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Creative Short Story Essay Examples

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A Study of Short Story
A short story is a work of fiction that is usually written in prose, often in narrative format. This format tends to be more pointed than longer works of fiction, such as novellas (in the 20th and 21st century sense) and novels. Short story definitions based upon length differ somewhat even among professional writers, due s...
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Analysis of Cinderella
The fairytale “Cinderella” is widely known by children and adults. It is a tale of hope, patience, love, and rags to riches tale passed down through many generations. The commonly known “Cinderella” has made its mark in history. It has been created into various types of movies, produced many songs to fit the dialogue, and...
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Creative Creation Story
Long, long ago, not long after the land was created by the Great Gods, Moon and Sun were the best of friends, and they loved each other very much. They were never seen without each other, and it was always bright. As for the creatures living on the land below, Sun and Moon took no notice. If you were as large and as far aw...
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Creative Story about Marine Action
The USS Maine Transforming the United States In to a World Power It was a cold winter evening when three hundred and fifty sailors aboard the USS Maine were awoken by a series of mysterious explosions. Though the crew was unaware of what was happening, they knew that the ship where they lay their heads each night was i...
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Shorty Story about a God
When the Earth was dark and humans lived on infinitely, there was once a child born under the name Juduh. In his early life, his heart was filled with darkness and he was a lonely orphan, as his mother had died at childbirth and his father, a drunkard who couldn’t tell his hand from his leg, had run away after being unable...
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A Creative Story about Kidnapping
"Goodbye, thanks for the lift!" Lisa shouted to John as the car drove away. The sun had already disappeared from the sky by the time she arrived home. Lisa unlocked her front door and went inside. The house looked just like she had left it. Her horror book lay on the table, just where she left it, waiting for her...
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Some Sort of a Short Story
As a familiar clammy feeling fell over Lance, the monster backed away slowly and watched Lance closely. Lance grew his head was covered by a steel mask and he was covered by a black cloak. He felt his organs and guts change and disappear, being replaced by a churning mass of wheels and rods like the insides of a watch. Lanc...
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A Fictional Short Story With Literary Aim
This is a fictional short story with literary aim. The wind slapped forcefully against his face and the rain pelted his coat like little bullets as Glenn made his way to the old truck. "It is going to be a long night", he thought, as he hurried through the darkness towards the truck. His hand found the door and h...
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Analysis of The Treasure of Lemon Brown
In the short story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”, Walter Dean Myers illustrates don’t judge a book by its cover. Many people in the world say false information about other people that isn’t true. This was shown in the homeless man Greg met, Lemon Brown, and it was also shown in some of the scalawags outside of the abandon t...
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Writing a Short Story
How should I start it? With the man coming in, or someone asking him a question about entering the house with the dolls? I feel like it should start in the court room. A plunge opening is always a good way to begin short pieces. And it should start with questions about whether or not he was there, because then the first...
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Creative Short Story
The headlights were coming straight towards Kevin, but his muscles turned to stone and he could not move. The next thing he saw was complete darkness. He woke up to a pounding headache and fuzzy vision. When his vision cleared he focused on each of the four people standing around his hospital bed. He assumed the man to his...
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Creative Retelling of the Wizard of Oz
Aheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! The Wicked Witch is what they've always
called me; however, no one really knows my story. It started back when I
was a child, middle school to be precise. I was always bullied always
taunted. Even by my own sister Glinda, the sweet, superior, and
beautiful sister. She always rolled with the pop...
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Creative Short Story about War
So today everyone went on a riot, yelling out bad things about the government my mom started yelling too . i wonder what all thosse bad things meant. who understands adults ?! Today mom said she is going to a party with dad last night i followed mommy and daddy to the party everyone started dancing crazy , i saw mom...
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Creative Story of Oklahoma City Bombing
Many people are aware of the tragedy that took place on April nineteenth of nineteen ninety-five at 9:03 in the morning. The bombing of the Oklahoma city Alfred P. Murray building was the largest domestic terrorist act this country has ever faced. Over 400 injured and one hundred sixty-eight were killed, nineteen of which w...
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Creative Short Story about Death
What ever it is in another moment I'll be flying free either way whatever he does,I'll be soaring .I cant belive it My dad realy just suffocated me.My seizure is now over but i don't feel like myself.I'm looking over my body.I think I found my true death but i didn't hurt like I thought it would.I know my family loves me al...
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Creative Short Story about Animals
Long ago in a forest lived a little fox with his family. His name was Milo and he enjoyed telling lies and tricking other animals. One day, Milo planned to make fun of his best friend Tendo. While they were playing, Milo ran faster and faster and hid behind a tree. Then, he cried for help,” I am trapped, I am trappe...
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Creative Short Story about Family and Loss
It’s been over three years since I saw my dad. He left a month after my mom passed away, leaving my sister and me with my grandma. When I saw him at my house along with the cops, I knew something had to be terribly wrong. The cop that approached me explained that my grandma was driving my sister to her friend’s house when t...
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Creative Short Story about Robbery
Josh looked over at the graphic display of blood and gore that lay
scattered across his drawing table. His half-finished graphic novel
seemed to be following the same patterns as the world, death, loss and
abandonment. His novels never used to be full of half-dismembered
bodies, blood that ran off the page, torture and murd...
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Creative Short Stories about Torture
How did I get myself into this mess? I thought to myself as I pulled against the ropes that bound me to the chair. I looked all around me, the walls were made of large cinderblocks and a small light bulb on a single cord hung directly above my head. It flickered on and off which was somehow making me more nervous. I tried m...
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Creative Short Story about Love
As the sky pulled its black veil of twinkling starts over the sea of blue fluffy clouds, the fiery disk replaced with a peaceful golden ball. The warm night’s breeze drifted past my face blowing my soft black hair behind my shoulders. My thoughts whizzed in a whirl of confusion in my brain, like five horses. Memories flashi...
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Creative Short Story about Halloween
On a warm but windy night of October 31st , boys and girls knocked on
the Johnson's door but she never ever opened the door to any kids. Who
where even fundraisers but she was the strictest since her son moved
away from home to his own house because he thought that his mom was a
lunatic .Mrs Johnson always thought kids w...
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Short Story of an Action Scene
My eyes fluttered open; I peered around the dark filthy room where I had awoken and realised I was no longer with my old mate. I winced as I looked down at my grotesquely beaten and bruised body. A searing pain began to intensify in my head as the rusted iron door was opened by a short Asian man. As I laid eyes on him the s...
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Creative Short Story about Becoming a Leader
He could sense it. Those shallow eyes were still following him. Gathering pace and inching closer. The hands stretching out to reach him. "This is disgusting", he told himself. "Ah! There it is, my rescue point." He entered the huge building named The Spencer’s. "Phew! Now where to find those people, this place is too big....
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Creative Short Story about Loss
Broke and in desperate need of money, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I tried working odd and in jobs, but I could never get hired full-time. My resume was immaculate and I had an ample amount of short-hand work experience, but I was horrendous at interviews. The employer would see me as inadequate, and I would...
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Short Story About a Girl who Runs Away
When Kelana Star streak was eight she had a run-in with Count Spankulot for not finishing her dinner and getting into an argument with her dad about it. He and his wife were trying to get her eat the gross broccoli, spinach and peas soup. He said, “ Kelana, sweetheart, you haven’t been getting enough vegetables in your diet...
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