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Counseling Essay Examples

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A Paper on Recruitment and Screening of Minors for Group Counseling
Recruitment and Screening of Minors for Group Counseling Group work emerges as one of the most interesting phenomena in the counseling profession. The sheer number of group counseling methods, which are applied to a wide range of mental health issues for a variety of populations, attests to group work's visibility and im...
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An Analysis of the Benefits of Effective Counseling in a Person's Life
Clients often come to to change their lives in some way, such as
to become more assertive. As likely, clients seek counseling as a result of
some change, prehaps a death or different working conditions. Clients ofren find
themselves in the midsyt of some change they do not understand or over which
they have little control....
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An Introduction to the Study of Employee Counseling
Introduction to Employee Counseling Introduction to Employee Counseling Human resource management was not a very popular discipline in the earlier part of the last century. Managers at that time viewed labor force as a commodity to be bought or sold like any other commodity. This type of management was...
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An Analysis of Prison Inmates
Prison inmates, are some of the most maladjusted people in society. Most of the inmates have had too little discipline or too much, come from broken homes, and have no self-esteem. They are very insecure and are at war with themselves as well as with society (Szumski 20). Most inmates did not learn moral values or learn to...
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An Analysis of the Programs of Counseling and Educational Psychology
.COUNSELING AND EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY The Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology offers Master's Degree Programs in Counseling and Educational Psychology and Doctoral Degree Programs in Educational Psychology and Counseling Psychology. Degrees offered Master of Arts (Plan A only), Master of Education (Plan B...
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Developing Ideas on How to Counsel Children
Developing Ideas on How To Counsel Children Introduction This article identifies several special characteristics of children that require adaptations of adult effective counseling skills. This article also offers modifications of basic skills to make them more applicable to the needs of children. Next, addressing childre...
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An Analysis of the Issues of Marriage and Marriage Counceling
The counseling of couples has long endured a number of transitional changes as marriages and other relationships have become increasingly fragile. Social demographics have contributed to the break-up of families and added to the broad-range of issues, which counselors must address. Recent decades have brought with them incr...
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The Differences Between Counselling and Psychotherapy
Differences Between Counseling and Psychotherapy Counseling Theories August 3, 1995 Running head: Coun. v. Psychotherapy Counseling v. psychotherapy is there a difference between the two? This paper will attempt to prove that there are several differences between counseling and psychotherapy. While counseling and psychothe...
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Critique of Beverly Daniel Tatum's Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria
Abstract This paper is a critique of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria by Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph. D. This will include my personal reactions to Tatum’s stance on racial identity development in racial minority cultures and my beliefs on how I plan to use this knowledge in creating a culturally r...
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My Future in Counseling
According to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, the definition of a
counselor is one who ``provides individual, marital, and family
counseling services to adults and children, to assist clients to
identify personal and interactive problems, and to achieve effective
personal, marital, and family development and adjustmen...
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Why I Want to Become a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
Having a passion for children and education and a calling for assisting
them with enhancing their academic, emotional, mental and social well
being, it is my greatest ambition to become a Licensed Specialist in
School Psychology (LSSP). I want to identify and to address learning
disabilities that interfere with academic ac...
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Augmented Effect of Counseling by Pharmacist in Hospitalized Cardiovascular Disease Patients: A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Test
Abstract Background: The present study was conducted on hospitalized patients
having cardiovascular disease (CVD), undergoing Statins therapy, to
evaluate the impact of clinical counseling in terms of Knowledge,
Attitude and Practice (KAP) outcomes. Methods: The patients were regularly counseled by written (distributing...
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My Experience at Camp Marengo
I turn left onto the gravel road as my heart beats wildly with excitement as I see all the familiar faces of Camp Marengo. It will be my third year counseling. This year it’s for the 5th and 6th grade girls. Camp Marengo is probably one of the best places in the world, bringing everyone closer to God and each other. I ge...
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Coping with Death and Funerals
According to an anthropologist and archaeologist Louis Leakey, the history of funeral services dates back to 60,000BC when a Neanderthal man was found in a burial grounds with fragments of flowers and animal antlers which means that Neanderthals instinctively buried their dead in ceremony without customs to go from (Leakey...
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Notes on a Therapy Session
Throughout the session, I noticed the client, a young woman, kept referring to being worried most of the time. Her worries aroused, due to work and family events that have added stress to her life. It seems these events have made her doubt her ability to perform her work duties and possibly arouse the fear of hurting othe...
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Group Facilitation
Type and purpose of the group you facilitated On March 20, 2013, I had an opportunity to facilitate in the counseling group which was teaching to understand defense mechanism and growth. The purpose of the group is to discover the meaning of self-esteem in people because sometime, people expect too much from themselves by...
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Student Resources on the San Jose State Campus
On campus here at San Jose State there is a great abundance of student resources and centers available for students to use throughout the week. These places are already being paid for with tuition, so students should take advantage of these opportunities. The places that I visited and available for student use are Peer Conn...
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How Client Drop Out Affects Therapists
Please offer a brief paragraph indicating answers to the following questions where relevant: Where the research is to be carried out; The research will be carried out where possible on the University Campus, accessing the rooms available to conduct interview. When this is not possible it will be carried out at a locat...
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Maintaining Boundaries in a Counseling Setting
It is my understanding that multiple relationships occur when a counselor assumes more than one role, simultaneously, with a client. When this happens, the counselor transcends the role of counselor, and becomes a friend, supervisor, teacher, or other role. I plan to work, primarily, with adolescents once I am able to pract...
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What the University of Waterloo Can Do to Improve First-Year Experiences
ELPE Question: What can the University of Waterloo do to improve the first-year experience of students? For most people, the first-year experiences in universities are considered as a transition from high school to real university life. As a result, it is always understandable that freshmen may encounter a variety of pro...
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Group Therapy
Group therapy is extremely vast in the countless ways it can be used and applied. The types of groups can range from psycho-educational, psychodynamic, mindfulness, approach. For this paper, I will focus on Art Therapy groups with both the benefits and reactions towards them. Group can be used as support or treatment for an...
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International Non-Government Organization's Mental Health Intervention in Disaster Areas
Abstract Psychosocial impact has attracted increasing attention in disaster
situations. This paper briefly describes some common mental health
interventions in disasters, natural and man-made disasters. Significant
disasters have affected mental impacts, such as traumatic and emotional
reactions on many people. The paper f...
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Discussing How Counselling and Psychotherapy Works
I. Title Overview of Counseling and Psychotherapy II. Definition Psychotherapy is the treatment of individuals with emotional problems, behavioral problems, or mental illness primarily through verbal communication. At one time the term psychotherapy referred to a form of psychiatric treatment used with severely dis...
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An Analysis of the Developmental Issues That Would Influence How a Counselor Would Work with Adolescents
Using the readings as reference, discuss the developmental issues that would influence how you as a counselor would work with adolescents in the following categories: Early Adolescence 12-14 years old (approx.) Middle Adolescence 14 - 15 Late Adolescence 16 - 19 How would you design your treatment given where a...
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A Comparison of Differences Between Counseling and Psychotheraphy
Differences Between Counseling and Psychotherapy Counseling Theories August 3, 1999 Running head: Coun. v. Psychotherapy Counseling v. psychotherapy is there a difference between the two? This paper will attempt to prove that there are several differences between counseling and psychotherapy. While co...
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