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Graduation Essay Examples

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An Analysis of The Night Curfew During Graduation
Graduation Night Curfew Five years ago I graduated from high school. I felt like I was finally free of the rules that parents enforced while I was in school. Example of my parents rules are no playing till after homework is done and curfew on school nights. After all, I just finished twelve years of school and deserved som...
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A Creative Essay on the Topic of Graduation Speech in 2023
Graduation Speech Class of 2023 Friends, Relatives, Class of 2023, For those of you who might not know me, I am Mason Lox. Welcome to the graduation ceremony that is about to commence. First off, I would like to congratulate every student that is seated here before me. Twenty-five years ago I was sitting in the same spot...
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A Family Graduation Party
                                           I have pride in my Haitian culture. I have very traditional family, both my parent came from Haiti to get a better life and so their kids could have the American dream. But I was raised as if they were back in Haiti. I remember waking up the day of my cousin’sgraduation party. My...
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An Analysis of the Raise Graduation Rate in the United States
Michael Soileau Professor Theus English 102 21 October 2013 More students than ever are attending college, but too many that start never finish with a degree. This is a great waste of time, resources, and mostly human potential. There is a multitude of reasons preventing students from graduation from college other th...
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Road to Graduation and What Happens After That
2000 Speech When we were younger, we couldn t wait to graduate from high school and be done with school. Well, now it s here and we are still pretty exited to be finished, but graduation has taken on a whole new meaning for us. We have come so far. From lying on the ground to reaching for the stars realizing it is o.k. t...
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A Graduation Speech
Now that this journey is declared officially “OVER” I would like for all of you teachers to recognize all my patience, understanding, and my abilities of persuasion. For all of you who made my life miserable and impossible, I still love ya!! * I would like to dedicate my abilities of skipping class to Mr. Diaz because with...
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Reflecting on High School
My education at Carson City-Crystal has been very successful as of academics goes. This year has been my most successful not like other years of where I didn’t try as hard as others. Extra-curricular activities I have done none for this school but I have only been going here for two years as well, so it’s hard to reflect as...
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Disappointed in my Father
Time after time I have been disappointed from my dad. No matter what happens he lets me down; he is a failure in my eyes. My dad seemed never to care about what I do or where I go in life and my mom has never really been engaged in my life. I lied over, and over again to myself that my dad does care for me. I always kind o...
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My Dreams and Accomplishments
Dreams are accomplishments waiting to happen, we all have them. My life is a rollercoaster ride, but I hold on and let nature run its course. As of now, college is something I am accomplishing. In order to get here, I had to complete four years of high school. The memories I am most fond of would have to be graduation. It t...
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An Opportunity to Watch World Cup: The Best Graduation Gift Ever
Its 6am, the sun is rising outside of the Osorio Home. June 2, 2014 a
wonderful day to take a trip out of the country. Jefferson High School
Graduates of Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Stephanie Guerra, Liam Osorio and
Andrea Ferriera are going away for there graduation gift. They are all
soccer obsessed and are going to Brazil t...
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