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Personification Essay Examples

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Use of Poetic Devices in The Odyssey
“Now you think you’ll shuffle off and get away after that impudence? Oh, no you don’t! The stool he let fly hit the man’s right shoulder on the packed muscle under the shoulder blade - like solid rock, for all the effect one saw (1030, Homer).” Here explains how a man named Antinous (leader of the suitors) throws a chair at...
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My Personal Identity
1 Question: Write paragraph that describes an eating area in area in
your college library? The people who are college's library the using just fouce on the stuff
they are doing and people using stay silent they talk the very whispery
. the people come library they can find information on whay they are
looking. In libra...
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An Analysis of Elizabeth Bishop's Poem The Fish
Elizabeth Bishop was an American poet who wrote during the Modernism movement. The Modernism movement was a period where poets voiced their experiences and their individual thoughts. However, Bishop’s writing is vaguely based on her own experiences. One of Bishop’s most recognized poem The Fish is theorized that it is based...
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A Literary Analysis of the Poem Mirror
The Poem "Mirror," starts off in the third person by a mirror which
describes itself as "exact" and without "Preconceptions." The mirror
also thinks of itself as unbiased and honest, "unlisted" like "the eye
of a little god," it sees everything for what it is. In the second
stanza, a woman passes a lake and looks into it, t...
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An Analysis of the Poem My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke
“My Papa’s Waltz” poem was written by Theodore Roethke. The poem is basically about the family, who is father is drunk person. Also, the poem is narrative and the person who tells story is a little boy who was abused by his father. The poem is fixed form, because a fixed form poem presents a situation, attitude, or problem....
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Analyzing Stephen Crane's Short Story A Mystery of Heroism
As result of disease, combat, accident, and starvation, approximately 620,000 soldiers died during the Civil War. Many soldiers fought and died in the civil war, some blood was spilled carelessly, and we lost many lives. Writers in, and after, this time period wrote about the casual bloodshed and used things such as irony,...
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An Analysis of the Poem Dreams of the Night
Dreams of the Night He was my child tough as a diamond rock set for the climb for the rainy days and countdowns; tick-tock, tick-tock That is why he was superman "Cute as a button" I would always say before he set out on his way Away from me and the family He was the bravest of them all Boom! Bursting bo...
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An Analysis of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
Just as a sweetly sung melody dances through the wind, Maya Angelou's style flows fluently throughout her writing in her autobiographical piece, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. As the silent listener lets the tune seep into his ears, he begins to notice each individual note. The consistent style of personification and live...
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Personification of an Animal in The Heart of a Peacock
The Heart of a Peacock emphasizes the peacock is personified as a human being with personal emotions and feelings. The peacocks drastic changes; at first, he is lonely and proud but later he becomes a loyal, but his proud spirits crushed creature. In the beginning, the peacock is a pretentious and selfish charac...
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The South
The South The South has many objects associated with it, to where it is considered either a beautiful place or very disturbing. In The South, Langston Hughes describes his feelings of the south from the point of view of a black man who has had an experience in the region before. Hughes use of the speaker, the tone pre...
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An Analysis of John Masefield's 'Sea Fever'
John Masefield's poem "Sea Fever" is a work of art that brings beauty to the English language through its use of rhythm, imagery and many complex figures of speech. The meter in "Sea Fever" follows the movement of the tall ship in rough water through its use of iambs and hard hitting spondees. Although w...
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Setting, Rhythm and Personification in the Poem The Pitcher by Robert Francis
Robert Francis The Pitcher brings a closer description of pitchers and introduces the mental capacity from the styles, motions that can be effective in a baseball game. The poem suggests that todays baseball fan should be enlightened by the progress of what makes a effective pitcher. Through the eyes of the poet, the observ...
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An Analysis of the Personification of Happiness in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Our great cities and our mighty buildings will avail us not if we lack spiritual strength to subdue mere objects to the higher purposes of humanity" (Harnsberger 14), is what Lyndon B. Johnson had to say about materialism. He knew the value of money, and he realized the power and effect of money. Money can have many ef...
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An Overview of the Personification Method Used in the Short Story Babylon Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald
In the short story "Babylon Revisited," a man named Charlie Wales has come back to Paris with the intent of regaining custody of his nine year old daughter. She has been staying with her aunt and uncle since the death of her mother. Being in Paris brings back memories of his previous lifestyle of drinking, late ni...
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A Literary Analysis of the Color Purple by Alice Walker
The novel, The Color Purple, is an epistolary novel. In the letterforms, Alice Walker gives several ideas, such as, friendship, domination, courage & independence. She impacts readers by looking at the story through the eyes of Celie and Nettie. The book describes the fateful life of a young lady. It tells how a 14 yea...
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A Description of Because I Could Not Stop For Death
January 20, 2000 Word count 708 Because I Could Not Stop for Death For as long as history has been recorded and probably for much longer, man has always been at odds with the idea of his own death. Even those of us who have accepted death graciously, have at least in so...
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An Introduction to the Literature and Life of George Eliot
History has seen advancements in technology, philosophy, and industry, all of which radically changed the lives of those witnessing such developments. Slower, more relaxed lifestyles have given way to lifestyles of a faster paced nature. George Eliot describes her preference for the leisure of the past, conveying the messag...
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Roald Dahl's Passion With Children
Roald Dahl had a fascination about children and childhood. He was a very open and amusing father who always made time to show his love for his children. He shared a passion with children, to have fun and enjoy all the possibilities of life. Children felt comfortable with him and he made sure that there was never a dull...
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An Analysis of The Stranger, a Novel by Albert Camus
In Albert Camus's novel "The Stranger" the sun that sits in the sky could be the major influence on some of the actions meursault makes, almost like another character. Meursault loves the sun. But the sun is also lethal. At the moment of his crime the great cymbals of the sun beat on his head. As though the sun co...
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An Analysis of the Personification, Irony and Symbolism in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Pardoner's Tale
Geoffrey Chaucer was a author of the 12th century. Chaucer is
known as the father of English poetry. He wrote Canterbury Tales which is
a collection of narrative short stories written in verse. "The Pardoners
Tale is among the more popular of these varied tales. It is told by a
pardoner who uses the story to preach aga...
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An Analysis of the Use of Personification in Illustrating the Dogs Viewpoint in Jack London's Book
In 1903, Jack London wrote his best selling novel, concerning the life of a sled dog that travels throughout Alaska, the Yukon, and the Klondike. Throughout this book Jack London uses personification to illustrate the dogs viewpoint. London describes what adventures the dog encounters after being kidnapped from his Santa Cl...
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An Analysis of One's Initial Temptation in Approaching The Parallel As if It Were Personified By Resemblance Between Freud's Behaviour
One's initial temptation is to approach this parallel as if it were personified by resemblance between Freud's behaviour (as described by himself) and that of the governess in James's story. This amounts to broaching the issue in terms of Karl Kraus's jibe about psychoanalysis; 4 both Freud and the governess, so the story w...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of a Religious Behavior
Devout deemed to bear mature personality and perpetual posture. In the religious behavior it is important to have perpetual posture and mature personality to deal with different settings and it is more important when it comes to a pastor. Moreover, there are many events and settings arrive in the life of a pas...
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An Examination of the Poem, Out, Out by Robert Frost
Out,Out-- By Robert Frost
Kendal Kelly AP Lit 1st Block
Ms. Bingham
March 4, 2001
Necessity vs. Selfishness
Robert Frost’s insightful yet tragic poem “Out, Out--” employs realistic imagery and the personification of a buzz saw to depict how people must continue onward with their lives after the death of a loved one, while...
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An Overview of the Sounds of Personification in Commerce and the Essayist Art of Thoreau
Essayist Art     Sounds Personification "Commerce is unexpectedly confident and serene, alert,
adventurous and unwearied." (84) Through the personification of commerce
Thoreau is able to show that commerce fluctuates in the same manner as humanity.
The adjectives he uses to describe commerce show that commerce ha...
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