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Overcoming Difficulities Essay Examples

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Moving Away from the Past: Analysis of Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Wiliams
The Wingfield family is a family living in a world of illusion. They are abandoned by their husband and father sixteen years prior. Now forced to live a life they did not anticipate, each member lives in their own private world. In this world, Tom, Amanda, and Laura find meaning and comfort that the real world does not offe...
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Conquering Fear
Fear is something everyone feels at some point in their life. Fear is a feeling that your body produces in dangerous, threatening, or scary situations. It is the ability to identify danger and make a choice to either confront that fear or flee from the situation. That choice is completely up to the victim, and depends on th...
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My Personal Challenge
Describe a personal challenge or obstacle and why you view it as such. How have you dealt with it? What have you learned from it? (300 word
maximum) During my last days at Mason I learnt that my father was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. The first thing that crossed my mind was
to finish my education a...
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Winning the Big Game
Perseverance. For most, it means the ability for an individual to persevere, or to do something despite the hardships, the struggles, and the sacrifices. For me, it’s something a little more. Let me go back to August 18th, 2010, a date that I soon won’t forget. I was a junior playing my first-ever varsity football game und...
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Strength from Being Paralyzed
The last step I ever took was on the 24th April 2004 as I pushed away
from a rockface to begin an abseil. Between then and now I've spent my life trying to create a synergy
between being paralysed from the waist down and an indefatigable desire
for freedom and adventure. It's now been seven years since I was winched
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My Life Experiences and How They Have Helped Me Develop as an Adult
Identify and describe at least three (3) groups that you are or have been in association with and how these experiences have helped you develop as an adult. How will your life experiences prove to be beneficial as you begin your degree program? (Group memberships can include but are not limited to clubs, athletic organizat...
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Lt. Colonel Mark Fassio: A Person Who Has Had Great Influence in My Life
Someone who has always been there for me when I have needed him is Lt. Colonel Mark Fassio. He’s been there for me through all the hard times and the good times, He’s a wonderful person all around, with all the days I felt like I could never count on anyone he’s always there to fix it. Even now this man is still a BIG part...
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My Learning Experience at DHSMS
I remember receiving a big yellow envelope in the mail back in August of 2009. It was a registration packet, not paying attention to the sender's address, I opened it. I realized it was coming from DHSMS and not my regular school NNC. I pondered a few seconds about why I had received this packet. At first I didn’t worry, I...
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Overcoming a Very Difficult Life Experience
Growing up, my mother had always worked incessantly to make ends meet considering the fact that she was single and had nobody else to depend on. The constant empty seat at ballet recitals, sporting events, even graduations allowed me to transform from a child to a young woman. In the eighth grade, I remember coming home t...
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Experiences That Changed My Life
Life can take people in different twists and turns. One little incident can change the course of a person’s being. Even with these changes, it is how one deals with them that can make them stronger. I have faced challenges that have changed me, but I am continually trying to overcome them. At first everything was perfectly...
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The Damages of Bullying
What does it feel to be trapped? What does it feel to not be able to find the exit? Trapped within the confines of a place in which the existence of a human being has been define to a certain group, that hold its own unique set of expectations. Groups that have the big distinction that as people they are different within t...
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Benefits of Person-Centered Approach to Older Clients
We are individuals. We possess characteristics that are unique to us
all. Moreover, we have the potential within ourselves to overcome
obstacles that come our way and become the best person that we can
become. Everyone has the ability for enlightenment of self. These are
the resonating thoughts of the humanistic/person-ce...
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An Analysis of the Story Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Imagine the feeling of being completely alone where no one can hear your
cries for help, where no one can see you or begin to understand your
pain, and where your once perfect and happy life is suddenly crumbling
apart. Welcome to Brain's world, a thirteen year old boy who's parents
are going through a bad divorce that ulti...
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Lessons I Learned From a Life Changing Experience
Sometimes life changing experience can be a good teaching method to learn from. Overcoming obstacles in my life has helped me to contribute to who I am as an individual, a mother, and a student. My life experience has taught me to make better decision, embrace new challenges in my path, and contribute positive methods to...
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Growing up Young
Throughout my childhood, innocent certainly was not my middle name.
Leaping out of the classroom window with a few classmates to avoid
boredom after taking a test seemed like a brilliant plan, at the time.
Sitting in the classroom having to read after taking a three hour long
assessment was not my idea of a good time. When...
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Importance of Dance
Hannah loves to dance and Her life wouldn't be the same without it. Without music dance wouldn't be possible. When I started dance, we danced to the song Dynamite by Oyez. It brings back a lot of memories because my best friend and I joined dance together, and that is the first song we danced to. My old best friend Katelyn...
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College Application Essay
In all of our ventures through life, everyone has had difficulties and challenges that may have inhibited success and proper development. There are some people that resolved these obstacles and were quick to cope with them, even some that thrived despite them. While it did take me some time, I eventually overcame the major...
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How Overcoming Various Obstacles Made Me Feel Stronger and More Confident about Myself
Going through high school for four years can make anyone realize
how much they can change as an individual and mature, over come
obstacles tofinally reach success and fulfill goals. In my
personal experience struggling through my self-confidence and
trying to overcome procrastination with my school work
inhibited me from di...
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The Tragic Vision
No one knows when hell is coming their way. It can happen in blink of an eye, and before you know it something crazy happens. Hell came my way June six at seven AM. I was at home getting ready to go on our family trip to upstate New York to visit my grandmother. As I was taking my loggias to the van I had a vision that some...
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Teenagers Making Choices
With how the world is constantly changing, there are always arguments about teenagers needing guidance and teenagers being able to make their own decisions. Decision making as a teenager is very important to the parents and also to the teenager. Whether it is about what a teenager wants to wear or their planned out future,...
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How Failure Aids Success
You learn from your failures to succeed and when you fail you will learn what you’re doing wrong which will lead to success. People see Michael Jordan as a huge success in the world, but what people don’t see is what he had to go through to get where he is today. He is humble for what he has and doesn’t take anything for g...
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Difficulties of Being a Single Parent
I would have never thought being a single parent would be so hard. Growing up I lived with both parents, they were happily married and had a life that I always wanted to live. My mother and father were always there for me when I needed them the most. Still to this day they are there to help me out when I need them. In 2007...
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The Most Frightening Day of my Life
By definition, fear is a negative feeling induced by a personal perception to threat or danger. Although felt by everyone, fear is a very strong feeling that causes unease to all and is not likely to be enjoyed by any. There are many days which cause fear just with the thought of anticipation, such as a surgery appointment,...
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Describing My Family History
Both of my parents migrated to the US in order to find a better life but have found themselves struggling to make ends meet. My father never finished high school and my mother graduated from high school in Illinois but stopped her education there. As of today no one on my dad’s side of the family has managed to make it to a...
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Learning Childhood Lessons
When one is little every thing seams like it means the world. Children
behave as though any little adversity the face is the great wall of
china and as if each promise was a solemn oath. I know for myself that
when I was young every thing was classified in one way or another and
there was nothing that I wasn't taught that...
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