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Muslims Essay Examples

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The Difficulties Muslims Need to Deal With Before and On Hajj
  There are a few difficulties Muslims need to deal with before and on Hajj.A common difficulty is if the Muslims are ill. They may send someone else on their behalf. If a Muslim cannot go on Hajj because of unavoidable circumstances there is still niyyah. This means the intention to go on Hajj.Difficulties may occur if...
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Issues Facing Muslims in North America and Europe
What are some of the issues facing Muslims living in non-majority Muslim countries today, particularly in North America and Europe?Muslim issues in society can be viewed in multiple ways while it is mostly affected by religion, local economiesand responses to social crises and disasters. An example of this would be how Nort...
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Redeeming the Lost Identity among Muslims
Muslims living at this time are living through an era full of chaos and
corruption. Their faith is being tested, as they face problem after
problem. Among the countless challenges Muslims face today, one major
problem we must encounter is an identity crisis. Most Muslims experience
such a time, wherein they want to neglect...
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An Essay on the Troubled Relationship between the Muslims and the Jews
The Jews have had a long troubled relationship with the Muslims for many years. Many people do not realize that these two groups used to live in peace together; in fact they once respected each others religious beliefs. When Muhammad founded Islam he taught that it was important to believe in one God, just as the Jews. Muha...
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A Description of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi Dictator as a Ruthless Despot Who Has Brought Enormous Misery on His Own People
"Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator is a ruthless despot who has brought enormous misery on his own people. It is a pity he remains in power..." (Finley ). The tension between Iran and Iraq had deep roots. Long-standing major problems included rivalries between the minority Sunni Muslims who dominated Iraq and th...
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An Analysis of the Conflict Between the Christians and the Muslims
The conflict between the Christians and the Muslims began months ago in the southern Maluku island of Ambon. Dozens of people on both sides were being killed weekly. As a result, Indonesia is now rife with refugee camps. But why is there conflict between them? The answers because of ethnic and religious tensions that slowly...
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An Introduction to the History and an Analysis of Muslims
Innocence of Muslims is a satirical anti-Muslim video created and produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian- American based in Los Angeles, California. The video is fourteen minutes long and, therefore, better referred to as a trailer rather than a feature film. However, there is a full feature film, to which Innoce...
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A Greater Hate for the Muslims
The treatment of Muslims has changed greatly after the 9/11 terror attack on America that left almost three thousand people dead. The situation has been different for the U.S citizens and resident aliens who are Muslims, those seeking to enter the United States and aliens within the U.S who are Muslims. Discrimination has b...
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An Overview of Three Major Areas of Change and Conflicts Among Muslims
CONFLICTS AMONG MUSLIMS Muslims were faced with numerous problems after Mohammed’s death. This was mainly due to the fact that Mohammed had not set rules of how the Umma should operate. He had never said anything about how authority should be established, and also on what grounds it should be based on. This essay will desc...
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Islam and Multiculturalism
What is happening today in European countries is the concern of
multiculturalism failure in society. The minority that is always
implicitly target is the Islamic. The controversy around Islamic been
self segregated and not interrogated into the society has rise concern
among the European. This discourse issue has been circu...
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