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Chemistry Essay Examples

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An Analysis of an Experiment for Chemistry
EXPERIMENT 9: GROUP II CATIONS PURPOSE Numeric values are not the end all and be all of chemistry experiments. Qualitative observations are equally important as indicators of chemical change and the nature of the reactants participating in a chemical reaction. In this experiment, the focus was on qualitative analysis of t...
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A Discussion on the Importance of Chemistry
What would the world be like without chemistry? In some way it could be good and in others it would be bad. We would be without so many good and also bad things if we didnt have it and we cant leave either one out. I mean without chemistry we wouldnt be able to have such a good chemistry class, or such a good teacher. The b...
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A Research on Cellular Chemistry
Cellular Chemistry This paper discusses the chemistry of the human cell. (3 pages; 5 sources; MLA citation style) I Introduction The cells of the human body are complex structures that perform the chemical reactions necessary to sustain life. This paper briefly describes cell chemistry. II Discussion A...
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The Deep Fried World of Organic Chemistry
Chemistry is not my favorite subject. I think it seems funny to have a minor in chemistry when I don't even like chemistry, but it was sort of a package deal when I decided my biological science major. It not that I despise or hate chemistry, it's just that I have a ingrained fear of it. Chemistry is the only class that I'v...
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An Examination of the Chemistry in Everyday Life
YEAR 11 CHEMESTRY RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT Chemistry in Everyday Life TOPIC:- "Applications of Chemistry in Health and Hygiene" Throughout the centuries, there have been many benefits brought by
chemistry to our daily living. Two significant contributions made by
chemistry towards our lifes...
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Chiral and Organic Chemistry
Chiral is one of important thing we use in our daily bases. Chiral means something does not superimposable on its mirror images. Good example is our right and left hand, which is mirror image of each other and not superimposable. Chirality plays a key role in our daily life, chemical reaction and biological science. Many me...
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The Bio Chemical Processes in Nature
1. This cycling is defined as the movement and conversion of nutrients
from inorganic to organic by biochemical function in the ecosystem. Most
of all, the life body needs to survive and is made by sulfur,
phosphorous, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Moreover, several
elements are required such as zinc, manganese,...
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Chemistry Laboratory Experiment for Density
The purpose of this lab was to find the density of different objects by
finding their mass and volumes. I believe that, if the mass increases,
then the density will increase. To investigate this hypothesis, my group
used a triple beam balance, a graduated cylinder, and a ******. We had
five samples. These included aluminum...
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Formal and Partial Changes in Chemistry
The concepts of formal charge and partial charge are useful to chemists when dealing with Lewis structures. Formal charge is the difference between valence electrons and the number of electrons assigned to an atom that shows if an atom is positive or negative. Partial charge is the affinity for electrons of bonded atoms tha...
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Physics and Chemistry of Plasma Molecules
In this paper, we present a critical review of essential data on the
physics and chemistry of low pressure glow discharges of GeH4 that are used
to deposit hydrogenated amorphous germanium films (a-Ge:H). Here, we
analyze the surface processes and reaction probabilities of molecules, ions
and radicals. Gas phase...
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