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Favor Of Believing In God Essay Examples

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An Argument in Favor of believing in God
Let us first of all consider ways to praise Gld. Our goal: to live a life of praise; make it our daily existence; be the generation described in Psalm 102:18-21--those who are created to praise the Lord. But we must understand His desires for our praise for true biblical worship to be present in our churches and our lives....
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Is There Any Connection between Going to Church and Improving the Overall Environment of the Community?
Every Sunday morning thousands of people get their best dressed clothes on; a nice suit and tie, hat and coat, perfectly cleansed and wrinkle free dress, all to go to church to listen to a preacher discuss the word of God. Every person’s eyes are glued to the Preacher as he walks back and forth. One may hear a few babies st...
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A Personal View on God and Religion
To tell you the truth I have never really felt betrayed by God. It's most likely due to the fact that I haven't had many significant life experiences come up. Also when something goes wrong I don't look at God as a scapegoat. I feel you should blame whoever or whatever caused the tragedy. Blaming God is just the easy way ou...
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A Personal Narrative on Believing in God
The Great Question "To the reverent scientist...the simplest features of the world about us are in themselves so awe-inspiring that there seems no need to seek new and greater miracles of God's care." Since the moment that I could make intelligible sounds come out of my mouth, I have been sent to a priva...
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An Argument in Favor of God's Existence
Descartes' Theory of God's Existence In A Discourse on Method, Descartes has a theory that he uses to prove that God does exist. The beginning basis for this theory lies in a statement that he had made earlier which he uses (as his method states) to form a strong foundation for his argument. This fact is that because he cou...
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Understanding God
Throughout life one may be exposed to many sad stories of death, pain and suffering. From those experiences one may conclude that the almighty God is cruel, unloving and causes people to suffer. However, it is just the opposite. The Almighty God is pure love and wishes only the best for his creation. To understand pain and...
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Christians Commit Sin, Can God Too?
Can God Sin? When I talk about God, I'm talking about the traditional Christian theologian belief of god. That is. God is an Omni God. God is an all good, all knowing, all-powerful and perfect in every way god. Given this definition of God we run into a question that seems to contradict itself, and causes many problems....
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A Look at the Many Images of God Between Today's Cultures and the past
There are many images of God between today s culture and the past. Some of these images are very different, from a vengeful and unforgiving God to a caring and loving God. Most of these images have been passed down through time and different sources such as the Bible. The first image of God I have chosen to discuss is the...
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Proving the Existence of God Through Science and Philosophy
The existence of God has been questioned since the beginning of time. Religions thrived on answering the unanswerable questions of the universe and people were able to find solace in the answers. As science has expanded and been able to answer these questions with natural, as opposed to supernatural answers, many people sto...
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A Discussion on the Nature of God as Portrayed in Christianity
According to Christianity, the attributes of God can be organized into two categories: Physical and ethical or moral. Some terms address God’s transcendence of physical ideology, others address God’s Devine intellect and will. There are a multitude of terms from which to choose when labeling the attributes of God. Therefore...
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