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Louse Erdrich Essay Examples

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A Review of The Red Convertible
When a reader hears the title, "The Red Convertible", he/she thinks; summer, road trips, and driving fast on the open roads. However, this is the story about a man that is mentally damaged by the events of the war, and also how it effects his whole family. Henry was a happy, loving, and sane man before being draft...
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An Analysis of the Writing Style Employed by Louise Erdrich
Louise Erdrich, the author of the famous poem titled Captivity, tells a story about a married mother who has been held captive by a tribe of Indians. The poem uses a wide variety of literary elements such as sympathy, guilt, submissiveness, and tentativeness. The two main themes of this first person, six-stanza poem, are lo...
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A Focus on the Character Jean-Louse Finch in Harper Lee's Novel "To Kill Mockingbird"
To be a positive human being involves maturity. Maturity is used
to describe the state of a person who is experienced, wise, and has common
sense. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird the character Scout, better know
as Jean Louise Finch developed in to a more positive human being throughout
the novel. She realized that Mr. A...
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Intergenerational Gaps in Native Literature
             The Native American race struggled over the
thousands of years in existenceto preserve a cultural
understand in their race unlike any other. Oral story telling
and ethnic tradition are at the basis of native morals. From
generation to generation, Indians tried to preserve the valued
understanding of their ances...
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An Analysis of The Red Convertible, a Story by Louis Erdrich
Beyond the Things We Share Emotional bonds can be visible or exist unseen. Sometimes we keep tangible keepsakes in memory of deceased loved ones to hold on to the bond that once existed, and sometimes we let go of those items, discard them, as a symbol to demonstrate the disconnection of the bond we once shared. In the s...
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The Red Convertible as a Symbol and Revealing Agent
The Red Convertible as a Symbol and Revealing Agent Many writers use symbolism in their stories in order to reveal certain or multiple aspects of the story. Symbols can be anything in a story from an inanimate or animate object to multiple other things. In the short story The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich, the red conv...
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A Comparison of the Character Pauline in Tracks by Louise Erdrich and a Native American Historical Figure Tekawitha Kateri
Two Lives Paralleled by God In the book Tracks, written by Louise Erdrich we meet various characters, including Pauline. As we hear stories about her life and circumstances that she encountered and overcame, we gain insight into the life of a woman who fought to gain acceptance in a world where no one would accept her. As...
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An Analysis of the Book The Beet Queen
The Beet Queen was a very interesting and challenging book to read. The book consists of four parts with sixteen total chapters. Each part is broken at significant breaks or lapses of time in the book. The chapters are separated a little differently however. Each chapter has a different character narrating the events of the...
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The Inner Conflicts of an Indian Tribe in Tracks by Louise Erdrich
Elis Transformation Louise Erdrich explores the inner conflicts of an Indian tribe in her novel Tracks. By the end of the novel, the tribes accord is broken by the lure of the white mans money and land reform. The divisions among the tribe are epitomized by the physical separation of the Chippewa people into different c...
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Exocentric Identity of the Character of Pauline in Louise Erdrich's Novel Tracks
Pauline's Exocentric Identity in Louise Erdrich's "Tracks" During the novel "Tracks" (1988) Louise Erdrich (Anishinaabe) devolves her characters with personality and physical distinctions enabling them to come alive. As Erdrich's most culturally diverse character, Pauline is developed into a distinct...
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