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Growing Problem Essay Examples

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The Growing Problem of Obesity
Problems of Obesity Obesity has become one of the major concerns in many people. Obesity has gotten worse over the years. Obesity is being seen as problem of a certain society among many people. We are placing more emphasis on the education of how to reduce obesity through food rather than on physical activity. Quest...
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A Study of the Growing Problem of Teenage Drinking
Teenage drinking has been a societal problem for a considerable time and as such, researchers have been in the forefront to resolve the problems associated with it. Adolescent drinking, also known as binge drinking is the focus of research because of the need to come up with prevention and treatment methods. Too much drinki...
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An Essay Bout Alcoholism and the Growing Problem in Modern Society
IntroductionI chose to write about alcoholism for a number of reasons.One reason is because it affects so many people. About ten million Americans suffer from this disease. Families can be destroyed and torn apart because of an alcoholic within the family. I chose alcoholism because so many people drink alcohol and use it i...
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An Analysis of the French Chemist Louis Pasteur's Practical Problems of Industry, Agriculture, and Medicine
PASTEUR, Louis (1822-95). The French chemist Louis Pasteur devoted his life to solving practical problems of industry, agriculture, and medicine. His discoveries have saved countless lives and created new wealth for the world. Among his discoveries are the pasteurization process and ways of preventing silkworm diseases, ant...
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An Essay on Problem Analysis
A problem is any matter that involves doubt, uncertainty or difficulty. Before trying to solve any matter of doubt or uncertainty, one is required to first understand and interpret the problem. Interpreting a problem means expounding or to telling the meaning of a particular problem in order for somebody to understand the s...
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An Alternative Method to the College Drinking Problem
An Alternative Method to the College Drinking Problem There seems to be a disturbing trend across college campuses. The troublesome problems associated with binge drinking cannot be denied nor can this display of disquieting behavior be ignored. The answers to this problem may be quite simple. Alcohol is not the problem it...
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The Need for Students to Become Effective Problem Solvers
Students need to be able to learn how to become effective problem solvers. They should be able to identify problems, evaluate those problems and then decipher a way to transfer their learning to those problems in a way that will bring about a solution. If a student is able to perform in a problem solving situation a m...
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Lucy Larcom's Works of Literature
Growing up today in most rural communities, children are allowed to be children. This means they are allowed to have fun, enjoy life and not have to worry about working or paying the bills. There aren’t many stresses or worries of the “adult life.” Most parents today allow their child to have the innocence and unadultera...
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Problems of a Person while Becoming an Adult
When exactly is it in life when you expect that your becoming an adult? For me I think I'm still in transition. I am ready for the real world but I still trying to get use to being responsible. I got a job for the responsibility and to make money but when I should be accounting for how much money I make I simply slack off....
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The Advantages of Indoor Plant Growing
INDOOR GROWING Indoor growing has many advantages, besides the apparent fact that it is much harder to have your crop "found," you can control the ambient conditions just exactly as you want them and get a guaranteed "good" plant. Plants grown indoors will not appear the same as their outdoor cousins...
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An Essay on the Growing Problem of Shark Hunting
Sharks are becoming an endangered species more and more each day as we keep hunting them for trophies, meat, and other reasons. We need to save these magnificent animals for they hold a very important role in the ecosystem in our oceans. Shark meat is becoming a product that is very much in demand these days; approximately...
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Child Labor: A Growing Problem in Society
"The child is the father of man." This famous line quoted by William Wordsworth refers to the importance of the child for the development of society as well as for the all-round development of the human race. Childhood is the time to garner the best physical, intellectual and emotional capacity to fulfill this dut...
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A Look at the Growing Problem of Cyber Attacks and Its Use in Terrorism Campaigns
In today's society, people are always trying to improve technology, but in doing so, are they creating something that can be used to create mass destruction for the United States? Everyday computers get faster, new programs are written, or some scientist finds a way to make a job be done quicker. The United States is find...
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An Analysis of the Nation's Welfare System
? According to recent polls, most Americans
consider this nation's welfare system a failure and a disgrace (LeVert
10). Most people use the word welfare to mean income support or public
assistance programs designed to help people who are already poor. Although
it is geared to poverty-stricken people, families, and children,...
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The Growing Problem of Child Obesity in America
Every day in the news, it is reported that childhood obesity is a growing problem. Many doctors have linked children’s weight gain to the drinking of juice instead of milk and water. Most parent feel good about giving their children 100% juice with no sugar added, thinking it is nutritious. The Center for Disease Cont...
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An Analysis of the American Government as a Laissez-Faire in Regulating the Lives of the People
For the first 150 years after the Declaration of Independence, the American government was a fairly laissez-faire as far as regulating the lives of the people. Until the massive upheavals in society that accompanied the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, government basically stayed out of the affairs of the individual; it...
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The Growing Problem of Obesity in America
Obesity is an epidemic that is sweeping over the United States today affecting adults and children alike. In fact, the World Health organization now considers obesity to be a global epidemic and public health problem as more and more nations become “Westernized”( With studies indicating that nearly 55% of America...
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A Look at the Growing Problem of Hazing in Universities in United States
Hazing in universities across the nation has become an increasingly dangerous ritual that is seemingly becoming more difficult to put an end to due to its development into an underground activity. Though a regular activity in the seventies, hazing, a possible dangerous act of initiation to a group, has now become an activit...
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A Discussion About the Growing Problem of Road Rage Globally
Road Rage is a growing problem all over the country and no one is immune from it. It is an incident when one driver does something that sets off another one and makes them angry. It doesn't take much. Anyone who spends any time on the road has and will continue to experience a form of Road Rage. But it is not the type tha...
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An Analysis of the Issue of Birth Defects in the United States
Birth Defects The issue of birth defects has been a growing problem in America. More and more mothers are doing careless acts, which is slowly damaging their unborn child. Many of these mistakes can be fixed. The leading causes of birth defects is alcohol intake during birth, tobacco and drug usage. Many problems can...
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The Growing Problem of Gang Violence in American Society
Gangs are becoming a growing problem in American society. More young people are turning to gangs to solve problems in there lives. When youths join gangs they drop social activities with family, friends and school. Members fall behind their classmates in school and do not try. A study shows that less than 1% of gang bang...
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Many Americans See Threat in Growing Number of Immigrants
Many Americans are concerned about the influx of immigrants into our country. They see new arrivals as a threat to jobs, a drain on over-burdened social services and a threat to cultural traditions. They complain, "There is a limit to how many newcomers can be absorbed, and the rate at which they can be assimilated into the...
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Reporting a Computer Problem
One day I happened to read a Wikipedia article, and looking at it, it took me a second to realize why it looked funny, and then I saw how all the text on the whole page was bold. At the time, I didn't think it was a problem. I assumed they refurbished all the articles to make them bold. But it wasn't just the article itself...
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A Paper on Process Analysis within a Distributes Relational Database
When a problem occurs within a distributed relational database, it is necessary to first identify where the problem originates. The problem may be on the application server or application requester. When the database problem is located properly in the network, you may further isolate the problem as a user problem, a problem...
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The Life Story of Problem Solving
Like most people I have problems, but like some of those people running away from the problem is not an option. Sometimes thinking of a solution thoroughly isnt always the first thing on my mind. Thinking back on my past problems I found that sometimes thinking of a solution thoroughly was the only thing on my mind On Sept...
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