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Concerto For Oboe Essay Examples

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Concerto for Oboe and Strings
Concerto for Oboe and Strings By Vaughan Williams The oboe is a challenging instrument, and composing for it poses many difficulties. To truly do the instrument justice, it must shine and blend all at once, and this piece certainly does the oboe justice. The limitations of the oboe are considered in the writing of the...
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An Analysis of the Instrument Bassoon in Oboe Family
BASSOON ESSAY Byron Graw Wind Ensemble 5/16/99 “Okay, for the last time!! Yes, I play the bassoon!” “HUH?” “The bassoon!” “Buhhhh—“ “Bassoon!!!” The bassoon is the bass member of the oboe family and is distinguished by a long conical bored body and a sound that by turns can be comical, haunting, or jaunty. While...
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The Four Commonly Used Double Reed Instruments of the Woodwind Family
The four most commonly used double reed instruments are the oboe, the English horn, the bassoon, and the contra bassoon. All of the double reed instruments belong to the woodwind family. Between the four instruments the range of double reeds are a low B flat in bass clef 3 octaves bellow middle C to a high G in treble clef...
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The Archetypal Music of Mozart
Music by Mozart stands as an archetypal example of the Classical style of music. Mozart’s work spanned the period during which that style transformed from one exemplified by the style gallant to one that began to incorporate some of the paradoxical complexities of the late Baroque, some that have given the gallant style a r...
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The Several Elements in Brandenburg Concerto No.4 by John Sebastian Bach
Bach The piece I chose to examine was the Brandenburg concerto No.4, composed by John Sebestian Bach. As I was listening to the piece, I realized that I actually recognized several elements, which we have discussed in class. The tempo of this piece is relatively quick and upbeat. The pitch level was modera...
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An Introduction to the Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven
The composer of some of the most influential pieces of music ever written, Ludwig van Beethoven created a bridge between the 18th-century classical period and the new beginnings of Romanticism. His greatest breakthroughs in composition came in his instrumental work, including his symphonies. Unlike his predecessor Wolfg...
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An Introduction to the Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He studied in Vienna under Mozart and Hayden. In Vienna he first made his reputation as a pianist and teacher, and he became famous quickly. At this time he composed many of his most popular works such as the Fifth symphony, the Emperor Concerto, the Eroica and Pastoral symph...
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A Concerto Dedicated to Dr. Nicholas Dahl
Probably the most revered of Rachmaninoffs compositions is the Second Piano Concerto, a work whose existence is attributed to the auto-suggestion therapy of a Dr. Nicholas Dahl. Rachmaninoffs need for the good doctors services came about in this manner: in 1897, the composer was in the throes of despair over the failure of...
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A Biography of Edward Kennedy Ellington, an American Jazz Composer, Orchestrator, Bandleader and Pianist
Edward Kennedy Ellington, American jazz composer, orchestrator, bandleader, and pianist, is considered to be the greatest composer in the history of jazz music and one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. He composed over 2000 works and performed numerous concerts during his musical career. A compilation of some o...
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An Analysis of Beethoven's Emperor Concerto
Beethoven`s Emperor Concerto (Piano Concerto No. 5 in E Flat Major) is consists of three different movements – Allegro, Adagio un poco mosso, and Allegro ma non troppo. In my humble opinion, each of the three parts represent a ‘chapter’ of a story – a tale of bravery, courage, and triumph of peace over war. The piano, to my...
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