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Blog Essay Examples

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A Profile of Global Voices
Communication today presents more possibilities than ever. New media
holds out a possibility of on-demand access to content anytime,
anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback,
creative participation and community formation around the media content. With the interactive power of computer-enabled...
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Analysis of Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog
While its history is short, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has grown quickly in popularity and changed mediums to suit the love of its audience as it manifests the fears of being an outcast and the stigma of science compared to brawn. The brainchild of writer, composer, director and producer Joss Whedon was co-written with...
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Sustainability Institute Content Strategy Guide
Part 1: Content Strategy Basis Originally delivered June 7, 2013 Content mission statement A content mission statement describes ``Why an organization publishes
what content and for whom.'' It answers the the question ``why does
Sustainability Institute's web presence exist?'' ``Sustainability Institute publishes conte...
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A Rethorical Analysis of the Blog Entry Is College for Everyone?
Ali Abu-Khraybeh Ms. Baker English 1020 23 September 2013 Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft: Pharinet "Is College for Everyone?" This inquiry that college professor Pharinet poses in the title of her blog entry seems to be prevalent in society today. Many argue that a college degree plays a crucial role in...
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