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High School Essay Examples

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My Experience During the High School Years
In high school, I was a bad kid. I didnt do drugs or drink beer, but I was bad. School wasnt a priority of mine during my junior year, and I failed all of my classes except weight training, ceramics, and jewelry. I lived for the bell at the end of the day. This was the first year that I drove, and I did it a lot. I had an o...
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My High School Experience
High school involves a lot of relationships, it isn't just about going
to school to learn and do book work. The first day of high school in my
mindI was exspecting to be the only nervous freshmen. Who didn't have a
clue who anyone was. Most of my friends who I had had classes with in
middle school that I talked to over the...
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Comparing and Contrasting Regular High School with Early College High School
Regular high school vs. early college high school these have many differences such as clubs and organizations, population, stress, teachers, rules, clicks and time management. The schools are both focused in one main reason. What would high schools students prefer? 4 fun years of high school or being prepared for what’s ne...
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Debating Oprah: A Paper on High School and Its Issues
Debating Oprah Is High School Doing More Harm than Good? Many students, teachers, and even professors believe that the role of high school has transformed and is only tedious to the average high school student. Professor Botstein, a guest on the Oprah show, says that high school is designed for small people and beca...
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A High School to Remember
I do not think my best memory of my life has approached me yet. However, I feel my high school years have been the most memorable. I strongly believe that high school is the open door, into the rest of my life. The last days of my high school career are fast approaching and I can only imagine how I'll be feeling when I st...
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Preparing for High School
No matter how much I inquired about high school and told of the life of high school by older friends and some family members, I could never have been completely prepared. No book of advice or voice of wisdom can prepare another for the situations and feelings encountered in high school. I can hardly narrow down the three mo...
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An Analysis of Being Organized and Following Rules in High School
Entering a crowed building with few people one knows. Little time to eat lunch and small locker space. If this is true, one is entering there first year at Stevenson High School. Ninth graders “have no fear” here is a foolproof plan for academics success for your four year at SHS. Be organized, be on time to class and, pay...
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What to Expect in High School and How the Social Environment Is Different
So You Are Going To High School. I am going to explain to my little cousin what to expect from high school; how the social scene is different, what you have to do to graduate, and what some of the perks of being an upper classman are. When you start going to high school, you will be somewhat scared. The other students w...
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A Creative Essay on the Topic of Foley High School
In a small town with small neighborhoods, nothing really exciting happens. Especially at Foley High School. Foley high school is just like every other high school, the same bare walls, the same boring classes, and the same time. Although, there is two exceptional things about the high school that makes it weird. Make that t...
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Exploring the Root Causes of the Increasing Cases of High School Shootings
High school shootings have been occurring all over the country. All incidents leading in one or more deaths. Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Edinboro, Pearl, Moses Lake, Grayson, Olivehurst, Behtel, West Paducah, Springfield, Littleton. Itll never happen to me, you say, well, it could. And after it does everything is different, an...
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A Look At the Rancho Alamitos High School Which Belonged to Garden Grove School Unified District
It is not a big or popular high school compared to Irvine High School, Los Angeles High School, or Mater Dei Catholic High School. The school I am mentioning is Rancho Alamitos High School. It belongs to Garden Grove School Unified District. Rancho Alamitos High School considered as the smallest high school in the district,...
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Preventing the Tragic Events of School Shootings
They are the shots heard round the world- the shots that have been fired in so many schools across the country. Like everyone else, I am captivated by this sudden phenomenon. After all of the media coverage, though, there are always unanswered questions. Why is this happening now, when the biggest problems in schools used t...
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A Comparison on the School System of the Private and Public School
For my field work project, I chose to do an observation of a public high school and a private high school. The schools I decided to observe were Tottenville Public High School and The Francis School, both of which are located in demographically similar neighborhoods. The purpose for choosing two schools with similar charact...
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The Similarities and Differences between High School and College
Do you think college is different from high school? Both institutions offer their own advantages and disadvantages. After high school, some students go into the workforce while others choose higher education. College and high school can differ in many ways. College differs from high school as far the freedom, number of clas...
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Comparing College and High School Experiences
College and high school differ because college is a choice while high school is a requirement. For college, the overall experience is optional. For example, students select classes, majors, and schedules based on their own preferences. The amount of independence differs from college and high school. There are fewer grade op...
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How College Is Significantly Different from High School
So you are a high school senior, and you are excited to attend college. Although college is very exciting, it also is significantly different from high school in many ways. One of the ways being that teachers in high school may frequently rearrange test date to avoid conflict with school events, as in college professors usu...
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My Life as a Student
Bringing home report cards was never a pleasurable experience for me. The hopeful look I would see in my parents eyes would be quickly replaced with an extremely disappointed look. As they glanced over my horrible marks like a cat sensing a storm approaching I knew a lecture was coming. In grade school, I dreaded bringing h...
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My Life in School
I am going to be writing about how college is different from high school. I’ll give you example of things that student can do in college, and how the teachers and what you learn in college and How you are excepted to take care of things on your own without your teacher reminding you all the time. And the time spend in class...
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Dispelling Stereotypes about High School Theater Classes
A quiz on claims that in High School if you have no athletic ability, are not crazy smart, have no musical ability, artistic talent, or acting ability, then you will just be stuck in theater class. This opinion is generally the basis of what the general public thinks High School Theater is. They think it is just...
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Personal Recount on Education in Schurz High School
I thought I had answered the “why am I here” question but it appears like I failed on giving an accurate answer for the same question has presented itself once again. I remember my here being here on earth, life being like a maze. But I wasn’t specific enough on where I was really standing; I didn’t even have a purpose. Our...
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Preparing for College
At the end of my junior year, my teachers selected me to represent my high school in the Rotary Club sponsored World Affairs Seminar. I traveled across the country on a plane all the way to Carroll University in Wisconsin. During the seminar, I listened to numerous lectures on gender and social equity, given by people from...
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Running for Class Treasurer
As I got up from my seat, I remember my palms being clammy and thinking in my head, “You got this, just do not throw up in front of everyone like Mia did in Princess Diaries.” I opened up with the boring yet classic introduction, “Hello, I am Celeste and I want to be your junior class secretary.”  The audience just stared a...
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The Process of Leaving High School and Going to College
CollegeWhy Am I Here Again??? Making the transition from high school to college is a big step. Its like going from childhood to adulthood in a months time. There isnt any obligation free cash in the morning on the way to school, and there arent any monotone teachers endlessly reminding you to turn in your homework. The...
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Comparison between Life in High School and College
Steven C. Doughty English Compare and Contrast Essay Many people have different thoughts on the similarities and differences between high school and college. Some people say they both can be very alike, and others state that the two are quite different. I can tell you firsthand there may be some things they both h...
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A Discussion on Changing from Junior High School to High School
Changing from junior high school to high school was a scary experience at first. I didn really know what to expect. I thought and knew it was going to be a lot harder than junior high school. I had friends that made this transition with me, but I knew I was going to meet more people and make some new friends. I have alw...
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