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Cartoons Essay Examples

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A Personal View That There Is An Extreme Amount of Violence Portrayed in Cartoons
In my opinion, there is an extreme amount of violence portrayed in cartoons. As a result, cartoons have been transformed into a fast expanding epidemic that is damaging to the audience of cartoon viewers throughout the country, and possibly around the world. Not only are cartoons physically violent, they are emotionally, me...
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Importance of Political Cartoons
This past week, I heard many people complaining about the sudden rise of gas prices at the pump. A cartoon published last Sunday, February 27, 2011, in The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, gave a light-hearted view on a very serious subject. Dick Locher’s untitled political cartoon addresses the rising price of gas at the pump....
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Violence in Contemporary TV Cartoons
Today, watching television has become a daily activity for Americans. Most Americans nowadays own more than one television set. And most Americans watch at least 2 hours of television a day. Even though some shows are educational, most are now are fictional, violent, and sexual. Prime-time television seems to be the most vi...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of the Cartoons of This Century
The cartoons of this century have been very ground breaking and funny. Cartoons that have made many people laugh and cry. These cartoons that force us to use our imagination and our emotions are ground breaking cartoons. Cartoons are drawings that artist draw and are put together at very high speeds. Cartoons appeal to all...
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An Analysis of the Unoriginal and Writing Cliches in Cartoons
It is not the first time that opposite characters, in both mind and body, have been brought together by writers of all forms. This has been occurring not only in books, but also in movies and cartoons. It has become a writing cliche, which is very unoriginal. Cartoons like "Pinky in the Brain", use this cliche. Th...
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The Best Place I Ever Took a Picture From
It was a Saturday morning, like any other, I was trying to catch up on
the sleep I did not get that night from stay out late. I was hoping to
at least get to sleep in until about 9 or 10, but someone was not going
to let that happen. I started to hear a scratching sound right near my
face; it went on for a few minutes unti...
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A Comparison of Graphics and Cartoons, Two Style of Animation
When the word animation is used, the first thing that comes to peoples minds are Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, or Micky Mouse. There is more to the field of animation than that. I will discuss two different styles of animation - Graphics and Cartoons. The first style is computer graphic animation. Most people have heard or seen...
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History of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies and Their Character
Over a 36-year span starting in 1930, Warner Bros. studios turned out a series of theatrical cartoons known as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. In the process, they let loose some of the greatest directors in the field, who proceeded to create a wild stable of characters and cartoons that were probably the funniest and mos...
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Betty Boop
Betty Boop The best case study in animation to illustrate the powerful influence society has over the types of films that are produced is the story of Betty Boop. She was a major cartoon character before the Production Code of 1934 was put into place, and her dramatic and fatal transformation illustrates how a product cre...
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A Biography of Thomas Nast the Father of Political Cartoons
Thomas Nast: The Father of Political Cartoons Often considered the father of Political cartoons, Thomas Nast developed a style of reporting the news that captured the attention of his audience in a way that reporters never knew existed. His style of political reporting comically mocked Government officials and worked to...
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