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Housing Essay Examples

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Living On or Off Campus
Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Deciding whether to live on-campus or off-campus is a very important and personal choice, and both choices have their advantages and disadvantages. Although they bear some similarities, the differences between living on-campus and off-campus is quite clear. While living on-campus gives you m...
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An Analysis of the California Housing Market and Its Lack of Affordability for the Average Wage Earner
Our team is pleased to provide this paper discussing the California housing market and its apparent lack of affordability for the average wage earner. With the research and statistics behind us, we will now focus on the analysis of the data and will provide the reader with some recommendations for dealing with this economic...
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An Overview on Housing Problems and Options
Housing Problems And Options
Everyone needs a house. Rich people poor people; all people are included. This is a problem, because housing costs a great deal of money. Poor people that can barely afford food and clothing also have a difficult time finding affordable housing. As a result, some live in unsafe and unsanitary co...
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Lighting Architectural Courtyards
Courtyard in a building regulates its daylight, air movement and thermal interaction with outdoor environment. The daylight performance of a courtyard depends principally on how the daylight received and delivered into interior spaces. The current research investigates how courtyards vertical surface geometries could improv...
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A Comparison Between Buying and Renting a Home
INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND Should I sign another lease or take the plunge and buy a place I can really call home? This is a question that millions of Americans ask themselves everyday. This question is also an important one for me, as I am currently trying to make this decision. To answer this question consumers need to...
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An Introduction to Habitat for Humanity a Non-Profit Housing Organization in the United States
Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian housing organization. This wonderful organization welcomes any volunteers that want to help build simple, decent, and affordable houses for those who are less fortunate. This organization was started because of major need for affordable housing. There are cu...
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Studying How Public Opinion Changes Over Time
How do California residents feel about public housing? One indicator of public opinion are the resluts of a survey reported to the Odum Institute between the years of 1979 and 1991. The Odum Institute is the third largest archive in the United States of social science data available in computer readable form. Reviewing...
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Analysis of the Rising on Housing in Orange County and Demand for Section 8
Interests are rising in Orange County on the issue of state and federal housing agencies. There is a big demand for Section 8 housing. There has been discussion of possible plans for housing aid to go to those who qualify. Section 8 is a program that provides rental insurance. It's main objective is to help low-income fa...
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An Overview of the Threats to the Senior Housing Industry
1. The threat of new entrants into the senior housing industry is low and not a major threat to established companies in the industry. One major barrier to entry is the large amount of capital needed to build or purchases housing communities and to provide trained personnel such as managers and nurses to fill them. Product...
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An Analysis of the Issues with the Public Housing Programs of the Chicago Housing Authority
The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) was organized in 1937 to provide temporary housing for those people whose incomes were insufficient to obtain decent, safe and sanitary dwellings in the private market (Basics 1). Over time, the notion of "temporary" housing became lost, and generations upon generations of low-i...
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