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Finances Essay Examples

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Paying for College
Paying for College, One of the most dreaded things by most parents and students across the world. Many students turn to financial aid and scholarships to pay for their education, But that doesn’t always pay in full. I believe that paying for college can be easy and help the environment. While thinking about this philosophy,...
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My First Job
Throughout modern history, money has always been a deciding factor in
society - it judges who has the ability to run for political office, who
has the resources to get things done and who has the ability to lead a
successful and happy life. The desire for money is a main proponent of
many peoples identity, and through this...
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How to Manage and Secure Your Finances
Topic - I will be writing an essay on how to not allow your account
balance to reach a negative state, but actually gain revenue. Discussing
ways to manage your budget, and finding other tactics to stay on top of
your account; ultimately staying debt free and prosperous. Using these
key skills to eventually help better run...
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Why I Decided to Go Back to School
I decided to return back to school because I was always wondering about certain things in my life. How was I going to pay all of my bills? The electric bill is due. The phone bill is due. The car payment is due. Groceries must be brought for the week. This is a question that I have asked myself time and time again. I knew t...
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Finances and Government
The public sector faces complex challenges when allocating financial
resources in the most productive way in accordance with government
policies. The capital budget process in the public sector explores a
variety of objectives to determine the best financial impact for the
federal, state, and local government entities....
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Describing Hedge Fund Management
A hedge fund is defined as a private investment portfolio usually structured as a limited partnership; open to accredited investors, charging an incentive based fee, and managed by a general partner with every financial tool imaginable at his/her disposal. It is comprised of a multitude of skill-based investment strategies...
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A Sample University Budget
At Alpha-Beta University a combination of factors has resulted in an increase in revenue of approximately $10 million for the next fiscal year. The increase in revenue for the University includes an additional $8 million from the general funds, $1.25 million from the auxiliary funds, and $.75 million from restricted funds....
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Africans Receiving Foreign Aid
The Receiving End examines carefully the way international aids work, after five decades of charitable actions towards Africa: Why is the continent still failing to experience growth and development? Many economists attempted to get to the root of the problem but Africa it’s a complex place, the second largest and most popu...
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The Economy in Kenya
In 2009 Kenya was on a mission to improve their economy. Kenyans had
been recovering from a 24-year long tyrannic rule by President Daniel
arap Moi. During his rule Kenya's government became plagued with
corruption. Kenya struggled with defining a course for recovery. The
best way to create a country of growth is to give...
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Save Money to Ensure a Better Future
Everybody around the world needs money for survival. Money is one of an important factor in people’s lives. Money has both good points and bad points, but it depends on how people use money. Some people think it is better to enjoy money now, but other think it is better to save some money for the future. These two different...
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A Paper on Regulations for Campaign Finances
Having tight regulations for campaign finances is the best way for running campaign finances. This is true in that it would reduce the corrupting role of unlimited contributions, reduce the effort required to raise funds, but unregulated campaign finances also have their benefits. Firm rules for campaign finances would red...
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An Analysis of the Campaign Finances by Republicans
Campaign finance reform has been a hot topic for the past couple of years. Many large corporations, unions and individuals contribute enormous sums of money to political parties and election campaigns. These donations are referred to as soft money. Last year the Senate, and just recently the House of Representatives passed...
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An Introduction to the History of the Flat Tax
The Flat Tax
Many people would like you to believe that flat tax is so named because it will flatten your finances. That at the least is the intended conclusion. By eliminating personal deductions like mortgagee interest payments, the study claims, the flat tax would reduce housing va...
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An Introduction to the Managerial Finances MBA
In the present managerial finances world, MBA forms one of the most pursued and admired titles spurring career growth and development in the quickly changing business administration landscape. Consequently, this has stirred my desire to express interest as one of the most qualified candidates for the MBA program being offer...
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Reasons Why Campaign Finances Should Not Be Reformed
Should campaign finance be reformed? I believe that campaign finances should not be reformed because one, there is evidence that these finances do not corrupt the politician; two, the other side cannot name individuals who are corrupt and three, the money is beneficial to the campaign of the person running for office.
Mr. C...
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A Study of the Role of the National Government and Federal Government of Massachusetts in the Regulation of Health Care and Finances
This paper begins with an introduction that presents a brief overview of the government and healthcare systems in the states of Maine and Massachusetts. It introduces the overall description of the healthcare system in the United States before narrowing down to the states of Maine and Massachusetts. The role of the governme...
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An Overview of Financial Management in Nonprofit Organization
Executive Summary
This paper focuses on financial management in nonprofit organizations. It starts by providing an overview of financial management as a whole before embarking on shedding light on differences and similarities in the way finances are managed in both investor-owned and nonprofit firms. The author recognizes m...
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An Essay on the Importance of the Role of the Manager in the Success of a Company
Top management is considered a high position especially when in a huge company or organization. By this, there is stiff competition from different individual trying to prove that they deserve to occupy the seat. For this, a top manager should not only be equipped with managerial skills, but also leadership skills. First and...
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The Role and Significance of Health Managers in the Community
Healthcare managers always participate in many significant roles that definitely give them a chance to ensure that their organizations are well maintained and managed. The former have the obligation of understanding and applying all the decisive and required elements of management which include all the accounting standards...
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An Argument in Favor of Paying Student Athletes in the United States
Student Athletes Deserve More than Scholarships (COMPENSATION OF STUDENT-ATHLETES) Student Athletes Deserve More than Scholarships. A Look into the Finances of Major College Sports Programs Student-athletes at major colleges and universities do more than attend classes, practices, and compete against other teams....
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A History of Canada's Finances
The Minister of Finance, Paul Martin, announced that Canada had a record a surplus of $2.9 billion, their promises of tax relief have been executed and the unemployment rates has fallen to 7.5 per cent, its lowest level in more than nine years (Finance Canada). The costs of this good news are the budget cut of the federal g...
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An Overview of the Reform in the Political Finances of the United States
There are few areas of political reform where change is more desirable and action can clearly make more of a difference than in the area of campaign finance. And, there are few areas where both parties, overcoming their inflexibility, should be able to come to a common understanding of how to reform the system for the bette...
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An Advice on Managing Personal Finances: Saving, Inflation, Insurance, Investing
SAVINGS: Shop around for a bank that offers you free checking and waives ATM fees if you maintain a low minimum monthly balance in your checking account or in a combination of accounts. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year. You also need to sign up with a credit union to minimize your banking costs. To find out if...
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A Research on the French Revolution
The French Revolution The French Revolution of the 1700’s was a result of the proletariats’ negligence and maltreatment of the working class in addition to the consumption of the country’s finances. On one hand, the revolution was justified because the bourgeoisie had followed Locke’s theory on government, but, it was unsu...
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