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Gay Marriage Essay Examples

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Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized
Gay marriage has been a controversial topics for years, especially
during the 2004 presidential debate. Political figures, churches, and
citizens seem to have their own views on this subject. Till now, there
still isn't any final answers or resolutions to it. Numerous gay couples
are standing up to fight for their rights. T...
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A Contorversial Opinion on Gay Marriage
GAY MARRIAGE!!!!! these words have been heard over and over in regards to legalizing them all over the world. As our society tries to grapple with the idea of two men or two women wedding we will see more and more conflict between the far left and the far right. As Gay marriages are legalized around the world, m...
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Gay Marriage
In today’s society gay marriage occurs between two people of the same sex. Most religions are against gay marriages. The Bible states being gay is a sin. Gay marriage is the legal connection of two people of the same sex. In the year of 2004, Massachusetts became the very first state to ever legalize gay marriage. Many peop...
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Why Gays Deserve the Same Rights as Straights
75% of LGBT students have no state laws protecting them from harassment.
Explanation/Summary of Your Topic- Gays barely have in rights. They are
human too. Thesis Statement- Gays deserve the same rights as straights. Gay marriage should be legalized because everybody has the right to
love. Some people just think others ide...
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Arguments Around Gay Marraige
Marriage a commitment between two people to love each other for the rest of their lives. This use to be a simple thing until same sex marriage couple wanted to be married like traditional couples. Majority of the population has either chosen to be for, against, or they don’t know what there stand point on this issue is. The...
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Debating Gay Marriage
Under the Constitution of the United States, our country stands for freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our country is known as the “melting pot” of the world. If this is true, how come two people of the same sex do not get the same rights as any other citizen in a country that’s supposed to be accepting of dive...
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Politics of Gay Marriage
In a state where heterosexual were dominating the society, being gay was against the law. As lesbian and gay couples are being discriminated, questions about whether they should have the same rights of equality started to arise. Do gay couples have the right to be legally married? Discrimination and harassment towards homos...
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An Argument to Legalized Gay Marriage
The contemporary moral problem that I chose to analyze is whether to legalize gay marriage in every state. In every moral issue you are likely to fins two or more sides to it. There are two sides to this issue, the side of the pro of it and the side of the con of this issue. If gay marriage were to be legalized in every sta...
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An Essay on the Gay Community and Same-Sex Marriage
Throughout the thirty-some years the gay community has become more public in their life style choices and their want for the right to marry. In the 1970s, gay couples had been trying to have acknowledgment for their unions. By the 1980s gay couples fought for “domestic partnership”, and by the 1990s the desire to marry...
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An Argument in Favor of Legalizing Gay Marriage
Marriage: Who Deserves It? You have fallen head over heels in love with your partner and you can not, imagine not being with him or her for the rest of your life so the two of you decide to take it to the next step. You join together in front of your family and friends and state your love for each other and then the two of...
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An Argument of Whether Gay Marriage Legalization Will Be Good for the Gay Community
“Would legalization of gay marriage be good for the gay community?” Sam Isaacson wrote an article analyzing the opinion of the gay community on legalizing same sex marriages. It is somewhat of a controversial issue with the gay community whether or not marriage is a good thing. He divides the community into two groups: inte...
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An Argument in Favor Gay Marriage
Gay Marriage Just about anyone would tell you they're in favor of equal rights for homosexuals. Just name the situation, and ask. They'll all say, yes, gays should have the same rights in housing, jobs, public accommodations, equal access to government benefits, and equal protection of the law. The fact is, nearly three peo...
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Marriage Equality in America Today
Marriage equality seems to be a huge issue in today’s society and causing controversy whenever mentioned. The best solution to this problem is to research and make policies that will be beneficial to the LBG community without compromising the institution of marriage. Every couple deserves financial and emotional security. A...
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The Cost and Benefits of Same Sex Marriage in America
From a young age, many children are told by their parent that someday when they grow up, they will marry to someone they will ultimately love. So, often as parents predicted so it happens. However, what will happen if this person as an adult felt in love with someone of the same sex as his. In recent discussions of same se...
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An Argument Against Gay Marriage
Traditionally the term marriage has always been referred to as the union of a man and a woman. This has always been viewed and taken as both a serious and sacred thing. Thus at a time in human history, when common sense and logic seem to be lacking from human civilization, gay marriage can only be viewed in terms of folly a...
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An Analysis of the Controversial Topic of Marriage Institution in Same-Sex Marriage of the United States
The most controversial topic concerning the marriage institution that is hotly discussed and researched is the issue of the same-sex marriage. In a traditional society, there is a commitment between one woman and one man.However, in the 21st century, people face redefining of love as the result of homosexual relationships b...
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The Controversy over the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages Walking into a restaurant, a person sees Ralph sitting at the far corner. Ralph looks like a friendly man, so the person goes over and starts talking. The two get along instantly, finding that they have many things in common and they talk all night. Being a decent man, when the restaurant...
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An Argument in Favor of Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
The proposed legalization of same-sex marriage is one of the most significant issues in contemporary American family law. Presently, it is one of the most vigorously advocated reforms discussed in law reviews, one of the most explosive political questions facing lawmakers, and one of the most provocative issues em...
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Adoption and Foster Care by Gay Couples Should Be Reviewed
The last decade has seen a sharp rise in the number of lesbians and gay men forming their own families through adoption, foster care, artificial insemination and other means. Researchers estimate that the total number of children nationwide living with at least one gay parent ranges from six to 14 million. More and more...
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The History and Impact of Gay Relationships and Revolution
Homosexuality is behavior of choosing a partner of the same sexual interaction. The term homosexual is used to characterize individuals who prefer romantic attachments and sexual interaction with the same sex and typically are maximally aroused by same sex erotic imagery. The word is used to describe both males and females....
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An Arguments Against Gay Couple Adopting Child
Argument Essay: Gay Couple Adopting Child Gay couple should not adopt children Should gay couple adopt children? Are gay couples capable of raising children with as much devotion as a normal couple? The answer is certainly a “No!”. Adoption of children by homosexual couples is a very controversial cont...
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An Analysis of the Effect of Gay Marriages on Children
One day, Tom, a six-year-old from San Francisco came home from school feeling isolated. It's bad enough that he had no mother to confide in, he had to live with that thought all his life. Tom was so ostracized, shattered, and disturbed that he slashed his wrists. Tom's life had changed when his father became gay and sta...
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A Debate About Allowing Gay Teachers to Teach in American Schools
2-8-99 Gay teacher files district complaint Press-Enterprise We bring our children to school to learn and to broaden their minds. We learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle that he went through, in order for us to have equal rights, in the U.S. We bring our children to grow up as well-rounded individuals...
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An Analysis of Violation of Civil Rights in Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment in America's Emerging Gay Culture by Randall E. Majors
According to Randall E. Majors, author of "America's Emerging Gay Culture", there is a vibrant and joyful gay culture emerging in America that is choosing more permanent relationships. In response to Bush's anti-gay marriage amendment, I believe that the gay community will oppose it, in that it is a violation of t...
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An Argument in Favor of Gay Marriages in United States of America
Gay marriage is one of the most controversial issues facing our country today. Many argue that it violates religious principles and morals; however, this should not be the reason for prohibiting same sex marriage. From a legal standpoint there is no explanation in the Constitution for a law that would prohibit all unions ex...
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