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Business Essay Examples

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Managing a Family Owned Business
Most family business begin with the best intentions although as time goes by most family members learn to work together although emotions from time to time may obstruct business decisions. Conflicts possibly will arise as the family members see different growth perspectives in the business. Conflict distresses the daily ope...
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The Important Issues to Consider When Starting a Small Business
There are some important issues to consider when starting a small business. Small businesses here in the United States currently represent over 98% of the of the labor force (Business Essentials, 2003). When starting a new business you will need a business plan and financing. You must consider the legal issues involved as...
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A Discussion on Business Size
The optimum size of a firm is a very subjective idea. The ways in which size can help or hinder a firm vary from which angle you a looking at the situation from. Size can have its benefits and its drawbacks, and each firm will have its own benefits and drawbacks that come from either increasing in size, or remaining small,...
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A Comparison of Western and Eastern Business Culture and Practices
In a wide spectrum of business culture types, it is possible to allocate two opposite poles - the Western and the Eastern business cultures. The Euro-American and West European business cultures present typical Western culture. The most typical Eastern business types are namely cultures of the countries of Asia...
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Being an Entreprenuer
Who wants to have a fluffy pet which is also a very comfy pillow,
Jennifer was an entrepreneur who saw the problem with the stuffed animal
and created something great. Jennifer and her husband both decided to
drop there previous work and start something of there own. One night her
and her husband were sitting across from ea...
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Summary of Business Consultations
When the law firm McCarthy Wilson, LLP, needed to either consolidate, relocate, or expand, they asked AK & Company for their professional assistance. McCarthy Wilson was originally situated in four separate historic office buildings in the heart of Rockville, Maryland. The law firm’s office spaces, situated on South Wa...
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Overview of Business as a Career
Business is an economic activity, which is related to the organized
effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the goods and
services that satisfy society's needs. An organized business should
include four types of resources: material, human, financial, and
informational, which can provide raw materials, labor...
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Summary of Extensible Business Reporting Language
XBRL is an abbreviation of “eXtensible Business Reporting Language”, which is a general standard across the broad. And it is used to interchange financial message and is necessary in business reporting such as financial statement. Usually, it works among business systems to transit business the meantime, info...
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The Importance of Performance Indicators in the Modern Business World
Introduction In the Modern Business world, the performance indicators are significant aspects to the growth and development of the business to a wider scope. These indicators are necessary in the development of several areas including the marketing, financial, sales, and investments among others. Such factors call for the...
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An Analysis of the Different Types of Ownership
In this project I will be looking at the role of the personnel department in the sports outlet called Allsports LTD. This particular store is based in Swindon and is part of a large chain of stores in England. The things that I will be looking at are the way new employees are recruited selected and also trained. This will a...
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