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Cholesterol Levels Essay Examples

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An Introduction to Cholesterol
The statement “what should I eat just to eat good cholesterol” is wrong because it should say what should I eat to maintain good cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential fatty substance found in all of the body's cells and transported throughout the body via the bloodstream. It's either produced by the liver or absorbed...
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An Analysis of the Cholesterol Substance
For years, cholesterol has been a major concern for millions of people around the world. This fear of cholesterol has led to many consultations with specialists like physicians and nutritionists. It seems that there is a great misconception about this molecule. A majority of the population is conscious of the harm that it c...
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The Dangers of Excessive Consumption of Cholesterol
Cholesterol 1 We have all heard about cholesterol in the news. Cholesterol affects the health of everyone in the world. In order to put our cholesterol levels into equilibrium you first must know what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is a lipid, a soft, fat like substance that in reasonable amounts is crucial in maintaining g...
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The Composition, Classification and Uses of Lipids
Lipids The subject I will cover is lipids. I will tell you about the description of its organic compound. I will tell you where it is found. I will tell you what the uses are in plants and animals. I will also tell you about its chemical structure and give examples of types of these compounds, such as cholesterol....
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An Overview of Spinach
The food that was chosen to use in this paper is spinach, which falls under the category of vegetables. Analyzing its nutritional components, raw spinach contains low saturation of fats, hence low cholesterol levels. Spinach is a good source of zinc, and niacin. It also consists of protein, dietary fiber, vitamin A, C and v...
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Antioxidants Reduce the Risk Posed by Cholesterol
Antioxidants Reduce the Risk Posed By CholesterolSimply reducing blood levels of cholesterol is not enough to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). People could further reduce their risk of heart disease by eating a diet high in "good" fats, vitamin E, beta carotene, and flavonoids. That's the conclusio...
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A Study on the Advantage of Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic touch has been shown to decrease patients anxiety levels and increase their pain tolerance levels when other more mainstream therapies have not been completely effective. 'Therapeutic touch is a process by which energy is transmitted from one person to another for the purpose of potentiating the healing process...
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An Essay on The Effects of Global Warming Will Be Beneficial
Avery, Dennis T. "The Effects of Global Warming Will Be Beneficial." Opposing Viewpoints: Global Warming. Ed. James Haley. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2002. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. Apollo Library. 3 Mar. 2008 <
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The Positive Benefits of Drinking Red Wine
Can you get the health benefits of wine without the alcohol? Red wine is making a lot of news lately for its positive benefits on heart health. Doctors believe it may even be responsible for the so-called French paradox -- people in France eat high-fat diets, but have lower rates of heart disease than Americans do. One re...
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The Connection Between High Blood Cholesterol and Heart Disease
The Connection Between High Blood Cholesterol & Heart Disease Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in the body cells of humans and animals. Your body uses cholesterol to make essential body substances such as cell walls and hormones, as well as for various other functions. Cholesterol enters the body wh...
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