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Plant Growth Essay Examples

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Plant Grow Regulator: Methods and Materials
Introduction: Organic chemicals which are produced by the plant in small amounts act as a plant growth regulator (PGRs). This plant growth regulators do exactly what the name says the regulate the growth of a plant. They also regulate how the plant grows. Plant growth regulators are one chemicals that develop in one area...
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A Study of the Agave Plant
Although thought to be mostly a coarse drink made from the Mexican
or Blue Agave plant, tequila and other products of the agave plant have a
major economic impact on Mexico and are used in many applications
throughout the world. The agave plant has been used in Mexico for thousands
of years but the distillation process used...
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The Characteristics and the Benefits of the Aloe Plant
Aloe Aloe (Agave) is a genus of plant that has more than 150 species. Agave is native to South Africa but has been brought to America and is best-known here as American aloe (Agave americana), or century plant. An aloe plant has a short stem, fleshy, lanceolate leaves that form in rosettes at the end of each stem, an...
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An Analysis of the Plant Growth Speed Throughout the Day
Abstract: An experiment was designed to determine how the quality of light affects growth of bean plants. Plants were germinated and planted in soil. The plants were exposed to different light qualities 24 hours a day, for 5 days. The lights used were 60watt light bulbs; one was left bare, one was covered with a blue trans...
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A Comprehensive Research and a Presentation of the Plant Life in Biology
A. Introduction to Plants Plants grow in almost every part of the world. Without plants there could be no life on the earth. People could not live without air or food. The food that we eat comes from plants or from animals that eat plants. Much of our clothing is made from the fibers of a cotton plant. Scientists believe t...
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A Research on the Effects of Plant Hormones on Pea Plant Germination and Growth
The Effects of Plant Hormones on Pea Plant Germination and Growth: Auxin and Gibberellin Abstract The plant hormones Gibberellin and Auxin have known effects on seed germination and overall plant growth. In order to observe the effects, pea seeds were treated with both hormones. This was done by setting up an experiment t...
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How Hydrogen Peroxide Affects the Growth of Tomato Plants
For many years, farmers have been using hydrogen peroxide to increase crop yields. They suggest mixing five to sixteen ounces of 35% hydrogen peroxide with twenty gallons of water for every acre of land. Botanists suggest mixing one ounce of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a quart of water to improve the health of plants. The far...
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An Essay on the Distribution of Growth in Plants
Distribution of GrowthIntroduction:Growth in plants refers directly to an increase in size and weight. Often it is thought of as a process, but it is more accurately described as a system of subprocesses. (Meyer, 409) Growth is not equally distributed throughout a plant, rather there are only certain areas in the plant that...
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A Research on Biology: Breaking Down the Growth of a Plant
"Science Project Final Paper" Title: "Breaking Down Growth" (reserve the right to change) Topic: Biology (hypotonics) Purpose: To see whether added chemicals (nutrients) help to speed up seed germination. Hypothesis: I feel that there are/should be certain things that could be added to a...
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An Analysis of the Effects of pH of Soil on Plant's Growth
How pH of Soil affects a Plant's Growth For the experimental aspect of the research report, four sets of two plants are to be studied. They must either be checked according to size for the same height, or started from seed to ensure equality. Two identical sets of roses are to be cultivated, as well as two sets of corn pla...
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