birthday Party in Kart World
Best Birthday Ever My first trip to Kart World was when I was twelve years old. I was with my friends and my older brother. I chose to go there because it was my birthday and I had the choice to go wherever I wanted to go. When we got there, there were a lot of people waiting in line. I was very anxious to ride those go-...
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A Brief Summary of a Sixteenth Birthday of a Young Girl at Hard Rock Cafe
A good experience with my friends came on my sixteenth birthday. Earlier in the week, I had decided that I would rent a limousine and go into Boston with some of my friends. The day which we would go was my birthday. The day had finally come and we were all anxious to go. Before the limo came, five of my friends: Nick, John...
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A Personal Narrative on the Author's Childhood
Most people who I meet recognise me as a pleasant and well-mannered individual. Nevertheless, in my early days, if someone made the same judgement, the sky would have modified its color to green as pigs outburst from no-where to commence flying. In reality, I was an enthusiastically wild youngster and no other competitor, i...
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Birthday Paradox and How It Works
Birthday Paradox: How It Works and Its Applications Introduction It’s said that every few seconds, a new person is born into this world. That means that every few seconds, there is a new birthday, and if multiple people are born everyday, that means that multiple people share the same birthday. It’s an understood fact tha...
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Birth of my Neice
I was on my way to my boyfriend's house because it was his birthday
weekend. He picked me up for school and I was going to spend the night
with him. We got to his house and started watching movie because his
family went camping. We really didn't know what to do for his birthday.
At the time I didn't think that my sisters ba...
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