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Influential Painter Essay Examples

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Biography of Fernand Lger, a French Painter Who Influenced Cubism and Constructivism
Lger, Fernand (1881-1955), French painter, who influenced cubism, constructivism, and the modern commercial poster and other types of applied art. Born in Argentan, France, he served a two-year architecture apprenticeship in Caen, France, and later studied unofficially under two professors at the Cole des Beaux-Arts in Pari...
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A Personal Recount About Influential People in Life
I chose my mom because she has truly been one of the most influential persons on my life. I owe almost everything to her for why I am the person that I am today. She taught me manners, how to treat people and most importantly taught us boys about God. Those Sunday mornings I know it was hard for her to go to church without...
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Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock Did he put more into his paintings than most artists? Jackson Pollock was a revolutionary painter and took his methods to new heights so that he could work more directly with the canvas to show pure emotion within his art work. In 1938, Jackson Pollock went to see a psychoa...
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A Biography of the Life and Painting Career of Rafaello Sanzio
During a time when Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci were the prime artists in Europe, a young man by the name of Raffaello Sanzio was starting to attract major attention with his artworks. The Italian high renaissance was marked by paintings expressing human grandeur and very humanistic values. No one better portray...
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People Who Have Greatly Influenced Who I Am Today
Be it good or bad, influential factors are everywhere we turn. Being
influenced by others is one of the most primitive ways of life. People
are molded by those around them, whether they want to believe so or not.
One of the most influential people in my life has been a young man I
knew when I was younger. I'm not sure I rem...
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A Person Who Has Had Significant Influence on My Life
Daniel Quaye has for a few years been my ideal teacher and friend. Despite his past harsh circumstances, he is always upbeat and inspiring to others. For these reasons, I love and admire him a lot; indeed he is my role model. He encourages me to have a bright outlook on life and to find solutions to problems that seem impos...
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A Person Who Has Had Significant Influence in My Life
Julius Blue, my father, is the most influential figure in my life. Everyday my father shares with me his knowledge with not only school but the world in general. At times while talking to my father, I feel as if I was Plato being taught by Socrates. Dad, repeatedly shares with me the story of how he moved away from home. Du...
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Jane Adams: The Most Influential Person in My Life
When I was in the 6th grade, I was required to research and write a paper on someone who advocated for change for the Chicago History fair. A representative of the history fair came to our school, and showed us samples of primary sources. One of the examples was a handout about the first playground of Chicago and the name J...
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Contribution to Music
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most influential people in music history with his contributions to the art and style of music people now have different classical masterpieces to learn from. Mozart was born in Salzburg Austria which then was as a Sovereign territory because during childhood it was part of the Holy Roma...
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How Ashton Reynolds' Teaching and Actions Have Impacted My Life
Leaders make a great influential impact on many young people in the world. History has shown many exemplifications of influential leaders. My youth leader, Ashton Reynolds, has made a huge impact on my life by his teachings and actions. Ashton has been a big helping hand in drawing me closer to the Lord. He has helped me...
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A Summary of Thomas Hine's Essay What's in a Package?
Thomas Hine’s essay “What’s in a Package” deals with packages that not only contain our products, but also the way we package ourselves as people, and how it varies around the world. It brings to light that over time our national shopping experience has become a place filled with endless array of packaging every time you w...
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The Most Influential Person in My Life
I have been fortunate enough to have both my parents in my life, but I believe my dad has been the most influential person in my life. I think that he has been able to guide me through my life in the best way he knows how. My dad has used his intelligence and wisdom to guide me through my school life. He helped me learn wha...
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The Most Influential Person during My College Life
People deem money to be the most important thing in this world. People’s actions revolve mostly around two things, money, and power. People believe that they can buy happiness. Power and money are the things that everyone works to gain in life. Money changes people’s motives. The world has put a great deal of importance on...
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Why Chris Gardner Is the Most Influential Person in My Life
Turning nothing into something and overcoming your struggles is something I admire, especially when a person goes from being a homeless on the subway to owning a multi-million dollar brokerage firm. That is the success story of Chris Gardner, the person who has greatly influenced my values and a person I look to emulate. I...
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The Most Influential Culture: The Vikings
A takeover of a particular region was a very common act during the early years of man kind. The definition of a takeover is presented as the ability of assuming control of someone or something, as in a nation or a region( oxford The culture that parallels to this definition is the Vikings. The Vikings wer...
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The Most Influential Person in My Life
I’ve never had anyone to look up to, no one in my life as a true role model. Many of the women in my family would tell me “You need to go to college, If not you’re going to need to learn the words want fries with that.” The only thing is none of my aunts actually had a college degree, except one my aunt Francis. My aunt Fra...
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My Academic Experience So Far: Who am I?
In my academic experiences so far, I would describe myself as a reader, writer, and learner, all with different variations. These are all key components as a student in school. Even though some of these characteristics are stronger or weaker in everyone, we all possess these abilities. I for one am more of a writer than a r...
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My First Fishing Experience
It was a bright and clear day with insects fluttering about the lush evergreens and prepossessing blossoms. The towering mountains in the distance carry some fading snow that exists only but on the peak of these colossal mammoths. Through such a peaceful environment there exists a vehicle, traveling through the crevices in...
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The Greatest Artist in the World
In the year of 2004, there was a very young and wild student who had a strong desire to become a magnificent artist in the future. Just her name, which was Alaia, showed her unique personality and inner characteristics. Alaia’s parents named her Alaia because both her mother and father thought that being special means you a...
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Thomas Jefferson and Eleanor Roosevelt - Comparison between Two of the Most Influential People in America's History
Nothing can shape your life more than the drive and desire to become successful. Everyone's life has its obstacles, but if you can disregard all the unpleasant things that have happened and give it everything that you've got, you can overcome these obstacles. Thomas Jefferson and Eleanor Roosevelt are probably two of the mo...
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A Biography of Dante Alighieri and Influential Poet in Early Literature
Dante Aligheri was a very well known and influential poet in early literature. Dante was born in Florence in 1265, into the Gulf political system (Both 7). The Gulfs were aristocrats and nobles. They supported the papacy and were against the Renaissance. In his early years Dante was not politically active. Dante eventual...
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An Essay on the Top Five Most Influential Women of the 20th Century
In a male dominated society, women have previously taken a back seat to men. But in the 20th century women have shown what they are capable of accomplishing. I have created a list of the top five most influential women of the 20th century whose accolades put them in a league of their own. 5. Babe Didriks...
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Influential Women in the Late 19th Century
Women in the late 19th century, except in the few western states where they could vote, were denied much of a role in the governing process. Nonetheless, educated the middle-class women saw themselves as a morally uplifting force and went on to be reformers. Jane Addams opened the social settlement of Hull House...
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Bertolt Brecht and Constantin Stanislavski, the Influential Practitioners of the 20th Century
Bertolt Brecht and Constantin Stanislavski are regarded as two of the most influential practitioners of the twentieth century, both with strong opinions and ideas about the function of the theatre and the actors within it. Both theories are considered useful and are used throughout the world as a means to achieve a good pie...
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A Comparison of Jesus of Nazareth, Paul of Tarsus, and Muhammad in the Context of Michael Hart's Book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
Michael Hart is an amateur historian and also the author of The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. In this book Hart lists in order the people he believes to be the top 100 most influential people. In this essay I am going to look at three specific people, and compare Harts ranking of their impact on...
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