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Matchmaker Website Essay Examples

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How to Make Surfer-Friendly Sites
In today’s modern world, in order to reach the most amount of people, using the least amount of time and money, one must have a web page. A web page is your universal, non-misplacable, chockfull of information, business card. It can display everything that the consumer needs to know, everything from prices to products, from...
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A Match Made in Heaven or Should I Say
In East Brunswick, New Jersey, I was living what may be called a life. I had three children, was newly divorced, and living back with my parents, which had me severely depressed. Friends and family tried to snap me out of it to no avail. Then one day a good friend said, "Christina, I signed you up for
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Factors Influencing the Establishment of Company Websites
Is it expensive to set up a website? Setting up a website is a complex process which can be expensive due to the different amounts of costs that goes into producing a website for any businesses. The creators or the company that owns the webpage would have had to of paid for the costs of running it and the costs of placing...
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A Short Review of Tori Amos' Website
Tori Amos Besides having a self titled domain name, Tory Amos has not just captured an audience with her love for the piano and music, but now also has a website online available to all adoring fans. Primary, serviced by Artist Direct, provides current news about Tori personal li...
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The Importance of Setting up a Website for Business Development
The Internet is the name for a group of worldwide information resources. These resources are so vast as to be well beyond the comprehension of a single human being. The increasing popularity of the Internet as a business tool can be attributed to current size and projected growth, as well as its attractive demographics. The...
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The Steps in Developing a Website
1. What are the three areas that need to be researched before you can begin developing a website? a. How to develop a Web site tat stands out b. How to identify your audience c. Which new Web technologies you should incorporate In what ways can a search engine help in this research? A search engine in many ways can be...
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An Overview of the Project of Making a Website for Beauty-Card Enterprise
Beauty-Card is a fast growing enterprise.  In the Montgomery city where we began it a year ago, we have been able to sale up to 1 million cards for all occasions, e.g. birthdays Christmas and wishes cards.  We have realized that we have more opportunities in the rest of the states. We therefore need to expand this unique bu...
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An Analysis of a Website
This website has a large amount of information, and is customer-oriented, but in my opinion there is too much to look for, and you can get lost among its details. The design is very pleasant though, and the presence of social media tools shows the owners’ awareness of importance of online marketing and promotion campaign, w...
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An Analysis of Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing - Analysis Of Several Web Sites
Over the past few years, with the help of modern technology, people have obtained access to virtually anything they desire at the simple click of a mouse button. Now, information can be accessed through various websites without having to visit a library, go to a store, a fr...
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An Overview of the Online Website Amazon and Their Amazing Trading Capabilities
Can Amazon Survive an Economic Downturn? ABSTRACT: is the largest online retailer. Amazon has yet to produce a profit and it has seen its market capitalization drop tremendously over the past year. Without any profits and no cash, Amazon will be doomed for failure. Can Amazon survive an economic downturn by bec...
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