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Personal Statement Essay Examples

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An Analysis of a Personal Life Statement
I believe that the following statements are very true for my personal mission statement. Hear both sides before judging. This statement most people should remember. So often people judge and say what they are thinking at the spur of the moment before really thinking the situation over and hear other sides before speaking. I...
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The Creative Writing, Faith Statement
FAITH STATEMENT An introduction to my life. In my eyes i have led a decent life . I grew up in a nice safe neighborhood and was nurtured and loved for by everyone around me. I have nothing to complain about, I've been privileged to have such loving parents. Now in reality my sugar coated life started turning sour at the a...
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An Analysis of Financial Statements and Financial Ratios
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A financial statement is an official record of the financial actions of a business. The financial statements enable a busine...
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An Analysis of the Elements of Financial Statements
Chapter 4 — Recognition in financial statements Having defined the elements of financial statements in Chapter 3, the Statement of Principles turns next to their recognition. Whilst only items that meet those definitions should be recognised, not every item that does so should necessarily be recognised. Recognition is very...
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College Application Essay
In all of our ventures through life, everyone has had difficulties and challenges that may have inhibited success and proper development. There are some people that resolved these obstacles and were quick to cope with them, even some that thrived despite them. While it did take me some time, I eventually overcame the major...
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Personal Statement of Goals
My mother had me at a very young age. She witnessed the difficulty of raising a child and trying to finish school. Her experience led her to create a path for me to follow, to make sure I would not follow in her footsteps. Because of her, I am in the Top 10% of my class, in several Honor Societies, and will be the first per...
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Short Essays on Personal Experiences
ESSAY 1: Many of my peers have tried to sway me from taking Biology Honors because they believed that the class was too difficult, and although I respected their concerns I felt that any subject could be conquered with the right tactics. From the first day of Dr. Butler-Pearson’s biology class, I already had my plan worke...
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A Personal Statement for the National Merit Competition on Academic and Sports Program
Personal Statement for the National Merit Competition. This was written by the BigNerd himself."Would you please get the mail," my mother implored as I entered the door. Heading towards the mailbox, I wondered if I would find daily assortment of bills and catalogues or something interesting addressed to me. To my...
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A Personal Journey Towards Becoming a Lawyer
Personal Statement Two weeks had already passed and I began to realize the strike would most likely continue on into the next week as well. I was anxious for the only strike in the ninety-year history of UPS to be over. The first week was almost a novelty, a rather large social event with my fellow workers. As the days pas...
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Application Essay
I am Supriya, 31 years old, mother of two young boys and wife of a
lovable husband. I hold a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. I
graduated in the year 2002 from SRM College of physiotherapy, India. I
work as a Physical therapist in USA, since October 2010 with Rehability
Care. I live in Valley Stream, New York. My hobb...
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Graduate Student Application to the University of Miami
Since my childhood I am interested in literary and linguistic issues,
more precisely on multilingualism. In fact, I grew up in the French
Guyana. This European outpost in Latin America - almost a paradox to
call it this way - has French as its official language and therefore I
am a native speaker of French. However, there a...
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About Me
I was born on the beautiful spring morning of 18 September 1993, a date that predestines me as a Virgo under the Zodiac philosophy, thus I am expected to have an analytical and systematic approach to life and to enjoy order, lists and wholesomeness. Thankfully, I have never put much weight into ideology that categorises hum...
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Personal Statement
As a young child, many projected that my learning abilities would not blossom or even equate to much because of my learning disability. Nonetheless, I became the first woman of three generations not to be on welfare or any type of government assistance in my family. I am the first woman in my family to not have to struggle,...
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Personal Statement for Studying Physics or Engineering
At Standard Grade, the enthusiasm and dedication of a new teacher opened my
eyes to the world of physics. She made me excited to explore what physics
has to offer, as well as developing my science skills. Throughout my
studies, I have developed skills in working independently and being
responsible for my own learning. The A...
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Personal Statement for the Art Institute of Michigan
Ever since I was a little girl i have been inspired and entertained by art. I would sit in my grandmas art studio and be mezmorized by watching her paint the most beautiful things. Since i was 6 years old I have known what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I got older I realized that in order to get where I wante...
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Application for Medical School
John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” As a freshman at the University of Georgia, this quote constantly reminds me that education never stops. When I first entered high school, I always asked myself this question, “What are you going to be in the future when it’s all said a...
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Dreams of College Study
My dream is to major in Business Administration, and my father's in law
dream is to make me change my decision to major in Engineering. I have
always dreaming about being businessman. But my father in law has
another attitude about Business Administration. He believes that
Business Administration is competitive major and hi...
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What I Bring to My English Class
I bring a lot of elements in to English three yet have countless obstacles to face. English isn’t my best subject but if I try I can succeed. I have my abilities and my resources in English but I also have challenges to face. With obstacles you also I have to find a way to deal with them, after you deal with them you also h...
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Obstacles I've Overcome
Every child comes from a different world which shapes who they are as an individual. One must overcome the challenges these worlds present in order to secure a better future. I come from a family of immigrants, who came to this country to give their children a better future. Ever since a young age my parents have always s...
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Analysis of Joy Luck Club
Who am I? What is my purpose? These are questions humans ask themselves every day. The women in the novel Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, do the same. The story surrounds the lives of four mothers and their daughters. The four mothers who grew up in China, have gone through serious struggles to discover who they are. The four wom...
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All Americans Should Have Equal Opportunity
I believe in equal opportunity for all Americans. America is depicted as a great country that is protected by an extraordinary constitution that allows Americans to have“The American Dream”. With America’s incentives to promote freedom and opportunities, everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. However, America contra...
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My Life Goals
We all have gifts;it's how we choose to use them that make us unique. One of my gifts is to make people feel loved in times of need and sadness. I enjoy encouraging people with my smile and a great big bear hug.God hasalso blessed me with a great love for music. I enjoy listening to music and exercising to the music as well...
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Personal Statement for College Application
My past jobs may seem surprising at first glance but these jobs have aided me significantly in reaching my career goals. Through these selective jobs and my community I’ve begun to forge myself into the confident, client oriented, team based leader that I aspire to be. Post MBA I plan to become a socially responsible leader...
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Explaining LSAT Scores
Graduating from a College Preparatory High School with Gold Honors, you would assume one is prepared and ready to begin their College experience. Unfortunately, it did not work that way for me. I experienced it a bit reversely; encountering issues I was not ready to face. My first few years in college, before I transferred...
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Personal Statement for Pepperdine Law School
The Lord has given me a duty, a duty to abide by His laws and follow the moral code. In return, he has rewarded me with various Christian values, allowing me to mold into my distinct individuality. I was given the wisdom to understand the significance of my thoughts and actions and recognize the true values through my life...
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