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My Sophomore Year Essay Examples

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A Typical College Student Diary: Books Read through the Four Years
People label one another because of that person’s appearance. Many people make judgments and beliefs about that person before they even get to know them. For many humans this is an action that comes naturally and almost everyone is aware that it goes on day by day. People mainly target the new, unfamiliar faces, or people t...
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My Determination to Succeed
The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.Richard Brinsley Sheridan I tried out for my high school baseball team sophomore year. I went into the tryout confident and perhaps that was what lead to my failure. During Freshman year, I pitched in about eight games and played very well in most of them. I thought t...
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How My English Teacher Has Changed My Life
Prior to high school, I was an average student in the classroom, decent
work with decent grades. To be honest I was in fact a lazy student. I
was very involved in sports and never really made the time to put in my
studies. I was always told that as long I was passing I was okay. Ever
since then I went my own way. It wasn't...
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Failure: A Temporary Setback, Not a Permanent Encumbrance
Denis Waitley, the great motivational speaker, quoted, ``Failure should
be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is
a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid
only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.'' (qtd. in Failure, an inevitable par...
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My Experience Learning English
Freshman English has been a very eye opening experience so far. I
transferred my sophomore year; therefore I never took English as a
freshman at Ursula. Being a senior in AP English, I can see how the
curriculum is set to help a student progress throughout the years. While
observing the class, I can see how important it is...
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My Experience While Working with Habitat for Humanity
Service work, of any kind, is a great way to step outside of your average self and put others first for a change. If you look at it from an enthusiastic perspective of helping the needy, instead of doing mandatory school service hours, you will truly get the most out of the experience. This is what I found while participati...
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A Meaningful Experience in My Life That Will Help Me through College Life
Sophomore year was indubitably the lowest point of my life because I was
the victim of sexual harassment and cyber bullying through Facebook by
three girls that I considered my best friends. Those three ``friends''
wrote hurtful posts making fun of me, uploaded embarrassing pictures of
me without my consent, and spread lies...
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Why I Am Interested in Joining Sarah Lawrence College
My sophomore year, I took a stage make-up course after school. My
instructor, Maria, taught me how create various face paintings - from
Hollywood goddess to Frankenstein. Besides the regular make-up course,
she taught me a life lesson, make-up does not show what is real. My search for different schools has been very diff...
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The Quest to Improve My Writing Skills
To say that I have always enjoyed writing would be a lie. I dreaded writing assignments in elementary school. The thought of having to write and possibly read aloud made my skin crawl. It wasn’t only the writing, but also that I had to listen to other kids read while waiting my turn made me want to saw off my ears. I rolled...
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A Description of the Sophomore Year
Sophomore year, Michael and his friends are all suited up for try-outs and they are excited. They had all grown up watching the team play and knew that they had a reputation of being great. One of their friends, Tim Klements had made the team his freshman year, now he was standing with all of the seniors and giving dirty gl...
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