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My Passion Essay Examples

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Different Definitions of Passion
Passion is a distinct characteristic that not every person has the opportunity to experience. When one is said to have passion, that means that this person is driven and full of enthusiasm. Passion can be expressed in many different ways, and in many different situations. The dictionary has several definitions for the word...
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The Passion of Joan of Arc: The Aesthetics of Passion and Betrayal
The Aesthetics of Passion and Betrayal In The Passion of Joan of Arc, Carl Theodor Dreyer uses the visuality of spatial relationships in each shot with the human face and its ability to convey unspoken emotion in his portrayal of the demise of Joan of Arc. Unlike most film, the message is almost entirely told by just the e...
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A Personal Reflection on a Burning Desire to Become a Truck Driver
On my long successful road in life, I never thought I would desire to
become a truck driver. I once had many dreams, but when it all boiled
down truck driving was my only passion. With alot on a young teenager's
mind, there were many things put before me in which I had to overcome,
but by the grace of God I accomplished mo...
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Holding a Successful Conversation
Life is unpredictable. We human are very good at understanding the past
but are terrible when it comes to understanding the future. A historian
for example is a real and quite a respectable profession, but the same
cannot be said to be true for a futurist. That does not mean however that predicting what would happen in th...
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My Passion in Writing
Many people of all ages have a fear of writing. For some, it borders on a phobia. College students are no exception. However for those of us seeking higher education, a fear of writing presents a special dilemma: writing is an integral part of being successful in the college setting. This makes many adults choose to forgo c...
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Why I Want to Become a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
Having a passion for children and education and a calling for assisting
them with enhancing their academic, emotional, mental and social well
being, it is my greatest ambition to become a Licensed Specialist in
School Psychology (LSSP). I want to identify and to address learning
disabilities that interfere with academic ac...
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Factors That Influence My Career Choice
My career choice is led by a number of factors that have occurred in my life. I am currently pursuing a degree in nursing. Growing up I always wanted to be a nurse. My passion for nursing became stronger when my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. Later, in high school I took a healthcare class and then became a Certified N...
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What I Am Passionate About
I am passionate about many activities, one of which is helping others. I have had many opportunities to assist others. Over the summer I am able to spend a number of weeks at Sky Lake as a volunteer counselor. Through volunteer counseling, I provided elementary campers as well as special needs adults with a fun filled week...
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What Sparked My Passion and Interest in Geology
My career of choice follows the cliché of being born to do said occupation. At the age of five rocks stopped being just objects on the ground I stepped on. They became items that I wanted to hold in my hand, investigate, and most importantly collect. At such a young age my rock collection was nothing magnificent, mainly con...
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My Passion
My arms tired, i breathe in with the rest of the band, then...
blast! noise surrounds us. while one arm softly descends down
the violin guided by a bow, the other places fingers just right
to make just the perfect note. I glance at the director, then
the music. Then the song ends with a woodwind trill and violin
vibrato, af...
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Why I Am Ready for the Challenges That I Will Face in Law School
Through high school I was actively involved in student government, I
made honor roll every semester, and I contributed to the community in
various ways. While I enjoy acknowledging these accomplishments, I must
say that my true passion was volleyball and my dream was to play
volleyball at the collegiate level. That is why...
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How Winning This Scholarship Will Help Me Attain My Goals
I am a sophomore at Atholton High School in Columbia Maryland, and I
have big dreams. How will winning this scholarship help me attain my
goals? Well my parents always asked me what I wanted to be when I got
older, I always knew that I wanted to have a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN). Because this is a career...
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Things That Inspire Me
When I think of things that inspire it’s not just one person, it’s a whole group of people. Music. That was my inspiration. It seems kind of cliché because everybody has that one song with a crazy beat that pumps them up for a game or that one soft melody that calms you down as the tears stream down your face. But music has...
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Passion for Sports
“The last QB to win MVP and Superbowl was Kurt Warner,” I say out loud. No more than ten seconds later, the analyst on ESPN says the same exact fact. The reality is that I have been following professional sports leagues since my dad took me to my first baseball game at age five. My life revolves around sports and all I...
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Why I Am Passionate about Learning
Below are three questions that capture the warrior spirit in all of us. Check 'em out, select your favorite and be sure to have fun! Overly serious essays are not welcome in the Weird World of Wonderful Scholarships.1) Create your own superhero Add an original poem - the topic for this scholarship slam is completely open...
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Passion, Pain, and Color Guard
Smack! My tooth was cracked, but I did not care once so ever. Because I loved it so much too where I was not even worried how much physical pain it caused me. This newfound love of thrilling, this heart dropping, attention grabbing and storytelling activity, and mine would be color guard. Have no idea what guard is you say,...
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Analyzing Crimes of Passion in Literature
A crime of passion refers to a criminal act in which the perpetrator commits a crime against someone because of sudden strong impulses brought on by emotions. Authors have used crimes of passion as themes for literary works since the beginning of time. The underlying focus in many of these works is the universal emotion o...
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My Passion in Art
I never though art will be something that I will enjoy or something that I will be interesting on. Everything started when I came to this country five years ago. I used to draw back in my country but didn't know it will become this far. I will draw every time I got the chance too, everyone enjoy seen my work and that gave m...
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The Importance of Soccer to Bosnians
122 ENG-105 Profile Rough Draft 10/09/14 Passion It was a chilly Monday night in November. Busch Stadium was filled with 30,397 highly energetic fans who were screaming their heads off and stomping their feet in harmony. 30,000 of those fans were our very own Bosnians rooting for their home team. With each move, the cr...
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The Passionately Religious Writings of Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor
Authors Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylors passionately religious writings represent typical literature of the seventeenth century period. Genuine religious concerns are found in all the writings of the Puritans; in fact, they mainly write either to privately express religious beliefs or to share them with others. Written i...
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A Biography of Mohandas Gandhi
Few people in this world have ever had as much of an effect on our world as Mohandas Gandhi, he was born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, West India. He became one of the most respected, spiritual and political leaders of the 1900's. Mohandas Gandhi even received a name of Mahatma, which means soul force and Satyagraha wh...
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The Main Factors Describing Love in a Relationship
When Harry met Sally pheromones were flying through the air and they were forever damned to feel an attraction to one another, no matter what the situation or how much they chose to blind themselves toward what they felt for each other. This was the beginning of a romantic love and they progressed into this category further...
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Martyrdom of Vibia Perpetua in Joyce E. Salisbury's Perpetua's Passion
"Perpetua's Passion", written by Joyce E. Salisbury, studies the third-century martyrdom of a young woman, Vibia Perpetua. Salisbury follows Perpetua from her youth in a wealthy Roman household to her imprisonment and death in the arena while describing conflicting ideas of religion, family, and gender. Based on her book, S...
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Thought on Love in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
Some people will do anything for love. They will cheat, steal, lie, and even give up their life. In some cases they will sacrifice their dreams just to make them happy. This is what real, pure, unselfish love is. In "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare, Viola, disguised as a man, has found herself in love with her maste...
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An Analysis of Lust and Passion Ideas in The Storm by Kate Chopin
SD 1 The Storm Since the beginning of time, men and women have felt passion for each other. As time has past, many authors have written about the overwhelming feelings that can occur between humans and the power of lust. It is the search for pleasure, for feeling alive, and for feeling like a passionate human being....
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