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Origin Of Blues Essay Examples

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A Brief History of the Blues and Its Social Implications in the United States
A Brief History of the Blues Joseph Machlis says that the blues is a native American musical and verse form, with no direct European and African antecedents of which we know. (p. 578) In other words, it is a blending of both traditions. Something special and entirely different from either of its parent traditions. (Alt...
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A Biography of the Life and Times of William Christopher Handy
William Christopher Handy Handy was an American black composer and compiler of "BLUES" music. He was born in Florence, Alabama. He was educated at the Negro Agricultural and Mechanical College near Huntsville, Alabama. He was the son of former slaves. He was educated in the public schools and by his fathe...
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A History of Blues Music's Discovery and Its Innovations Through Time
Sarah Anne Stevenson Dave Stockum English Language and Comprehension 20 November 1999 Blues Music and its influence on integration From years 1505 to 1870, the world underwent the largest forced migration in history: West Africa was soon to be convulsed by the arrival of Europeans and become the advent of the transat...
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How the American Troops Brought the Blues Home Following the First World War
Some 'bluesologists' claim (rather dubiously), that the first blues song that was ever written down was 'Dallas Blues,' published in 1912 by Hart Wand, a white violinist from Oklahoma City. (Tanner 40) The blues form was first popularized about 1911-14 by the black composer W.C. Handy (1873-1958). However, the poetic and mu...
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A Comparison of Country Blues and City Blues
Country Blues vs. City Blues Blues is a musical form that emerged as early as the 1870's and stemmed from the hardships the African slaves encountered in the New World. At this time, the blues were largely universal in their lyrics, melodies, and phrasing, leaving very few stylistic differences between one blues artist and...
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The Concepts of the Blues in Relation to the Idea of Depression Since the Elizabethan Era
Concepts of the Blues Most of what we hear today, in essence, probably developed from the blues. The word "blue" has been associated with the idea of melancholia or depression since the Elizabethan era. To have the blues meant that you had a depressed mood or felt things that weren't going your way. The American...
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A Paper on Slavery from Year 1505 to 1870
Da Bluez From years 1505 to 1870, the world underwent the largest forced migration in history. West Africa was soon to be convulsed by the arrival of Europeans and become the advent of the transatlantic slave trade. Ships from Europe, bound for America, appeared on the horizon, and their captains and sailors-carrying musk...
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Empress of the Blues: Life and Works of Bessie Smith
When it comes to influential people in the 1920's, Bessie Smith not only takes a slice of the cake, but her face is plastered into the frosting. She had an exciting life, which transported her into singing the blues. Before she was known as the "Empress of the Blues", her life began when she was born an African A...
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An Analysis of "Sonny's Blues"
Sonnys Blues By James Baldwin Sonnys Blues the author is presenting the past from the perspective of the present in order to understand his own feelings concerning the role of a father. The two brothers in the story had different life choices. Both Sonny and the narrator have found their own mode of escaping the violence an...
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A Biography of Bessie Smith, One of the Greatest Blues Singers
Bessie Smith, the greatest and most influential classic blues singer of the 1920s was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her date of birth is uncertain and is variously given as April 15, 1894-6, 1898, and 1900. The first major blues and jazz singer on record and one of the most powerful of all time, Bessie Smith rightly earne...
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