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Hydrogen Atom Number Essay Examples

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A Description of the Name Atom Which Applies To a Pair of Related Standards
The name Atom applies to a pair of related standards. The Atom Syndication Format is an XML language used for web feeds, while the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub or APP) is a simple HTTP-based protocol for creating and updating web resources. Web feeds allow software programs to check for updates published on a websit...
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An Essay on the Study of Atom
The atom is the smallest portion of a substance that is not perceivable by human senses. The notion of atoms was conceived by ancient Greeks and was developed over thousands of years of scientific inquiry. The concept of qi as the most basic substance of which the world (everything) is comprised, was understood by the ancie...
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An Analysis of Niels Bohr's Model of the Hydrogen Atom
Wild Bill's Wild Bohr Quiz Niels Bohr's model of the hydrogen atom, was the primary reason for the understanding of energy levels. Bohr was able to explain the bright line spectrum of hydrogen. Sparked by the recent discovery of the diffraction patterns, scientists believed electrons could be described as waves. Bohr hyp...
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An Analysis of Phosphates in Water Pollution
Phosphates in Water Pollution Phosphates may be created by substituting some or all of the hydrogen of a phosphoric acid by metals. Depending on the number of hydrogen atoms that are replaced, the resulting compound is described as a primary, secondary or tertiary phosphate. Primary and secondary phosphates cont...
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The Discovery and Usage of Hydrogen
Hydrogen fuel cells were invented by Sir William Robert Grove. However, they were not put to use until the 1960s when General Electric established workable proton-exchange membrane cells used as power supplies in the Apollo and Gemini space missions. Now, many years later, there is concern within the U.S. government over th...
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A Description of the Several Ways of Packaging Hydrogen
Hydrogen can be "packaged" in several ways, as a fuel gas in a H2/02 powered engine or the newly devised solid state pellet of hydrogen isotopes that contains about the equivalent of 5000 cubic feet of hydrogen and is broken down and releases gas into the second chamber where it goes to the engine for use. There a...
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The Potential Markets for Non-Fossil Fuel Hydrogen
ANALYSIS The Potential Markets For Non-Fossil Fuel Hydrogen ยท Hydrogen, most of it produced from fossil fuels, is already widely used in the chemicals industry, notably in the manufacture of fertilizers and petrochemicals. It would therefore be possible to substitute NFFH in this market. However, the total that could be...
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An Analysis of Determining the Power of Hydrogen (pH) in a Given Substance
What is the pH of the substance? Controlled Comparison: During class, our instructor set up the same lab that we were doing with 2 solutions, both of which were known acidic or basic. He placed 2ml of the known acid into 2 different test tubes, and 2ml of the known acid into 2 different petri dishes. Then using forceps, he...
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The Greek Concept of Atomos and the Role of Atoms in Our Existence
Around 440 BC leucippus of Miletus originated the atom concept. He and his pupil, Democritus of abdera refined it for future use. Their atomic idea has five major points. All original writings of leucippus and Democritus are lost. The only sources we have for there atomistic ideas are inquotations from other writers. Democr...
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Atom Prior to 1900
ATOM PRIOR TO 1900 In the 5th cent. B.C. the Greek philosophers Democritus and Leucippus proposed that matter was made up of tiny, indivisible particles they called atom, or in Greek "a-tomos". The reason why they assumed this is because nothing can come from nothing. Democritus believed that all atoms were firm...
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