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Louvre Essay Examples

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The Significance of The Louvre to the French Culture and History
The Louvre, for hundreds of years, it has been a part of French culture. As a medieval fortress in the beginning, the palace for the King of France, and a museum for the last two centuries, this place has been a milestone for the FreNch. The Louvre has been a piece of history for over 800 years. Its architecture was ver...
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A Comparison of Peis Grand Louvre Pyramid and Saarinens TWA Terminal
The architects that I am comparing came from two different parts of the world and yet, in some ways the message(s) behind their work and the incorporation of engineering, geometrical and sculptural elements into their designs and their new identity as Americans brings them closer together. Leoh Ming Pei was born in Canton...
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Summary of the Movie Da Vinci Code
In the Louvre, a monk of Opus Dei named Silas apprehends Jacques Sauniere, the museum's curator, and demands to know where the Holy Grail is. After Sauniere tells him, Silas shoots him and leaves him to die. However, Sauniere has lied to Silas about the Grail's location. Realizing that he has only a few minutes to live and...
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A Comparison of the Website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the MET, has a similar website to the Louvre as far as looks and quality. However, I would prefer to visit the MET because it is less expensive than the Louvre, and more friendly to tourists. For example, in the MET, tourists can plane to their visite before they go from the web...
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