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Land Conservation Essay Examples

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An Examination of Govenment's Involvement in Land and Park Conservation
Just How Much is the Government Involved in Land and Park Conservation? The U.S. government plays an extensive role in the regulation of resources/ environmental affairs and preservation of the national park system. Theodore Roosevelt was known as the “Conservationist President,” because he was the first pr...
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An Analysis of the Land Registration Act of 2002 in the United Kingdom
The introduction of the Land Registration Act 2002 (LRA 2002) marked the beginning of major reforms in the land sector. This was a result of the Land Commission that was instituted to look into the matters of land. This commission produced the report, Land Registration for the Twenty-First Century. The recommendations of th...
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A Paper on Conservationism and Gifford Pinchot
In reaction to concerns regarding the state of the earth and its people, many different paradigms have formed as to how the earth should be treated and why it should be that way. Two of these frameworks are ecofeminism and conservationism. Although these two models have fairly contrasting methods and ideas, they can be conn...
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An Analysis of the Growth in Environmental Awareness and Energy and Water Conversation in the United States and Washing Machines
By introducing the new front-loading (horizontal axis) washing machine designed and developed to offer consumer an alternative laundry product that is superior to the conventional top-loading (vertical axis) washing machine, Frigidaire is intent to establish itself as the industry leader in energy-saving, environmentally fr...
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The Role of President Theodore Roosevelt in Environmental Conservation
This Paper will outline President Theodore Roosevelt’s role in helping to conserve our environment during his administration (1901-1909). It will also examine his theory of a stronger American democracy through environmental conservationism. “The movement for the conservation of wildlife, and the larger moveme...
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The Issue of Land Conservation
In the world today were running out of room not only for our new ideas
and innovations, but for our natural environment. Land conservation is
a life or death matter not just for animal species but for people as
well. We run into two common problems with dealing with land
conservation; sacrificing quality land and habitat...
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The Importance of Soil Quality and Conservation
Soil quality is one of the most basic and perhaps least understood indicators of land health. Soil supports plant growth and represents the living reservoir that buffers the flows of water, nutrients, and energy through an ecosystem. The ongoing degradation of the earths soils by human activity, particularly agriculture, th...
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A Description of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
ANWR...Should There Be Drilling? The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been the topic of much heated political debate recently. This pristine home of many flora and fauna species, endangered and not, could possibly also be the home of an abundance of natural resources which could prove vital to the long term resurg...
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Many Laws Passed to Protect California's Agriculture and Natural Resources
A key environmental challenge not only in the Central Valley but also in all of California is how to protect and preserve both the regions agricultural resources and its coastal boundaries. California is a unique state; we are basically a bunch of states/separate regions that are all encompassed under one defined boundary....
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A Research on the Topic of Forests and How Trees Are Used to Aiding Humans
Jennifer Smith EN 102 December 14, 1999 Our Forests, Where Can We Use Them Most Trees have been with us since the beginning of time. We have been using its products for just as long. They have been used to fashion weapons, used as wheels, used for us to write with and to have something to write on. Most importantly they...
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