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Danger Essay Examples

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Overview of Racing Industry
At 130 mph, even the slightest mistake ends in smoke, flames, and
twisted metal. It is already dangerous enough to travel at such speeds
but when you are sharing a half-mile track with 35 other drivers, there
is no room for error. The Grundy County Speedway attracts drivers and
fans alike from all over the Chicagoland area....
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On the Cliff of Danger
Cold, misty early morning air rushed through my hair. My feet trembling, palms perspiring, I wondered if my thought processes were deteriorating me. My body shook as I stood on a twenty-two foot cliff, looking at the river far underneath me. Danger became imprinted in my mind; the only word I could think at the time. Fright...
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The Official Human Nature: The Ethical Paradox and Mortal Danger in Social Responsibility
A movement of any sort, including what is according to Occupy Wall
Street (OWS),a ``resistance movement" ``Occupy Wallstreet is a
leaderless resistance movement...'', last accessed April 6th,, presupposes opposing powers; a modern
movement that is social presupposes superordinate group action in
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Hackers as a Modern-Day Danger to Companies and Individuals
In my essay I am going to speak about hackers and their negative and positive roles in the society. Hacking is a relatively old issue, dated to 1961 [1, history of]. There are many ways to define hackers but in my opinion their position as reckless criminals who endanger companies and individuals, outpaces their positive e...
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An Argument in Favor of the Idea of Throwing out All Televisions from Homes
Dont get sucked in!!! Since its inception, it has been at the center of controversy. It pros and cons have been heatedly debated back and forth between some of the worlds most gifted minds, and yet, is still the most owned electrical appliance in the world. Who would have known that the television would have been such a...
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A Narrative of Catching a Robber's Attempt to Enter the Room
He was sound asleep. He was dreaming a pleasant dream when suddenly he knew he was in great danger. He snapped awake alertly and looked around the small bedroom of the old, eerie house. Curtains of darkness eclipsed the gleaming moonlight outside his bedroom window; only a small beam of light emitted from the black night. H...
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An Analysis of the Danger of Air Bags and the Proposed Improvements Including Advanced Air Bag Systems
The Danger of Air Bags and the Proposed Improvements including Advanced Air Bag Systems Introduction to Air Bags In today's fast paced world, the amount of automobile travel increases more and more each year. With this increase in travel, there has been a much larger demand for safety in automobiles, and this includes a...
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An Analysis of Power and Dangers of Creativity in The Tempest by William Shakespeare
The Tempest is a play about the power and dangers of creativity. Discuss. "From beginning to end the play-write gives prominence to the problems of dominion, freedom, political failure and of repetition." Like Russ Mc Donald I also believe that Shakespeare devoted his last comedy largely to the exploration of...
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An Analysis of the Dangers for Children in Car Accidents
Did you know that the mass of the head of a small child is about 25% of the body mass whereas the mass of the adult head is only 6%! In a head on automobile crash the force on a child's neck and spine is so great that in an infant it can have deadly consequences. This is why it is the law to keep infants rear facing until t...
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The Danger of Tsunami Waves and the Measures for Reducing Tsunami Damage
At the close of the year 2004, at 7 a.m. on Dec.26, a megathrust quake 160 miles off the Sumatra coast sent 500-mph tsunamis out into the Indian Ocean. The waves hit the Sumatra province of Acch 15 minutes later, and in less than 7 hours it reached Africa, 3000 miles away. Little did Asia know that they were about to be hit...
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Pharmaceutical Companies Pushing Prescription Antibiotics for Children
A very important issue concerning the children of today is the excess prescribing of antibiotics and the dangers that are being created. Everyday, more and more children are being prescribed any easy solution to a very tough problem. There is a constant push from pharmaceutical companies, parents, and massive marketing comp...
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The Issue of Addiction and the Dangers of Cigarettes
Cigarettes - Addiction and Product Dangers It is clear that businesses have an obligation to inform their customers about their product's ingredients and dangers. Looking at the case of Rose Cipollone we see that she was a heavy smoker. Her doctor's had to remove part of her right cancerous lung and informed her...
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Irradiation as a Health Problem and the Dangers of Food Irradiation
"On the other side of the "Radiation, Grave Danger" door is a concrete pathway edged by a six foot think concrete wall. The path leads to a small fence surrounding a pool of water, 25 feet deep. And there submerged in the pool, are two large racks of pencil like metal rods that contain radioactive cobalt 60....
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The Opportunity and Threat Brought About by the Information Era of the Internet
Introduction Would someone's foraging your garbage for pieces of your information and fumbling your mailbox, a nuisance to you? What about someone going through your bag and wallet for a quick look? How about someone tailing you wherever you go, just like Web sites which keeps track of your every move and walk off with y...
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An Analysis of Seawalls and How They Protect One Area
Sea walls are built for the protection of one area. They are very easy to replace, and last around 10-15 years at top condition, showing signs of aging at around the first 15 years. Seawalls are used for protection because it stops erosion of one particular area. It is also used to protect other people's houses from braking...
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President Bush's War on Terrorism
With the War on Terrorism lasting about 5 months, it has moved on from Afghanistan to many other locations. In his State of the Union speech on Wednesday January 30th, President Bush said that the war was not over and that we should not expect a short war on terror. President Bush and the rest of the United States are no...
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An Analysis of the Song Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne
The song "Suicide Solution" by Ozzy Osbourne has been a misinterpreted song for many years. About the dangers of alcohol, Ozzy wrote this after Bon Scott, the lead singer for AC/DC, died as the result of a drinking binge. Randy Rhoades guitar sounds, Ozzys voice and the lyrics make this song one of the best ever w...
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A Brief History of a Dangerous Sport of Snowmobiling in the United States
A Dangerous Sport Flying through the snow-enveloped countryside, I could only get a glimpse of the soaring oak and maples that littered the perfectly groomed trail. I had the throttle wide open to keep up with my dad, for he had a more powerful sled than I did. But as I thought about some stories I had recently heard abo...
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A Comparison of Children's Safety Today and 100 Years Ago
After looking at facts and figures I believe that the evidence suggests children are in less danger than they were 100 years ago. Many of the dangers have disappeared or the risk of them occurring has been reduced due to advances in technology and changes in society. People can be forgiven for believing that children are...
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The Dangers of Using Steroids
Every year high school, college, and professional athletes try to get just a little bigger,a little stronger, and to increase the amount of weights they lift by, just a few pounds. To achieve these goals athletes often turn to anabolic steroids to aid them in achieving their goals. Anabolic steroids are a quick, but dangero...
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The Dangers of Using Crack
Jail time, homelessness, loss of job, and loss of life are all things that can come from smoking crack. Smoking crack is not only bad for your health, it can ruin you reputation. It can take your life, your livelihood, and your freedom away. Smoking crack can get you addicted, and it can get you in debt with a dealer whi...
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The Components That Distract a Person While Driving: Electronic Devices, Passengers and Other Drivers and the Consumption of Illegal Beverages
Danger Behind the Wheel Driving is a privilege given to those who demonstrate the ability to operate a vehicle safely and maturely. This freedom, however, is sometimes taken for granted and abused. When abused, tragic mistakes can occur that put other drivers in danger. Accidents are primarily caused by distractions to...
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The Theme of Racism in Danger Zone by David Klass
Danger Zone by David Klass is a book about racism and judging people before getting to know how they really are. A persons color or culture does not mean that a person does not belong. Jimmy Doyle and Agustus Lemay are both fifteen year old boys who have difficult lives. Although they had many hardships, both boys were b...
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Eating Disorder: Anorexia Nervosa
Eating Disorder: Anorexia Nervosa It is not easy to understand a person suffering from Anorexia. People suffering from anorexia take dieting to extremes (kubersky 37). Every second and/or minute, they spend figuring out how to avoid eating. They make up reasons to explain to their loved ones why they barely touched their...
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The Danger and Tragic Results of Aggressive Driving
If you have ever been driving down the road, minding your own business, and got cut off, ran off the road, or were given the finger than you have fallen victim to road rage. Each day Americans grow more and more likely to take out their personal frustrations on other drivers. It is called aggressive driving and it is on the...
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