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Nationalist Essay Examples

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Turkish Denial of the 1915 Armenian Genocide
Genocide has occurred since ancient times. When a group or a nation conquered another group, it was common practice to kill all the mencivilians and soldiers bothof the conquered group. In the 20th century mass killing increasingly became a part of some nations ways to achieve political goals. During World War I (1914-191...
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An Essay on Hitler's Dictatorship
The question of if Hitler was able to be a strong dictator lays in the arguments of functional and intentionalists. A functional argument is the belief that Hitler didn't have a plan but used what was in front of him to his advantage, and an Intentional view is that Hitler had a plan and stuck by his plan therefore leading...
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The Failure of the Kuomintang, the Nationalist Party of China in 1949
In 1949, the Nationalist party of China, the Kuomintang (KMT), fled from mainland China after a civil war with the Chinese Communist Party. The KMT's failure was due to poor management and widespread corruption within the party. In 1912, the last Chinese Emperor abdicated, with many parts of China resisting Imperial rule...
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The History of the National Socialist Germany Workers' Party in Germany
Until 1929 the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or NSDAP), as the Nazi Party was officially called, was a small political party. Then, in the parliamentary elections of 1930, the party received more than 18 percent of the total votes cast, compared to about 2.5 percen...
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The Factors That Lead to World War I
In June 1914, Franz Ferdinand the Arch Duke and heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and his wife, were assassinated while on an official visit to Sarajevo. The group responsible for this was a Serbian Nationalist movement which had ties with the Serbian government. The Austrian government saw this as an opportunity to cru...
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The Bonds of Family Are Stronger Than Any Material Things Can Provide
All the time people face problems during there life. Most of the time the problems that people come across are very minimal and can be dealt with very easily and quickly. People do not appreciate what they have. When your parent packs your lunch and you are disappointed with what you receive, think about the people in other...
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A Biography of Malcolm X One of the Biggest Left Wing Activists and a Symbol of the Power of the Black Community
Malcolm X remains one of the most known left wing activists, not only of his time, but also today. He is measured to be one of the liveliest Black Nationalist leaders of our country and a symbol of the power of the black community. Malcolm X saw a need for a dramatic, fundamental, and structural change. However many of the...
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An Analysis of the Indian Mutiny
HOW SHOULD THE INDIAN MUTINY BE CHARACTERISED? SHOULD IT BE SEEN AS A POST PACIFICATION REVOLT, A NATIONALIST UPRISING, OR AS A WAR OF INDEPENDENCE? Any discussion on the reasons behind the Indian mutiny needs to be preceded by what the mutiny actually was. While mutinies and revolts were not uncommon in India at this...
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A Biography of Nehru an Indian Nationalist Leader and the First Prime Minister of Independent India
Indian nationalist leader and statesman, who was the first prime minister (1947-64) of independent India. Nehru was born on November 14, 1889, the son of a wealthy Brahman lawyer from Kashmir. He went to England at the age of 16 and was educated at the Harrow School and at the University of Cambridge. Returning to India...
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American Involvement in the Vietnam War in 1968
American Involvement In Vietnam, 1968. Many people wonder how the Americans managed to become involved in a war 10,000 miles away from their native continent, but the initial reasons for U.S. involvement in Vietnam seemed logical and compelling to American leaders. Following its success in World War II, the United States...
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