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Growing Problem Essay Examples

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The Growing Problem of Obesity
Problems of Obesity Obesity has become one of the major concerns in many people. Obesity has gotten worse over the years. Obesity is being seen as problem of a certain society among many people. We are placing more emphasis on the education of how to reduce obesity through food rather than on physical activity. Quest...
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A Study of the Growing Problem of Teenage Drinking
Teenage drinking has been a societal problem for a considerable time and as such, researchers have been in the forefront to resolve the problems associated with it. Adolescent drinking, also known as binge drinking is the focus of research because of the need to come up with prevention and treatment methods. Too much drinki...
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An Essay Bout Alcoholism and the Growing Problem in Modern Society
IntroductionI chose to write about alcoholism for a number of reasons.One reason is because it affects so many people. About ten million Americans suffer from this disease. Families can be destroyed and torn apart because of an alcoholic within the family. I chose alcoholism because so many people drink alcohol and use it i...
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An Analysis of the French Chemist Louis Pasteur's Practical Problems of Industry, Agriculture, and Medicine
PASTEUR, Louis (1822-95). The French chemist Louis Pasteur devoted his life to solving practical problems of industry, agriculture, and medicine. His discoveries have saved countless lives and created new wealth for the world. Among his discoveries are the pasteurization process and ways of preventing silkworm diseases, ant...
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An Essay on Problem Analysis
A problem is any matter that involves doubt, uncertainty or difficulty. Before trying to solve any matter of doubt or uncertainty, one is required to first understand and interpret the problem. Interpreting a problem means expounding or to telling the meaning of a particular problem in order for somebody to understand the s...
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An Alternative Method to the College Drinking Problem
An Alternative Method to the College Drinking Problem There seems to be a disturbing trend across college campuses. The troublesome problems associated with binge drinking cannot be denied nor can this display of disquieting behavior be ignored. The answers to this problem may be quite simple. Alcohol is not the problem it...
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The Need for Students to Become Effective Problem Solvers
Students need to be able to learn how to become effective problem solvers. They should be able to identify problems, evaluate those problems and then decipher a way to transfer their learning to those problems in a way that will bring about a solution. If a student is able to perform in a problem solving situation a m...
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Lucy Larcom's Works of Literature
Growing up today in most rural communities, children are allowed to be children. This means they are allowed to have fun, enjoy life and not have to worry about working or paying the bills. There aren’t many stresses or worries of the “adult life.” Most parents today allow their child to have the innocence and unadultera...
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Problems of a Person while Becoming an Adult
When exactly is it in life when you expect that your becoming an adult? For me I think I'm still in transition. I am ready for the real world but I still trying to get use to being responsible. I got a job for the responsibility and to make money but when I should be accounting for how much money I make I simply slack off....
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The Advantages of Indoor Plant Growing
INDOOR GROWING Indoor growing has many advantages, besides the apparent fact that it is much harder to have your crop "found," you can control the ambient conditions just exactly as you want them and get a guaranteed "good" plant. Plants grown indoors will not appear the same as their outdoor cousins...
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