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Jonas Essay Examples

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Business Plan: Jonas Company
General Questions: How will Jonas measure its social impact? How will it vet the nonprofits it relies on to provide clean water solutions? What do you think is the best way to provide the world with clean water? How do you keep the customer engaged past the initial buy and lookup nonprofit experience? If the umbre...
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Why Jonas Escaped From the Community
Jonas's decision to escape the community was the biggest decision of his life; it took a plethora of dedication and bravery to take the initiative to leave. The community was established upon the idea of uniform; based in a world where everything and everyone was the same. Jonas and the Giver were the only two people who ha...
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A Biography of Jonas Salk, a Jewish American Medical Researcher and Virologist
Jonas Salk
Jonas Salk
Jonas Salk was the first born of Daniel B. Salk and Dora
Press. He was born in New York, New York on October 28, 1914. He died in La Jolla, California on June 23, 1995.
Salk attended Townsend Harris High School for the gifted and
received his B.A. from College of the City of New York in 19...
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Jonas Salk Announces Discovery of Polio Vaccine
In America in the 1950s, summertime was a time of fear and anxiety for many parents; this was the season when children by the thousands became infected with the crippling disease poliomyelitis, or polio. This burden of fear was lifted forever when it was announced that Dr. Jonas Salk had developed a vaccine against the dise...
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An Introduction to the Life of Dr. Jonas Edward Salk
Dr. Jonas Edward Salk was born on October 28, 1914 in New York City. He laid the structure for our understanding of advanced study of disease and medicine. Jonas Salk was the oldest son in his family. His parents, even though they didn't have any primary education, were determined to make their children succeed in the socie...
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The Giver's Final Ending
The first thing Jonas did when he got to the bottom of the hill was make sure that Gabriel was all right. The newchild was freezing, but at least he was alive. Jonas then looked around. What he saw amazed him. There was a crowd of people who were as thick as the people in the community gathering together on the days of the...
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A Triumphant Cure: The First Successful Polio Vaccine
What defines an individual’s success? In most cases than not, one examines the person’s IQ, their personality, or what sort of special talents that they were graced with since birth as factors that influence ones success. However, this is the exact process that Malcolm Gladwell scrutinized in his bestseller The Outlier’s. G...
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A Review of the Book The Giver
_____________When Jonas was given the assignment, for first years, he
had gone through trainings needed to endure the hardships, and made it
through. Although as soon as he realized what his father killed one of
the twins, he started to feel sympathetic for his community, he
philosophizes if there is any clues dramatic...
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Analyzing The Giver by Lois Lowry
In the Science-Fiction novel The Giver by, Lois Lowry the main characters name is Jonas. Jonas Lives in a community where people cant remember past history from more than a generation ago: the community is perfect and everything is the same. Jonas is selected to be different, and carry the memories of the past, and is told...
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Utopian Society as Represented in Lois Lowry's Novel the Giver
Have you ever wanted to live in a world that is just “perfect”? Or have you ever pictured yourself in that “perfect world” in which everyone is the same, equality exists, hunger is never an issue, nor crimes, or conflicts, and best of all, NO BAD MEMORIES? If you have ever pictured a world as I described, then you might hav...
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