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Junior Recital Essay Examples

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My First Student Recital: The Senior Recital of David Neill
I attended the senior recital of David Neill in Bellarmine University’s theatre on April 25th. The recital was of David playing his String Bass and five other guys who played the trumpet, trombone, drums, alto saxophone, and piano. The recital included eight songs that David chose to play during his last recital. The theme...
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Junior High School Basketball Rules and Expectations
Junior High School 7th Grade Boys Basketball 2002 Rules and Expectations ABOUT THE COACH: Name: Birth date: Education: Hobbies: Writing, Sports, Cars, and Movies Philosophies: Through hard work, determination, and proper attitude, a player can grow both as a person and a teammate. Athletics is a p...
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The Recitals of Megan Miskill
April 13, 2000 Music 100 Megan Miskill: Junior Recital On April 4th, I made my way to the music building to see Megan Miskill perform her Junior Music recital. Her concert was shared with a violin player, Trevor Corneliusen, but for this paper, I will only discuss Megans performance. She sang three sets of pieces: Schu...
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An Introduction to the Creative Essay on the Topic of Megan Miskill
On April 4th, I made my way to the music building to see Megan Miskill perform her Junior Music recital. Her concert was shared with a violin player, Trevor Corneliusen, but for this paper, I will only discuss Megans performance. She sang three sets of pieces: Schubert, Faure and Mozart. Each set was contrasting, yet featur...
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An Opinion on the Concert by Megan Miskill, Junior Music Recital
April 13, 2000 Music 100 Megan Miskill: Junior Recital On April 4th, I made my way to the music building to see Megan Miskill perform her Junior Music recital. Her concert was shared with a violin player, Trevor Corneliusen, but for this paper, I will only discuss Megan’s performance. She sang three sets of pieces: Schub...
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My Last Day in Our Third Grade Class
The first day I step off the bus, two things run through my head,
``Will they like me?'' and ``Did I appropriate?'' A bus full of high
school students getting ready to face some of the most honest critics in
the world, we were nervous. Junior Achievement was a volunteer program that I participated with
through the J.R....
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The Mandate of the North American Junior Hockey League (NAJHL)
The Springfield Statesmen Hockey Organization will play in the North American Junior Hockey League (NAJHL). The NAJHL is a Division A junior hockey league, which is the highest level of junior hockey, consisting of eight teams located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. The league is comprised predominantly...
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My First Dance Recital
“This is the best day of my life and I want to do this forever,” is what I told my mother at age seven at the end my very first dance recital. Of course at the time, I never knew how much of my life I would dedicate to dancing, but as I realized my love for the art and performing, it became more than just an activity, it be...
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Mythological Parallels in 'The Golden Apples'
Mythological Parallels in The Golden Apples Eudora Welty uses techniques of allusion and the mythological method to establish parallels between Greek mythology and the characters and incidents in The Golden Apples. The mythological method, coined by T. S. Elliot, is richer than an allusion. Using the mythological method...
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An Analysis of the Poems Resume and Symptom Recital by Dorothy Parker on the Topic of Happiness in a Solution of Death
Can one find happiness in a solution of death? Throughout two poems this question is pondered. The solution of death not only pertains to the ending of ones physical life, but that if their emotional being. Dorothy Parker s poems Resume and Symptom Recital express these themes through its words. The first theme, death is no...
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An Introduction to the Piano Solo Recital Performance by Sarah Goodman
Bill Housman concert report #5 On the night of Friday April 28th, 2000 I attended a piano recital. A good friend of my mothers named Sarah Goodman, who has been playing the piano since the age of 6 was holding a solo performance in a small concert hall in the upper east side of Manhattan. The hall had capacity for 200 hun...
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FOX1 the Biggest Event in UFC History
The biggest event in UFC history has now come and gone and I have heard a mix of reaction. Like I tried to explain to people, this is not going to be an event MMA fans will enjoy. This was not ment for them, it was for the brand new audience watching on FOX. This was by no means a stacked card, considering there was only...
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Critical Analysis of Letter from Birmingham Jail
Martin Luther King Junior is one of the most influential civil right
activists of modern times. He lead countless non-violent protest
demanding that segregation be out lawed constantly proclaiming the use
of oppression is the biggest contradiction to everything America stands
for. In 1963 Martin Luther was asked by of act...
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The Realization of the Need to Succeed
It seems like not long ago I took those first steps through the halls of Dudley Elementary in Gothenburg, Nebraska as I entered kindergarten. Now 17 years later I have taken a few turns in my life but I can say I have successfully graduated from elementary, through high school, to an associate’s degree and now working towar...
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A Revealed Hero: Ivan Junior
In Gary Pomerantz’s book, Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn, journalists wondered whether Atlanta’s elites’ love for mayor Allen Ivan Jr. would eventually lead them to stuff the mayor, call him a saint, and place him in the center Central City Park to worship (438). Others referred to Ivan Jr. as Batman and Green Hornet af...
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A Typical College Student Diary: Books Read through the Four Years
People label one another because of that person’s appearance. Many people make judgments and beliefs about that person before they even get to know them. For many humans this is an action that comes naturally and almost everyone is aware that it goes on day by day. People mainly target the new, unfamiliar faces, or people t...
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My First day at Jones Count Junior College
My first day at Jones County Junior College was a great success. It all began after I woke up in my new room along with my new bed. I was not expecting to sleep well, but I managed to get my rest and was then ready for an exciting first day. I quickly jumped out of bed and immediately went through my daily routine. After I...
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My First Physics Project in Junior High
Junior year of high school came a lot more quickly than I had expected, and by then I now knew what the high demand of this physics class was all about. This teacher took learning to a whole new level. By the middle of the year is when we received our first project, it was to construct a bridge that would withstand a very g...
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Positive Effects of Video Games on Junior High School Children
Video games is a known as an excellent source of entertainment, even some saying that it is better than watching television! However many parents of junior high school students debate whether or not video games in general are harmful for their children. Some people claim that video games are good for teenagers. Others conte...
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A Personal Reflection of Skipping the World Junior Rowing Championship
Last June, I was put in a dilemma of staying home with my dad through
hospice or pursuing the selection of a junior world championship for
rowing. My suitcase was packed, my expenses for my room and board were
paid, and mentally and physically I was prepared in the best shape of my
life. I had worked and trained for four ye...
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My Academic Journey
Growing up and going to school was very hard for me. I never did well in school when I was growing up. I was would be embarrassed every time my friends asked me what grade I had on the tests or quizzes I never tell them because I knew I didn’t go well on it. That is when I was just in first grade through fifth grade. Going...
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Why You Should Join JROTC
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a high school program that helps young people not only get ready for ROTC but life itselfThis is my first year in high school as well as my first year as a LET 1 cadet. I was nervous at first because I thought people would think I was weird and different but as time went by I learned...
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Solving Problems Using the Alternative Solutions Available
When I was six years old, my mom took me to the park. When we almost arrived there, we encountered a big sign. On it vivid red letters indicated: “The path ahead is under construction, all vehicles and pedestrians please do not trespass.” After seeing this sign, my heart sank. Frustrated, I complained: “We can’t even go to...
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My Leadership Abilities
IVEY Essay Requirements: Choose 3 activities that you feel demonstrate your leadership abilities
best. Note that we're looking for actual demonstrations of leadership,
thus, attending a leadership conference would not be a strong activity. When assessing your extracurricular involvement, we're looking for teamwork
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The Career of the Golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods By: Chris E-mail: Tiger Woods Throughout the history of golf there have been many great golfers but none as dominant as Tiger Woods. Because of his tournament wins, hard work, dedication and the revolutionizing of his sport, it is clear that Tiger Woods has become the greatest gol...
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