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Cnas In Arkansas Essay Examples

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Certified Nursing Assistants Deserve a Higher Pay for Their Workload
Certified Nursing Assistants have an extensive workload and provide all of the direct care that nurses used to years ago, and they are nowhere near paid as much as they should be today. They deserve much more pay than what they are getting. Nurses in the present would be in way over their heads without them, and nursing ass...
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Roles of the French in Arkansas
The French including Marquette and Joliet, La Salle as well as De Tonti, had several roles in Arkansas from the 1600s to the 1780s. In 1673, Marquette and Joliet came down the Mississippi River and crossed over to the mouth of the Arkansas River. Their role in Arkansas during the 1600s was to find a route to the Orient coun...
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Lessons Learnt from My Father on Catching the Catfish
I’m sitting on a muddy bank on the side of Lake Quachita just outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is the middle of December, 54 degrees outside, and close to 9 o’clock at night. While lounging in my camping chair trying to stay warm, I catch the movement out of my peripheral vision. Without a moment’s hesitation I’m quick...
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Moving to America
The first time I came to America, we came to Austin. Except my dad, non of us knew any English. “Gracy Farms” was our first apartment in Austin. My first Turkish friend was Aysegul. The first time I saw her, I was so happy that I found a Turkish friend that is same age as me, and going to same school as me. Then I also lear...
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A Comparison of Gun Control Policies in Vermont and Arkansas
The two states I was assigned for the group project are Vermont and
Arkansas. Between the two states there are two vastly different
viewpoints when it comes to the issue of Gun Control. Though the right
to bear arms is guaranteed in the constitution it's still a
controversial issue. There are some states that allow anyone t...
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A Paper on Juvenile Curfew
Curfewsunfair, ineffective, and unconstitutional When you hear politicians and police talking about getting tough on "juvenile crime," you may imagine a school shooting, like those that have recently occurred in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Springfield Oregon. Others may recall TV clips of young people, sometimes...
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An Overview of Title IX And How It Affects Both Men and Women
A Brief Overview of Title IX and how it effects both Men and Women Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is the Federal law which prohibits sex discrimination against the students and employees of any educational agency that receives Federal financial assistance(Mathews I-1). From June 23, 1972 all the way up unt...
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The History of the First Human Inhabitants of Arkansas
Arkansas and the southwest, January 31, 2003 The First Arkansans (cont.) The archaic Indians The Mound builders of the Mississippian Culture The historic Indian tribes The first human inhabitants of Arkansas and North America were the paleo Indians, right after the last ice age disappeared. Survived by hunting the ma...
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A Life and Works of John Grisham
John Grisham incorporates many reality-based ideas into his novels. He uses experiences from his own life as plots in his novels. Many of his novels are from actual experiences portrayed in life today. Grisham uses his knowledge and experiences as a courtroom lawyer to create realistic novels that capture his readers' atten...
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The Integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas
The Integration of Central High School Little Rock, Arkansas The desegregation of public facilities began with the decision of Brown vs Board of Education in 1954, where the Supreme Court of the United States deemed segregation unlawful and unconstitutional. The country was told that desegregation was to take place &...
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