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Elena Essay Examples

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Generation Gaps in Elena by Pat More and Raising in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
When is the last time you have a deep talk with your family? Last night? Last week? Or even last month? In the society this days, parents and children often had less time for each other or even talks to each other. Many children complain that their parents never understand their feelings and problems and thus stop talking w...
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Character Comparison of Esteban Trueba and Mama Elena
They are both domineering. They are both oppressive. They are both despotic. Esteban Trueba, in Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits, and Mama Elena, in Laura Esquivel's Like Water for Chocolate, are two very similar authoritarian characters in their nature and function in much the same manner. Allende's patriarch and...
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An Analysis of the Verbal and Visual Representation of the Matriarchal Rule
Verbal and visual representation of the matriarchal rule. Ursula Buendia in One Hundred Years of Solitude and Mama Elena in Like Water for Chocolate are two of the prominent and powerful female characters in the novels. No less important than men, these women assume the leading roles in the families; through their verbal a...
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