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Pros and Cons of Creatine Monohydrate and Its Effects on the Human Body
James Isaac Rich Dr. Randy Deere P.E.100-002 essay/creatine 10/00 Effects/ pros and cons of creatine monohydrate Creatine is a natural substance that the human body produces in small quantities, yet it is also produced in other sources as well. Chicken , pork and fish all have creatine in them. Even though you co...
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An Analysis of the Long-Term Effects of Creatine in Athletes
Creatine effects the urination of all athletes. Tests done on hockey players led to show that it lessens the urination of those athletes almost fifty percent. Also, it showed that creatine really wasn't worth its value, it states that only half of the product stayed in the athletes body while in use. Overall, I did not li...
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Bad Effects of Creatine In The Human Body
Creatine Creatine is a substance that is used in athletics; it has both good and horrible effects. The effects of Creatine might include faster development of the muscles in your body, but the side effects can be drastic and are said to be extremely dangerous. Yet this product is still legal? Why? Who knows, but the poin...
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An Essay Discussing Benefits and Drawback of Using Creatine
May 5, 1999 9AHP4 Outline Question: Should creatine be legal? Title: Creatine: The legal supplement I. Introduction A. Background on Creatine 1. History a. Beginning of supplementation b. Advancements 2. Function a. Purpose b. Uses B. Problem: Should creatine be categorized...
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Success Gained by Using Creatine Supplement
Success From Creatine Many people in athletics avoid using creatine monohydrate because they do not know much about it. They are convinced that something that can help athletes achieve such great results cannot be good for the body. This is not true if the supplement is taken correctly. Creatine is an excellent supplem...
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The Actions and Effects of Creatine
Actions and Effects of Creatine Actions and Effects of Creatine Throughout time, humans have had a fascination with being excellent at what they do, and athletics have been no exception. Many substances exist, and many have been criticized and analyzed for their safety, legality, and morality for at...
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An Analysis of the Various Use of Creatine in the United States of America
Creatine has been around forever because it is in everything that we eat, such as steak, chicken, and fish. It has been around in supplement form since the early 90's. Various professional, high school and collegiate athletes in the United States and all over the world use Creatine. Some big names in sports that are Creatin...
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An Overview of the Use of Creatine Monohydrate in Bodybuilding
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine is a natural substance found in highest concentration in lean red muscle tissue of animals and humans in the form of creatine phosphate. When muscles are used to lift a weight, or perform any type of work, ATP, (Adenosine Triphosphate) is rapidly broken down to ADP (Adenosi...
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A Look at Creatine and How They Work in Our Body
Athletes today will do almost anything to get an edge. One of the primary things an athlete will do is put supplements into their body. These supplements range from protein shakes to illegal anabolic steroids. Some sports supplements are incredibly safe and effective, yet others work for a while and then fizzle out, while...
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An Introduction to the Importance of Creatine Among Athletes
Creatine Athletes today will do almost anything to get an edge. In the past athletes had to turn to such things as anabolic steroids or blood doping (the process of taking out blood and adding oxygen to it and putting it back into your body in order to increase a persons endurance). However, these procedures have many draw...
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