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Female Deliquency Essay Examples

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Understanding the Cause and Effect of Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile Delinquency Remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label "delinquent" slapped on you ? Did you ever wonder what it meant ? That is what my topic for today is . . . juvenile delinquency. In this report I will: define juvenile delinquency, give the extent of ju...
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The Many Issues of Delinquency in the Teenager Life
Do you remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label "delinquent" slapped on you ? Did you ever wonder what it meant ? That is what my topic for today is . . . juvenile delinquency. In this report I will: define juvenile delinquency, give the extent of juvenile delinqu...
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Prevention as the Best Method in Correcting the Increasing Delinquent Behavior in Juveniles
“Getting tough on juveniles” may be one approach to attempting to correct the increase in delinquent behavior in juveniles, but I believe the best way to correct is through prevention. I feel if a child is properly reared and taught right from wrong from the beginning, then he or she will make the correct decision when a de...
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Challenges and Factors Affecting Delinquency Around the World
In today’s changing world there are many factors that affect the Delinquency of our youth. Crime has become a major pastime for a large amount of today’s youth. Some of the causes of this troubling problem are poverty, lack of activities, and mental issues. With every problem there is a solution, there is a constant bat...
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An Article about Female Deliquency
Who is the typical female delinquent? What causes her to get into trouble? What happens to her if she is caught? These are questions that few members of the general public could answer quickly. By contrast, almost every citizen can talk about delinquency, by which they generally mean male delinquency, and can even generate...
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Queen Hatshepsut - First Female Ruler in All History
Queen Hatshepsut Hatshepsut was the first female ruler who ever ruled in all the history of the world. She was the most remarkable women that influenced history as a whole as well as Egypt itself. She was the first female pharaoh who ever ruled Egypt. Hatshepsut came to be by her parents TuthmoseI and Aahmes. She ha...
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A Student Essay on The Long Term Psychological Effects of Female Genital Mutilation
"Female Genital Mutilation" 'Long Term Psychological Effects' Female Genital Mutilation, or Female Circumcision as sometimes called, is the partial or complete removal of the female clitoris immediately after birth, few years after birth (early childhood), or several years after birth (adoles...
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An Argument Against Tradition of Circumcision in Females Today
Female circumcision or female mutilation refers to a type of traditional practices in which the external female genitalia is cut. In many cases, female mutilation is performed on girls aged from 4 to 12 years in order to enter womanhood. In some cases, however, adult women can also be circumcised, particularly after the fir...
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An Analysis of the Origins of Female Genital Mutilation
Female Genital Mutilation is believed to have started in Egypt 2,000 years ago and spread from there. Only a few years ago, FGM was considered a cultural tradition, but now the United Nations has labeled it as a violation of human rights. Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United States has declared Female Genital Mu...
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A Female Perspective of Honor, Loyalty and Social Welfare in the Poem Beowulf
Jennifer Lunsford ENG 220 Barbara Cook 10-14-99 Women in Beowulf In the poem Beowulf the women play the role of peace-keepers at any cost. Among these women I will look closely at Wealhtheow, Grendel's mother and Hygd. Through all the women in Beowulf one can see a female perspective of honor, loyalty and social welfa...
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Challenges in Dealing With Female Juvenile Delinquent
What about girls? Stress, teenage mother hood, drug habits all those components needs survival skills. How do you keep those survival skills? Gangs, prostitution, abuse? To us juvenile delinquency is something that we look at it with disdain instead of taking the time to look into sociological issues, emotional issues and...
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An Analysis of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 and Racial Issues
Introduction Concerns about the overrepresentation of minority youth in secure confinement have long been noted, and much research has been devoted to this issue. It is only within the past decade or so, however, that national attention has been directed to the impact of race on juvenile justice decision-making in rega...
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The Virulent Millennium Bug
What started of as a noble act of saving some memory space turned out to be a quake, capable of trembling the world to its core. When maiden inventors set the year with two digits instead of four, little did they realize that by 1st January 2000 it would cause arithmetic delinquencies and confuses the entire system. For e...
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The Definition of Juvenile Delinquency
Remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label "delinquent" slapped on you ? Did you ever wonder what it meant ? That is what my topic for today is . . . juvenile delinquency. In this report I will: define juvenile delinquency, give the extent of juvenile delinquency, give...
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An Analysis of the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and the Characteristics of Youth Gangs in the United States of America
The Original law of the Illinois juvenile court defined a delinquent as: a child under the age of sixteen years who has violated any laws of the state, or any city or village ordinance. Under the common law, children between the ages of 7 and 16 years of could be dealt with as delinquent. Today in 37 states and in the Distr...
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An Analysis of the Concept of Adolescence and the Juvenile Delinquency
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary (1980) defines adolescence as the state or process of growing up; even more specifically, adolescence is also defined as the period of life from puberty to maturity terminating legally at the age of majority. Looking back on their adolescence, adults often conjure up grand mem...
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An Introduction to the Relation Between Abuse Neglect and Delinquency
The Relation Between Abuse Neglect And Delinquency
The Relation between Abuse, Neglect
This research paper is to make known the problems of maltreatment, and the affects the individual is made to deal with. This needs to be taken into account when there is a delinquent act performed. This is not an...
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An Overview of the Possible Causes of Juvenile Delinquency
There is no doubt that various experts can give us many theories as to the causes of juvenile delinquency, including one's economic background, substance abuse, delinquent peer groups, repeated exposure to violence, increased availability of firearms and media violence, however, I feel that the number one cause of juvenile...
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The Truth of Juvenile Delinquency in the United States of America
Truth Of Juvenile Delinquency
A movement has taken hold nationally to change the juvenile justice system, and erase any distinction between young offenders and adult criminals. Almost all fifty states have overhauled their juvenile justice laws, allowing more youths to be tried as adults and scrapping long-time protections...
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An Analysis of Prevention Programs and Laws in Juvenile Delinquency
There is no doubt that delinquency prevention programs are important in every society as a way of dealing with criminal behavior among young people. Currently, there is enough evidence supporting the success of school-based prevention programs in many parts of the country. This approach is considered more effective and econ...
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An Analysis of the General Systems Theory in Understanding Juvenile Delinquency
Sociologists have over time struggled to formulate various theories in an attempt to explain some of the causative factors regarding juvenile delinquency. This phenomenon has become a major social problem in the modern contemporary society and consequently led to poor behavioral aspects in the current youthful...
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A Discussion of the Issue of Deliquency and the Social Environment as a Major Concern in Schools
Delinquency 2 The issue of juvenile delinquency and the social environment is one of major concerns to schools and society as a whole. There has been an influx of juvenile delinquents in today's society, ranging from school violence, to gangs. Juvenile delinquency is prevalent across the nation, it is cross cultural and...
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An Analysis of Youth Violence in the US in the past Decade
Youth violence in our country has risen dramatically in the past decade. The number of violent arrests of youth under the age 18 has increased dramtically: 36 percent between 1989 and 1993, more than 4 times the increased reported for adults. During that period, juvenile arrests for homicide increased by 45 percent, while a...
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A Research on Juvenile Delinquency in Adolescence
I couldn't begin to cover all the possible reasons that may cause an adolescent to become a "juvenile delinquent." During my research, I found that the term juvenile delinquency is defined a number of ways. Mosby's Medical Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary summed up juvenile delinquency best with this...
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The Alarming Rate of Juvenile Delinquency and Cases of Teenage Suicides in the U.S.
In the wake of the alarming rate of juvenile delinquency and the accumulating cases of teenage suicide since the mid 90's, it's not surprising to see that the majority started to accuse young people as a source of social problem. Nowadays, some may even consider young people as a group of easily-agitated gangsters euipped w...
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