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Personal Passions Essay Examples

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A Personal Account of the Three Main Passions in Life
Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: a connection with nature, meaningful relationships, and the search for understanding. Three passions, have carved the path I have walked and will continue to guide me on my life’s journey. I have sought a connection with nature, first, because it...
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My Passion on Photography
One's passion is a true source of individual personality. My passions are hard to feel through reading about them, but I will take a shot at my one passion that is worth a serious attempt. I love photography. I live photography, and in fact, we all do. Photography is any moment of our lives captured to last forever. The wh...
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The Passions of Andrew Jackson by Andrew Burstein Review
The Passions of Andrew Jackson, written by Andrew Burstein, is the story of the life of President and General Andrew Jackson. Burstein tries to portray Jackson's life without prejudice. In the book's preface, Burstein says that Jackson's other biographers, namely Robert Remini tend to try to make a hero out of Jackson and t...
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The Life and Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
<ul><li>Born: March 21, 1685
<li>Died: July 28, 1750
<li>Birthplace: Eisanach, Germany <li>Age at Death: 65</ul> Biography
Born at Eisenach, in Thuringia, he came of a distinguished musical family. At 15 he became a chorister at Luneburg and at 19 organist at Arnstadt. Subsequent appoin...
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An Analysis of the American Dream in Regards to the African Passions
How the American Dream can ruin a relationship in the text African Passions In every ethnic group there is what you may call and American Dream. The American dream some can define as the US ideal according to which equal opportunity permits any American to aspire to high attainment and potential success. In my opinion Ame...
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The Life and Accomplishments of Rene Descartes
Rene Descartes lived from 1596 to 1650. He was a French mathematician, philosopher, and anatomist. He contributed to modern ideas, mainly those associated with science, rational thought, and the scientific method.
He was born in La Haye, a city in central France. His father was a lawyer and left him an annual income for lif...
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A Literary Analysis of the Morality of Passions by Nietzsche
The Morality of Passions by Nietzsche presents a view of man s relationship with passion contrary to the tradition and thought of major religion and proclaimed moral gurus. His main criticism of the way the church deals with passion is that it does not suggest spiritualizing the feelings that we all have approaching them as...
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An Overview of Simone Weil Detachment Article
Simone Weil DETACHMENT A simple affliction does not cause a person to detach him or herself from the world. It has to be affliction that goes unattached or untreated. God gave up everything and we should also if we want to know god. If we get ride of all of our worldly passions (attachments) then we can know god. In order...
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People Are Ruled by Passions of Everyday Life
People are ruled by passions every day of life. Everyone would like to be calm and decisive, but sometimes people cannot help to be influenced by their emotions. Euripides play, Medea, shows us this passion. Throughout the play, the characters are unmistakably ruled by their emotions. The outcomes of each of them derive fro...
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An Introduction to the Literary Analysis of the Work of Rene Descartes
While the great philosophical distinction between mind and body in western thought can be traced to the Greeks, it is to the seminal work of René Descartes (1596-1650) [see figure 1], French mathematician, philosopher, and physiologist, that we owe the first systematic account of the mind/body relationship. Descartes was bo...
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Passions in the Forest in the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Passions in the Forest A look at nature in the scarlet letter Laws set up boundaries and, when enforced, ultimately create order. In the Puritan's society these laws and boundaries are very strict with extreme consequences, which came from their strong religious beliefs. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne not onl...
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The Theme of Passion and Tradition in Nietzsche 'The Morality of Passions'
The Morality of Passions by Nietzsche presents a view of man s relationship with passion contrary to the tradition and thought of major religion and proclaimed moral gurus. His main criticism of the way the church deals with passion is that it does not suggest spiritualizing the feelings that we all have approaching them as...
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Leadership and Its Role in Modern Healthcare
Leadership is the ability to engage, inspire, motivate, and support others through setting examples and mentoring others. A Leader must be connected and aware of their abilities and values while being able to identify their personal challenges. Displaying confidence in your leadership approach will allow for others to tru...
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A Personal Recount on Things the Author Carries with Him in School
As usually every day of my life I must carry something in my wallet in somewhere of my bag, they might be some utensils, as an eraser, books, etc. But among the most important things I carry with me are those things, which I keep a great respect, or some things that their value have a great meaning in my life. On a normal...
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Ethics in the Work of Personal Trainers
In our modern society a personal trainer is often though of as a bulky body builder who flirts with all his female clients just trying to get some. As a personal trainer in today's fitness world we must try to establish a new stereotype as educated and fit professionals. One of the main ways of doing this is to conduct busi...
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Every Person Has Their Own Problems
Impressions It smells horrendous, it tastes dreadful, and it feels disgraceful. It is as if an enormous boxer struck you in the head and knocked you out, it's the feeling that everybody hates, defeat. Except my opponent was not a physical being it was something that I could not explain. You think that the one with t...
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The Development and Changes in the Person Computer (PC) Over the Years
Computers are found in practically every household today. Everywhere you look, people have access to a Personal Computer, someway or another. As computers get more advanced, the demand for a better computer gets greater. Personal Computer (PC), machine capable of repetitively and quickly performing calculations and instruc...
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The Development and History of Personal Computers
A Long Way From Univac Adv. Eng. 9 Computers Can you imagine a world without computers? You most probably interact with some form of a computer every day of your life. Computers are the most important advancement our society has ever seen. They have an interesting history, many interesting inner components, they are...
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Fallacy of Personal Attack
Fallacy of Personal Attack The fallacy of personal attack involves assaulting the arguer rather than the argument. This fallacy is very common. Personal attack is like not accepting a argument because of the way one looks or because they eat seafood any you do not. This form of rejection is not logical. There are thre...
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Trusting Life to God
How my trust in God reveals the ability to have a loving relationship, placing God at the center of my life, gifts me with the ability to have healthy relationships, Appling tolerance, patience and loving kindness. Appling tolerance, I have found with my struggles in relationships more times than not, I wanted to...
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College Application Essay
In all of our ventures through life, everyone has had difficulties and challenges that may have inhibited success and proper development. There are some people that resolved these obstacles and were quick to cope with them, even some that thrived despite them. While it did take me some time, I eventually overcame the major...
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A Short Story of a Personal Trainer
Driven to Death Seven a.m. strikes and off goes the disturbing sound of the loud
alarm. As the first few seconds of the alarm plays on, I
desperately try to find my pink, antiquated LG cell phone so I
can press the OFF button with only one eye open. Then, I
collapse on my bed once more, my motto keeps me from sleeping:
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What True Friendship Means to Me
I'm looking for him, have you seen him? I'm sorry, you can see him, but only I can hear him. Some say that friends are hard to find, but I think that true friends are like treasures, always hard to find. Friends are people that are always honest to you and are loyal. They always have your back and are people that you can tr...
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Analysis of a Personal Essay
Gerard Jones’s essay is more desirable than Sissela Bok’s essay because he gives sympathetic examples by utilizing personal experience, makes use of soft tone, and insists on his stance clearly. Gerard Jones’s personal experiences in essay are more effective in making reader feel sympathetic and interesting, while Sissela...
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My Hair
Throughout my life, I’ve always had a companion by my side, through thick and thin, through the good and the bad, forever growing and changing as I have. I am referring to none other then my hair, and everyone values their hair differently, and no two beings’ hair is the same, nor will their hair go through the same changes...
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