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Environmentalists Essay Examples

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Environmentalists say "Down with the WTO"
Environmentalists say "Down with the WTO" "Trade is the ally of working people, not their enemy," WTO Director-General Mike Moore told trade union representatives. "As living standards improve, so too does education, health, the environment and labor standards." That is false; the main goal of...
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The Misconceptions Regarding the SUV's
Higher percentage of rollovers than any other vehicle; pollute far more than other cars; and use far too much gas; these are the most commonly said statements regarding the ever so popular Sport Utility Vehicle. Each statement arises from different groups of people, some who oppose the supposed dangers of the vehicles, and...
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Environmentalists Should Embrace Biotech Wonders
Viewpoint: Environmentalists Should Embrace Biotech Wonders August 23, 2000 Scripps Howard News Service Environmentalists frequently urge industry to adopt "clean technologies" that reduce pollution and promote conservation. Why is it, then, that those same environmentalists advocate a ban on agricultural...
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An Overview of the Government Versus Environmentalists Versus Charles Darwin
Government vs. Environmentalists vs. Darwin Government vs. Environmentalists vs. Darwin In an article by Axel Bugge two opinions on what should happen to the Amazon are discussed. One view is that its more important to cut down the Amazon due to the growing number of people living in Brazil. The other more vocal sid...
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A Report on the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Nuclear Power Plant
There are many controversies about whether nuclear power is really safe for the environment or not. This paper will put all doubt aside and inform the pros and cons of nuclear power to the environment. First look will be at the alternatives in America’s power supplies: coal, natural gas, and oil. They are not environmentall...
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