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Christian Doctrine Essay Examples

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An Analysis of the Defining Impact on US Foreign Policy
For what purposes do US presidents construct doctrines and do they have a defining impact on US foreign policy or are they merely rhetoric? Many presidents of the United States of America have constructed doctrines during their terms in office that have come to define their foreign policy aims, from James Monroe in 1823 rig...
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The Arguments Against Realism and Idealism
Idealism (French “idealisme” from Greek “idea”) is the general designation of philosophical doctrines asserting that the consciousness, thinking, mental and spiritual things are initial, fundamental, and a matter, nature and physical things are secondary, derivative. So, idealism resists to materialism in the decis...
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A Report on the Origins of Christianity
Origins of the Christianity Origins of the Christianity and veracity of the facts mentioned in the Bible To be objective, when knowing whether actors of the Bible did really exist or not, consists in studying documents and questioning scholars on these issues. But here is the problem : because themselves differ i...
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An Overview of the Christian Faith Worldwide
Scholars do not operate in a vacuum, but within the frameworks of their communities, traditions, commitments, and beliefs. Their scholarship, even when specialized, develops within a larger picture of reality. So we must ask: What is in that larger picture? Is there a place for God? If so, does God's presence make any diffe...
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The Increase in Tensions Between the United States and the World Following Changes in Its Foreign Policies
A number of additions to the foreign policy of the United States of America not only increased the tension between the US and the world. Among these additions are the Monroe Doctrine, the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, and the Truman Doctrine. Each one was added to defend and represent the interests of the Unit...
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An Analysis of the Doctrine of Eternity of Jesus in Christian Belief
The book “Jesus Christ our Lord” concerns itself with the works and persona of Jesus Christ. The author systematically presents the key Christological themes using a well thought approach. Walvoord preoccupies himself with Christ’s persona in a way that pastors and learned laymen would identify with. This is because, it str...
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An Examination of the Monroe Doctrine
The Monroe Doctrine can be considered as the United States first major declaration to the world as a fairly new nation. The Monroe Doctrine was a statement of United States policy on the activity and rights of powers in the Western Hemisphere during the early to mid 1800s. The doctrine established the United States posi...
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The Debates on the Impact of the Truman Doctrine
The Truman Doctrine has impacted everyone in the U.S. and nearly every country in the world since its declaration in 1947. Some critics castigate the Doctrine: "Critics blamed involvement in Korea and Vietnam on the Truman Doctrine. Without the Doctrine . . . the U.S. might have minded its own business." (...
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An Essay on the Evolution of Christian Architecture
Good essay on development of Basilica plan - History of Modern Art - The Evolution of Christian Architecture Certain aspects of Christian architecture changed quickly and dramatically between the Early Christian and Gothic periods, but the basic basilica plan remained throug...
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An Understanding of Baptism in the Christian Religion
In order to be accepted into the Christian faith, one must first be baptised. Baptism is seen as the gateway to the Christian life, as it is the first of the seven sacraments for Catholics, and is the one that makes you a Christian in the eyes of God. It is normally the tradition to be baptised as an infant, but the church...
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Embedded Within the Grapes of Wrath Is a Social Protest of Migrants in California
Purpose Essentially, The Grapes of Wrath is a novel of social protest. It was designed to inform the public of the migrant's plight. It is a plea for the land owners of California and the banks in the dust bowl states to be more tolerant. It shows how the migrants were made to starve by the California land owners and banks...
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Is the Idea of Doctrinal Development Compatible with Belief in the Abiding Truth of Christianity?
Is the idea of doctrinal development compatible with belief in the abiding truth of Christianity? The problem that the development of doctrine presents to the church is simple. On the one hand, Christianity is presented as containing the lasting and eternal truth of salvation and eternal life, and on the other hand, when t...
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Origen's Explanation of the Nature of the Holy Trinity in Christian Belief
Origen's doctrine of the Trinity is an attempt to maintain the monotheistic nature of God in the light of the existence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The influence of middle Platonism upon his teachings forces Origen to emphasise the totally transcendent nature of the Father and explains that the existence of the Son the...
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An Analysis of the Meaning Behind the Mark of the Beast in the Christian Doctrine
The mark of the Beast
At the time when all would have fully matured in either submission to God or rebellion against Him, Christ will return to the earth just as was promised. This time He will not come as a baby in a manger, but as a king in all His glory and majesty.
In this event which marks the end of the present world...
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An Analysis of the Moses as an Iconic and Historical Figure in the Judaic and Christian Doctrine
Moses is an iconic and historical figure in the Judaic and Christian doctrine. The father events represented in the Bible are in a close connection with the events and actions that took place during the times of Moses. His contribution to religion is invaluable, especially in asserting the sovereignty of God, and divinity o...
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An Analysis of the Concept of Resurrection in the Christian Doctrine
An attempted explanation of Christianity without the mention of the resurrection is an exercise in futility. This is because the Christian religion has its foundation in it. Christians are followers of Christ who is the incarnate son of God that came to offer atonement for sin and reconcile humanity to God. Jesus Christ was...
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The Founding of the Christian Doctrine of Double Effects
The Christian Doctrine of Double Effect is founded on the assumption that there is a morally significant distinction between the events one intends to bring about and events one merely foresees will result from one's actions. It is this idea that often contradicts Western-Christian society's frequent participation in war. C...
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An Analysis of the Creation and Evolution Aspects of the Christian Doctrine
email: [email protected] Doctrine Concerning Humankind and SinThe Christian Doctrine of Mankind is Created, Free-willed, Image of God (Dr. Friend, 9/20/97). In this paper I will discuss the creation versus evolution aspect of the created portion of that doctrine. Scientists and theologians have disagreed...
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A Comparison of the Utilitarianism, an Ethical Doctrine, and the Judeo-Christian Ethic
Utilitarianism is the ethical doctrine which essentially states that which is good is that which brings about the most happiness to the most people. John Stuart Mill believed that the decisions we make should always benefit the most people as much as possible regardless of the consequences to the minority or even yourself....
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An Analysis of C.S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters
The Screwtape Letters           “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes” (New International Version, Eph. 6:11). Unlike God, the devil is not omnipotent; imploring demons as assistants to construct attitudes, institutions, evil influences, and distractions into the cours...
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The Myth of a Christian Nation: Does a Christian Nation Exist?
Growing up in a different country, not knowing much about America or American policy, I thought that the United States was a Christian nation. There is some truth to that, however, it is not completely true. It is true in a sense that almost every American president was a Christian and the United States is predominately Chr...
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What Kind of Reflection of God Are We?
The modern day Christian has become so self-absorbed it seems they have forgotten that they are representatives of God himself. If a Christian were asked what this title means, sadly, most are left floundering for an adequate answer. So, what could be causing our inability to form an appropriate response? I believe it is a...
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Finding Peace in God
I remember as a little kid growing up and always tying a towel around my neck and then running around like a superhero. During those times I never would have thought how hard my life would be growing up and leaving behind my adventures and fun childhood. I always thought your life was supposed to be the best thing you can m...
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History of Christianity in Korea
1. Introduction This paper is designed to answer the puzzle, ``Why have Koreans
increasingly converted to Christianity during the 1970s?'' I argue that
Koreans came to favor Christianity due to the aftermath of modernization
that took place during 1950s-80s. Among the key characteristics of
modernization, two factors caus...
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The Effectiveness of Religious Services in the Juvenile Justice System
Each year, thousands of Christians believers step into local short term
juvenile detention centers, long term committed facilities, group homes,
emergency shelters, and residential treatment facilities hoping to
fulfill the mandate to go visit those in prisoned found in the Book of
Matthew chapter 25: ``Then the righteous...
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